30 Mar 2012

Summer Face

Like most women I am always on the look out for good anti aging products & information on how to prevent early signs of aging. But as most of us know but forget that the best way of preventing wrinkles and the skin aging quicker is to stay out of the sun or to wear a high SPF. So over the past few days we have had some unseasonably glorious sunny days & that means for me its time to break out the SPF. My normal moisturiser has SPF 15 in, but on sunnier days that’s not enough so i go all out and reach for my trusty  No7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection SPF 50

I have been using this product on sunny days for little over a year. Its not too thick and it doesn’t really have a scent. Which i like. I am not a fan of putting scented products on my face. I have worn this product under my makeup and it wears really well. My makeup doesn’t break down. I have worn it under Mac, YSL founadions and No7 BB creams all of these have been fine with it.

Also i’ve got a really oily T Zone and to my surprise this sun lotion does not add any grease or oil. It absorbs well into the skin. I normally leave it about 5 – mins to settle before i add makeup and I don’t use another moisturiser with it only eye cream. And find this is plenty of moisture to my skin. I like to think i am really protecting my skin from the suns rays.  It also states that it has Five star UVA protection and to me that is what i am looking for. You also get 50ml for £11 and if you get it on 3 for 2 its always a bargain.

What do you use to protect your face from the suns harmful rays.

No7 Sun Protection

No7 Sun Protection


23 Mar 2012

Maybelline – Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadows

I have been so excited for the release of these. They have been available in America for what seems like forever. I purchased 3  out of the 7 shades from Superdrug yesterday on their 3 for 2 offer. My Superdrug had a very limited stock of all colours, so they must be selling fast. What first struck me was the names are different to the Americans ones, instead of Tough as Taupe we have Permanent Taupe so that really threw me. Anyhow i purchased On and On Bronze 35, Permanent Taupe 40 and Eternal Gold 06.

I have watched alot of YouTube videos and read alot of blogs about these cream shadows. Mostly really positive reviews too. I own a Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, i wear it alone for a more natural look or under my shadows for a primer / base. Its great and works fab. The price however is always an issue. With Mac products the price reflects the quality and my Paint Pot is no exception its well worth the £14 i paid. The Maybelline Shadows are almost a 3rd of the price at £4.99 so i hope they are as good.

When i heard that the Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows were a somewhat dupe for Mac Paint Pots i wanted to try them. I paid £9.98 for my Maybelline Shadows (£4.99 on 3 for 2 at Superdrug). They are meant to be smudge proof & long wearing. So far i have only tried out the On and On Bronze with a little Mac Woodwinked over the top. I hardly used any product and the colour pay off is so GOOD! These are going to last a while (as long at they don’t dry out). So far, 5 hours after applying its not budged and my husband assures me its not creased. So that’s good news.

The Permanent Taupe is not a shimmer shadow & so would make a great base for a Smokey Eye, the other two colours i picked up do have shimmer in (i like a bit of shimmer).  So far i am super happy to have these in my collection and hope to pick up a few more shades next week. Although it seems that we are not getting the full range, America have 10 colours and i could only see 7 shades. I will keep my eyes peeled. Let me know how you’re finding these and how you wear them.


20 Mar 2012

Heads Up

Models Own have released some new colours in their fab Beetlejuice nail polish range. There are 3 new colours for Spring/Summer 2012. Indian Ocean looks like the best one too me. Each polish is £5 each, that’s a really good price for a nail polish. Also Models Own have really good quality products so the price tag i feel is very good. These were released on the 19th March so i am off to my Boots to have a look (I say look but what i don’t tell my hubby is that I AM going to buy some).

Taking inspiration from the colours of a hot Summer haze these duo chrome polishes each contain four pearlescent colours and feature a high gleam finish.

The three new colours are …….Pictured below (top right)

Copper Pot - a deep olive tan
Tropical Sun – a glistening sunset of orange
Indian Ocean -a calming iridescent blue with soft pink undertones

Beetlejuice Nail Polish Collection

I have been lusting over these polishes for the longest time. Models Own are doing a great boxset deal on their website,  you’re getting all the new Beetlejuice colours plus Aqua Violet, Pinky Brown, 3 in 1 Base Coat + Top Coat and Gloss all for £20 that’s a saving of £10. Well worth a look!

Also whilst I’m in London in April I really want to visit the Models Own Bottleshop they are going to have some exclusive nail polishes & it looks fab.

Models Own Bottleshop

18 Mar 2012

Whats on your face

My hubby asked me if i had my breakfast on my face, typical man. My response was no, but it smelt & looked like my breakfast. I had put on the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask from Lush. I have declared WAR on my face. I have been hunting out hydrating products & came across this face mask whilst in Lush. I have tried their Love Lettuce Mask a few times and really liked it, but noticed on the blurb the Oatifix one is aimed at dry skin.

I know i said in a previous post that my skin was really acting up and was over the top oily, i booked in for a Facial and the lady said that although i had a slightly oily T Zone my skin was in fact really dehydrated. So i have booked in for a Hydrating Facial next week. I will let you know how i find it. In the mean time i have been slapping on the night cream & thought it best to try and hydrate before i go back.

Lush say……

A mask for dry skin.

Bananas are a very rich oily fruit – so are perfect for a mask that is trying to get goodness into dry skin. Also in here is illipe butter to moisturise the skin and leave it supple.  

Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin bind the ingredients and act as a very gentle scrub to lift dead skin away and leave the face looking brighter. A soft fragrance based on vanilla absolute finishes off this nourishing mask.

Altogether, a gentle mask that is perfect to feed dry or sensitive skin.’

I agree. I found it to be quite thick to apply and hard to spread, i put a fair amount on and waited about 2 minutes until it had warmed up to my skin temp then i found it alot easier to apply evenly to my whole face. It smells exactly like breakfast porridge and made me quite hungry. The Oatifix Mask is one of Lush’s Fresh Face Masks and states on it that it needs to be kept in the fridge so that is where it lives. Very cold too.

The mask doesn’t harden or make your face feel tight. I left it on for a little over 10 mins then washed it off in the shower. I used the mask in the morning and noticed that after using it my skin was quite bright and felt smooth. I barely used any, so the 75g tub will do quite a few masks. I am looking forward to using it and seeing the results.Oh and its £5.75 for 75g that’s not a bad deal.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask from Lush

What masks are you using and do you know of any good ones for re hydrating sad tired skin.

17 Mar 2012

Purple Passion

I always seem drawn to purple nail polish. I love it and have quite a few, i have took some pics of 3 i picked up this weekend. Sally’s have buy one get half off on China Glaze polish, so that was a good deal. The O.P.I polish wasn’t great value but i loved it and oood and arghhhd over it that much i had to buy it. All 3 have great coverage and although you could get away with one coat i like to build them up to intense colour & wear up to three coats. Although 2 coats would look great too.

I have tested the colours and the O.P.I ‘It’s My Year’ from the Miss Universe Collection is a Purple dual chrome polish with small green and silver glitter in. Its bloody beautiful. It goes on really well and dries super fast. So building up coats doesn’t take long. I can’t say how long it wears as i only purchased it on Thursday (today is Sat) and its still looking great on my nails so far. I may add another coat tomorrow to brighten it up.

O.P.I It's My Year

Up next is a China Glaze Polish called Awakening has a real shimmer feel to it. Its a beautiful plummy gold colour and has a real luster finish. I used two coats and that was enough.

China Glaze Awakening

Last up is another China Glaze, as i said they were buy one get half off (too good to miss right?). This colour is Jetstream its not quite a purple but id say its a plum pink. This needs 3 coats as it come out quite opaque. So if you like quite bold nails them 3 coats is a must. It has a great iridescent finish so it can also be worn over another colour to add a bit of shimmer. Its my least fave out of the three i purchased but i think i will get alot of wear out of it by layering with other colours.

China Glaze Jetstream

What colour nail polish are you loving at the moment?


12 Mar 2012

I need to Update my Skincare routine

I am 33 and for the longest time my skin has been normal, i rarely got spots or had an oily T zone. This past 4 months my skin has become like an alien. Its spotty, red & really really oily. Its horrid and i am getting fedup with it. I have been stressed lately and spending alot of time in a dry stale environment (the hospital).

I have always taken care of my skin and am not afraid or unwilling to spend money on products that work. In the past i have enjoyed using skincare products from both ends of the beauty price spectrum. Ladies i need some skincare help / advice. I need products first and foremost to combat this crazy amount of oil coming from my t zone. I am using blotting paper like a crazy person throughout the day, although this works for a short time its no way a solution.

If you have any products that have worked for you id love to hear about them. At the moment i am using alot of No7 & Garnier products.

Thanks in advance. x


8 Mar 2012

Lets Talk Vivo Cosmetics

I am always on the hunt for beauty brands that span both low and high end. Most of us just cannot afford to buy high end all the time and where possible its great to get a cheaper alternative esp when the cheaper product is better. This isn’t always the case i know, but there are many YouTube videos about dupe products. I love watching them. Let me know if you have any great dupes for expensive products id love to hear about them.

I am road testing a few of Tesco’s cosmetics range called Vivo, i pick up a couple of items each time i am in doing my food shopping. They are really good value and have quite sleek packaging for a low end beauty item. So i picked up their Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit, two Eye Liners and a Baked Shimmer Palette with 4 eye-shadows and a blush.

Vivo Cosmetics

The Baked Shimmer Palette in Chocolate Box is so nice and will be perfect for the spring. I thought the colours were rich and pigmented. I have been using this for about a week now, the eyeshadows wear really well and with a primer last all day. The blush is nice and fresh looking if used lightly. It gives you that glowing look without being sparkly. I really recommend this palette

You will have to excuse my dry skin, winter kills my hands – but i really wanted to swatch the colours for you. Sorry i forgot to swatch the blush!

I have only used the eyebrow kit once & it was good,the colour range is good i use the darkest shade as have dark brows, but i want to use it a little more before i give you my opinion, same with the eyeliners. They seem really creamy and glide on with no pulling of the skin. Colours are deep and if you set them with a shadow stay on well.

Prices for each product are

1. Ultimate Baked Shimmer Palette in Chocolate Box £6

2. Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit £5

3. Eyeliners £1.50

Have you tried any vivo products? How do you rate them.


4 Mar 2012

Jo Malone London Blooms Collection

I was very excited the other day when a catalogue was sent to me letting me know that a new Jo Malone collection English Blooms was being released. Inspired by English flowers, it looks beautiful. The bottles have floral details on them. This is something different from their normal bottles which are classic and plain.

Jo Malone New Collection

Jo Malone are releasing three new scents – 1. Iris and Lady Moore 2. White Lilac and Rubarb and 3. Peony and Moss. I am so looking forward to trying them out in particular the Peony and Moss. I have almost run out of my Jo Malone perfumes and want to replace it so am hoping that one of these is a winner. I will have to wait until i am in London on the 22nd of April (time for me to save), as where i live there isn’t a Jo Malone shop or counter

These are my Jo Malone Perfumes. All of which are on their last squirts. I have been using them sparingly. I have enjoyed using all three, but the one i have liked the most is English Pear and Freesia so fresh and a great scent for spring. When i get to try the new English Blooms Collection i will let you know how i get on. Have you smelt them? If so what do you think.

My Jo Malone Collection

3 Mar 2012

Products I Am Loving

I am a product Junkie and my hubby really thinks i have a problem. I thought i would share with you some of the products i have been loving and using alot lately.

So the first thing is Boots No7 BB Cream. I have been using this product for around one month now and i have been really liking it. I use it as a tinted moisturiser, on the days i don’t want to wear full foundation. Its light wearing and gives your skin a glow without looking too madeup. I think it would look better in the spring/summer when i have a little more natural colour. But still i have found it to wear well. I prime my skin first as i have found is stays on longer – i get about 7 hours good wear. Not bad. I purchased it using my No7 voucher that Boots always do & this made the product £7.95. Not sure i would pay the full price of £12.95. I have shade medium for Normal/Oily Skin

Boots No7 BB Cream

Next item is from Tesco, it’s their new (fairly new) makeup line called Vivo. I have heard alot of great things about this makeup line and was shocked at the variety and range of products they had. The item i have been using the most is an eyeshadow in the colour Mink. It was only £1.50 and has amazing colour payoff and the quality is very good. I have a few other items to try and will let you know how i get on. If your in Tesco i recommend picking up a few bits to try. Let me know how you get on too.

Vivo Mink Eyeshadow

I have been loving using my Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eyeliner in Ultra Black. I can confirm it is super black. I have been using this for a good few months and its showing no signs of drying out and i have lots of product left. Its really easy to apply and has a small thin wand applicator, this is great for getting really precise lines (which i like for day time). It lasts for the longest time and i have had no smudging. This stuff goes nowhere! Again its a great price £6.99 and Superdrug always have 3 for 2 on lots of their makeup. So you can always get a bargain.

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eyeliner Ultra Black

Now for a little skincare, when i was visiting family i went to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village & persuaded my hubby to spend like an hour in the Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) — where they sell discounted Mac, Bobbi Brown, Origins, Clinique & a few other high end brands. Its heaven for the beauty obsessed. If you love makeup you need to head to one. I think their are 4 at various Outlet Villages, like Portsmouth, Bicester, Cheshire Oaks & Designer Outlet Swindon. Really worth the trip if you can get to one.

I picked up a few bits, but the main thing i am loving is my Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Set. I like to use it at night not in the morning as i find it quite thick and having oily skin it doesn’t wear too well for me under my makeup. It smells really grown up and herbal, which i like. A little bit goes along way and a pot would last for the longest time. It helps calm my skin down and gives it a real moisture boost. I can’t remember how much i paid as it was in a little set with the Mega Mushroom Face Cleanser & Soothing Treatment Lotion. It was no more than £25.

Mega Mushroom

Let me know what products you are loving as i’m always on the lookout for new tried and tested things to buy.

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