20 Mar 2013

Blogs I Love To Read #4

This will be my 4th post on the blogs I really love to read – there are so many that I’m sure this thread will carry on for a good few months. So here are my next 4 blogs I read on a regular basis. If you want to see my previous posts others click here


Bleubird is just a beautiful blog to read. I’m sure you have all heard of it & read it at some point. It’s written by the stunning James, who is a stay at home mum to 4 beautiful children. James is just one inspirational lady she is a wonderful mother, very stylish and super talented her blog is full of amazing photography and I want to steal her style from head to toe.

North of London

I love reading North of London which is written by the lovely Phoebe. It’s a great mix of beauty, food and lifestyle. Her reviews are always honest and really well written and are accompanied by some lovely photography. I always try to save these posts up for a couple of weeks so I have a few to read at once. I have to say that her blog is very well put together too. It’s visually really nice.


Young is the lady behind Halfgirl. I’ve been reading Young’s blog for a number of years now and her photography is stunning. Her photos are beautiful and inspire me so much. She lives in Denmark and has excellent taste in both Music and Style. I urge you to pay her blog a visit you won’t be disappointed, but it most certainly will leave you with food envy.

Describe The Sky

Describe the Sky is a really lovely beauty blog written by a fellow Vicky. She writes to the point, honest reviews. I’m excited to see what is to come from Vicky this year. Pop over and show her some love and let her know I sent you.

Let me know if you visit any of my favourite blogs. Also I’d love to know what you are ready at the moment. Leave me links to your most visited blogs in the comments.

10 Feb 2013

Blogs I Love To Read #3

I’ve been reading blogs for about 4 years now. I often prefer them to a magazine. I like that their content isn’t filtered and that they have creative license. I can sit for hours reading back posts with a nice cuppa.  I’ve so many favourites from fashion, food, craft to beauty there’re so many amazingly inspirational people out there and I’ve been doing a series on my favourite blogs to read. This is the 3rd instalment, if you’d like to see 1 & 2 just click through.

Chez Larsson

Chez Larsson
I’m always trying to be more organised in both my business and home and this blog helps me find new ways to do that. Its written by the lovely Benita from Stockholm. She approaches DIY  and organisation with a no holds bared approach and her home is clutter free and looks very calming. Benita has great taste in home furnishings and I like her style. I  really enjoy catching up with her projects.

Volume 25

Volume Twenty Five
This blog is so nice and is written by the creative Jessica. She has a beautiful young family and her blog is all about her adventures. Jessica also has wonderful shop. She sells prints, cushions, and also digital templates.


Is a blog jam-packed full of all things creative. It’s visually beautiful. Its put together by  Holly Becker. If you’re looking for creative things to do in your home then this blog is worth a read. I often spend hours just reading back posts.

Lips So Facto

lips so facto 
This is one of the first beauty blogs I started to read. I love the way Meg writes, her posts are really informative and I’ve made many a purchase on the back of her recommendations. She has excellent taste in skin care and whats more her two rabbits are just adorable.

Let me know if you visit any of these blog for the first time – or if you have any recommendations for me.

29 Jan 2013

Blogs I Love To Read #2

The Briar Rose Blog

The Briar Rose Blog this is a lovely blog written by the stylish and stunning Megan. Her blog is full of amazing OOTD posts and she throws in some yummy recipe posts too. What more could you want? I urge you to pop over and check out Megan’s blog its a lovely read.

Rotten Otters Thoughts

Rotten Otters Thoughts  is written by a lovely lady called Katy – she takes possibly the best photos, they’re always so crisp and clear. Katy reviews all things beauty related but often has some crafty posts thrown into the mix. Her blog is a pleasure to read and makes me want to step up my photography skills.

SF Girl By Bay Blog

SF Girl By Bay If you’re looking for a blog to give you inspiration then this might be the one. I have been reading SF Girl By Bay for the longest time. It’s a beautifully put together blog with so many topics.  Its written by a stylish lady called Victoria who has a keen eye for photography  cool home interiors and accessories she even writes about cool places to eat. I just adore reading her blog – it’s very uplifting.

Little Blog of Horrors

Little Blog of Horrors this is a really sweet blog written by the stunning Ayden. Her blog is very well written. Ayden blogs about life, fashion, makeup and her job in the theatre, film and tv industry. It’s a great read and its a lovely insight into her life. I look forward to new posts and have enjoyed reading this blog for a couple of years now.

Do you read any of my fave blogs? If not pop over & check them out. If you missed my first blogs I love to read post – you can read it here

17 Jan 2013

Blogs I Love To Read #1

little chief honeybee

little chief honeybee is a lovely blog written by Kaelah. She blogs about fashion, makeup, craft and her sweet family. I have read Kaelah’s blog for over 2 years i find it very inspirational she is very focused and determined to succeeded and puts 110% in to everything she does. Check her out of you haven’t already.

Miss Indie

Mandy from Miss Indie is a very creative young lady with a passion for fashion and all things handmade. She does some fab tutorials and I find her blog a complete pleasure to read. Its bright, fun and Mandy puts alot of effort in to her blog and she is dedicated to it. I’ve been reading Miss Indie since early 2010. Pop over & show her some love, you wont be disappointed.

Sailor Jennie

Jennie May is the beautiful lady behind Sailor Jennie which is a blog I love to read when I’m looking for makeup inspiration. She is stunning and has fab makeup reviews. Jennie also writes lifestyle posts & you get a glimpse into her life. Her blog is a refreshing read and I adore her photographs they are always such good quality. I’d say Sailor Jennie is a perfect blog to read on a Sunday morning with a nice cup of tea.

Le Beauty Girl

Ysis is the beautiful beauty blogger who writes Le Beauty Girl. If you want honest reviews and makeup recommendations then this will be a must read for you. Ysis is stunning and has step by step tutorials and tips on applying makeup her blog is well put together and is always a pleasure to read. I’ve bought so many products after reading reviews on Le Beauty Blog.

Let me know if you already read any of these blogs & what you think – or let me know if you visit them for the first time from this post. I am going to make this a regular post as I’ve so many blogs that I read and some that I have read for years. I love sharing them with people and spreading the love <3

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