8 Sep 2012

A little Glitter goes a long way

I am a complete sucker for a glitter polish. They always look so nice on and they last for ages on your nails. I did pop into Topshop to pick up a highlighter (post on that to come) and I saw the Louise Gray collection. Which is so nice. Lots of fun colours and statement makeup. I almost caved and bought the Mascara too, but I remained focused and just picked up this stunning pink glitter polish ………

Pinch Punch Nail Polish

This pretty polish is called Pinch Punch and it’s as I said a collaboration between British designer Louise Gray and Topshop. It’s a stunning pink coloured polish with gold and sliver hexagonal glitter in. It is just beautiful.

Pinch Punch Topshop Nail Polish

You can get away with wearing one coat of Pinch Punch and it looks lovely and subtle. With two coats the pink polish really coms through and the glitter is far more bold. Either way this polish looks stunning. I like it when the glitter is not uniform on your nails & it’s a little haphazard. It looks quirky and fun & that’s exactly what this polish is for me, it’s just fun to wear. I Love it. Have you tried anything from this collection? What do you think?

Showing one coat of polish

There are 4 nail polishes in this Louise Gray Collection – Junk Yard, Dart, Hat Trick and Pinch Punch. They are limited edition and retail for £6.50 – All are available in Topshop or online at Topshop.com so be quick if you want anything from the Louise Gray collection.

13 Responses to “A little Glitter goes a long way”

  1. Bhavi says:

    That polish is so lovely!! I love glitter polishes even though they are a bitch to get off! I really like the bottle as well.

  2. Christine says:

    This nail polish look so beautiful. I wish we had Topshop here, been wanting to try out their makeup products for the longest time :)

  3. Jess says:

    this is such a pretty nail polish! i really want to try this.x

  4. laura says:

    love that polish! your blog is lovely – thanks for tweeting me it!

  5. Sian says:

    It’s soooo pretty! I love polishes with big chunks of glitter like that xx

  6. Lydia says:

    sooo pretty! love sparkles x

  7. that colour is amazing! so pretty :)xx

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