27 Jun 2014

Essence Makeup Launches in the UK

I was invited along with lots of other lovely bloggers to the Essence Makeup launch in Manchester & to say I was excited was an understatement. I’d read a few posts about their London launch and that looked like it was a lot of fun so I was looking forward to hearing all about the brand & meeting up with other bloggers (doesn’t happen often enough).

I met up with Natalie from Your Almost Alice & we managed to find The Studio without too much trouble, the room was really nice, it was lovely & bright with plenty of space. We were each given cute name badges – very handy when you only know peoples Twitter Handles. There were lots of tables laid out with all kinds of makeup on them, we were encouraged to try out the makeup & have a play – there was so many lovely products & people on hand to colour match us to the bases & give us advice on what best suited skin types. I have tried a few Essence products & I was so excited to see just how big the range actually was. I was lucky enough to have my nails painted by the Pamper Puff Girls & almost a week on my nails are still looking great.


Beauty Event

They had a full size makeup stand, like the ones you see in a shop full to the brim with their whole range & we were given an overview to the brand by their German Team. they spoke of how Essence is sold in over 70 countries & that Britain will be getting the range Nationwide in Wilkinson Stores, so keep your eyes open for that in mid July. Also quite excitingly The Manchester Arndale & London Westfield will boast a huge 3 meter standalone Essence Booth, which will carry all of the limited edition products and a whole selection of exciting Essence Products so if you live near either location you need to pop in & have a look.


Essence Products

Essence ltd edition collection

Essence is a fun budget friendly brand that is focused on quality & they excel at being on trend with their range. Although their packaging is quite fun & youthful looking their brand is aimed at people who are young at heart (thats me for sure). They are proud to be manufactured in Germany & even though they have purse friendly prices they don’t compromise on quality. Of the few products I have tried I can honestly say this is something I have found, the nail polishes are long wearing & very pigmented, also the eyeshadows are buttery and blendable so they get a thumbs up from me. Essence prices start from as little as 99p & only go as high as £6.99 so very affordable. Another plus point is they are proud to be Cruelty Free.

Nail Polish

Essence Makeup


We had hours to spend chatting to the Essence Team who came over from Germany, they were lovely enough to tell us about their favourite products and spoke with a real passion for their brand. Also we were given free reign to test, try and get excited about the products, Heidi from Flipside PR was excited for us to really take the products that caught our eye & for a beauty addict that was dangerous, although I was very restrained & was already overwhelmed at how incredible the Goody Bags were.

Essence UK Launch

Its safe to say that we all had so much fun – nails were painted (by the lovely Pamper Puff Girls), beauty secrets were shared, food & drink were consumed & we all welcomed Essence to the UK & think they will be a huge success. They will be tough competition for other budget brands to compete with as their quality and product range it HUGE. I have quite a few Essence products to try out so expect a few reviews coming your way.

Let me know if you’ve tried any products from them & if so what you’d recommend.

4 Jun 2014

Holland & Barrett Big Beauty Swap

A heads up to all my lovely readers, you have until June 11th to take part in Holland & Barrett’s Big Beauty Swap – they are encouraging everyone to bring their empty / half used products such as shampoo, shower gel and moisturiser to their local store and swap them for 25% discount off a huge selection of natural alternatives. So have a clear out & see what you can find.

Beauty Swap

Holland & Barrett are proud to only sell products that contain no nasties & this started 5 years ago when they banned toiletries containing chemical preservatives, such as parabens and sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), as part of their public commitment to natural beauty products.

So if you want to get involved in their Big Beauty Swap pop in to your local store armed with your empty products (which they will recycle). I’m a regular shopper in my local store and made the switch last year to use Natural Deodorant after having quite a severe allergic reaction to one that wasn’t natural so I can highly recommend the Dr Organic Organic Deodorant (my deodorant of choice).

There are so many of my favourite brands included in the sale such as Burt’s Bees, Dr Organic, Manuka Doctor, Dead Sea Spa & Montagne Face Masks.  If you’re unable to get in to your local store don’t worry, the 25% discount is also available on their website until June 11th.

Holland & Barrett

Let me know if you treat yourself to any of their natural beauty products, here is what I have my eye on.




24 Apr 2014

Julique Competition #beautifulontheinside

The lovely Australian skincare brand Jurlique have an exciting competition on at the moment to celebrate personal Green Space & you can join in too. All you need to do is,

1. Post an image of your own Green Space on Instagram

2.Use #beautifulontheinside and tag @JurliqueUK

3. You’ll go into the draw to win one of two Nurture Nature Eco Tote Bags containing our insiders favourite products worth £265! It’s as simple as that, so get snapping.


I’ve been having a scroll through some of the recent entries & some of you have access to the most gorgeous green spaces! Its nice to see people enjoying them.

My Favourite Green Space

This is my favourite green space and I walk through here twice a day. Its particularly pretty at the moment with the pink blossom. I like how everyday it looks different & also each season too. It is a calm place to walk & even stop for a while and sit on one of the many benches. The Competition ends 30th April, the 2 winners will be announced on 1st May! Good luck & leave me a comment to let me know if you enter #beautifulontheinside

21 Apr 2014

LUSH SPA Liverpool

Lush Spa Liverpool   LUSH SPA Liverpool

The LUSH shop in Liverpool is keeping a secret from you all, upstairs there is the most beautiful, homely and relaxing oasis, it’s their LUSH SPA and it is beautiful. I was shocked when I walked in as it’s calm atmosphere and country cottage feel is a stark contrast to its busy City Centre location. I wanted to pack my bags & live there. They have managed to make it feel familiar and extremely welcoming.

LUSH SPA Liverpool LUSH SPA Liverpool

I’ve never had a massage before and was slightly worried that a 75 minute treatment would be a little too long & I had no idea what to expect, but I need not have worried at all. I was greeted by an ice cold fruit infused glass of water and my beautiful therapist talked me through The Hard Days Night Treatment and reassured me it would be relaxing and assured me I wouldn’t be uncomfortable during the stretches. I thought I would be the most inflexible person ever but I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case.

The Hard Days Night Treatment* is,

A Beatles inspired spa treatment that will release stress from your body, allowing you to let go and let it be. A firm massage with gentle passive stretches designed to relax your muscles and restore energy to your body. 75mins £85.

From start to finish everything is done to perfection and utterly relaxing. Once in the beautiful candle lit treatment room you’re given time to change in to a pair of oversized striped cotton pyjamas that have been wrapped around a hot water bottle to keep the snuggly and warm. This is heaven & I’m tempted to start doing this at home. So relaxing, I was almost asleep after a few minutes of lying down wearing them. When you’re all done changing and are ready for your therapist they leave an old school bell for you ring, made me smile ringing the bell. The Hard Days Night Treatment as the name suggests is inspired by the Beatles and for  75 minutes they are your soundtrack. The music has been cleverly reworked by Simon Emmerson and Simon Richmond specifically for this treatment. I found the familiar songs helped me to relax and the music became soothing. I was skeptical at first but it really works well.


Liverpool LUSH SPA

Then begins 75 minutes of complete relaxation which lets your mind wander and eventually empty of the stresses of everyday life. Your whole body is treated to a deep massage from head to toe, the massage is very gentle to begin with and it just eases your body into relaxation and allows you to float away. Then my therapist stretched my arms and shoulders to release my tension followed by my legs and hips. This felt like my back released so much tension & there were a few clicks and I have to say that felt amazing. At no point was it uncomfortable or too much, it was all slow and gentle building up each time to stretching a little further and applying slightly more pressure. Each and every muscle is massaged front and back and head to toe. I thought the hand massage to the accompanying I Want To Hold Your Hand Beatles track was a great touch. It is a well thought out treatment.

A nice touch to the treatment was the use of ribbons on your ankles and wrists to lift and gentle rotate your arms and legs to make it feel like your weightless and flying, It is a lovely sensation. It’s hard to describe to you every step of my treatment because I was so relaxed and it felt like the 75 minutes just flew by, also each treatment follows the same steps but it is very specific to your needs/flexibility. I thoroughly enjoyed opening my eyes at the end to a large Golden Egg with the words Let It Be projected on the ceiling. You are told to stay laying down relaxing when your therapist leaves the room for a little extra ME time & only to get up when you hear the Cockerel. You’re given as long as you need to get ready & have access to a whole array of LUSH goodies to freshen up. Once ready you’re greeted with a lovely Cup of Tea & Jammie Dodger Biscuits, I’m Vegan so I was kindly given fresh fruit. I sat at the large Country Kitchen table very relaxed and enjoyed my afternoon tea.

Hard Days Night Treatment

One final parting treat, as part of the treatment you’re given a Golden Slumber bath bomb to take away with you and enjoy at your leisure. I used mine that very night, it was the perfect end to a relaxing day.

LUSH Golden Slumber

It really is a special treat from the moment you walk in to the second you leave. Every staff member was friendly and chatty, at no point was I hurried and I could have sat drinking my tea all afternoon. It was very welcoming and I have already promised to take my mum next time. LUSH currently have 6 Spas, so if I was you I would find out where your nearest one is & book in for a treatment. They offer a great range of treatments from Facials, Chocolate Body Scrub & Rose Massage to Deep Tissue Massage. There certainly is something for everyone.

The invitation to have a treatment couldn’t have come at a better time, I had just moved house (stressful) and as many of you know my dad is a recovering Stroke Survivor and that has really been taking its toll on me. So it was absolutely amazing to be pampered for the afternoon. So thank you so very much Liverpool LUSH SPA, I had a lovely time and you now have a customer for life.

This treatment was free of charge, however the review is 100% my own.

8 Jan 2014

ESPA Pro Serum Skincare

At the beginning of October I was invited by ESPA to the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazar in Liverpool to hear all about their wonderful Optimal Skin Pro Serum*.

ESPA Skincare ESPA Pro Serum

ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Serum

This serum isn’t targeted at any specific age range or skin type, they have developed it to have so many skin benefits for all ages and skin concerns. It is jam packed full of skin benefits,

I’ve noticed my skin has been looking bright and blemish free and over winter that’s not something I can usually say. I’ve been using this ProSerum since October 1st at least 3/4 times a week. I don’t solely use it at night as it works well when I put a little under my moisturiser in the morning, It isn’t greasy at all, my skin just drinks it up, it is very hydrating. Even having quite oily skin I find this doesn’t make me look shiny or oily.

This serum has slotted well in to my skincare regime and added a step which gives my skin alot of nourishment and helps to calm the redness in my cheeks and keep my skin looking healthy and bright. It has been quite the winter saviour this year. The ProSerum is available from www.espaskincare.com or in store at Harvey Nichols or Liberty. £48 for 30ml.

ESPA Dream Team

I made a few cheeky purchases whilst at the ESPA counter and one thing I treated myself to was the Essential Clay MaskI’ve enjoyed it alot. The ESPA consultant recommended that I use the serum under the mask for an extra boost and this works so well. The Mask itself is great at clearing congestion and keeping excess oil at bay. I suffer with both so this mask was a welcomed addition to my weekly Sunday night pamper. The mask doesn’t dry hard on your face, it stays quite creamy and is cooling whilst on the face. This mask costs £27.50 for 55ml.

The packaging of all the ESPA products is so luxurious and I love that they incorporate the colour purple in their bottles and packaging as it is such a warm pretty colour & their products look great in my bathroom (always a bonus).

It is a brand I want to try more from in 2014 and I want to visit their counter in Liverpool for a relaxing facial and a consultation.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own. 

12 Dec 2013

Samsara Skin Christmas Party

I was thrilled to be invited to the Samsara Skin Christmas Party at the Custard Factory in Birmingham last Saturday. If you don’t know Samsara is a Skin Clinic in Birmingham that is owned by two lovely bloggers Andy & Jess. They have a no nonsense approach to skincare and very much believe in using natural products and treatments to achieve long term results instead of short term fixes. I have been reading Andy, The Pampared Prince’s blog since I started blogging myself so it was so nice to finally meet him in the flesh and also Jess who blogs at Spoilt Face. They are both utterly gorgeous and so welcoming.

I met Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady at the station, she is as lovely as I imagined. We have also chatted for almost 2 years now & started our blogs at the exact same time. We chatted like old friends and I was so pleased to finally meet her.  The event was held in the perfect venue, it was open plan, calm and very laid back with touches of Christmas.

Samsara Skin Xmas PartyFeeling Festive

After Andy & Jess had said a few words and explained their vision for the day we all chatted for a while over a collagen shot cocktail and got to know each other. Everyone there was friendly and keen to get involved.

Elijah Choo

I met the beautiful Elijah Choo founder of Bodhi, a brand I had heard of & recognised but never tried anything from. We were in for a treat as Elijah explained the fundamentals of how to make a fragrance using base, heart and top notes, he let us smell so many essential oils from his collection and discussed the their benefits. Elijah spoke with such passion and knowledge it was infectious and I am eager to learn more about what ingredients are in not only my skincare but also my perfume and makeup too.

After learning about what makes up a fragrance we were allowed to make our own. Choosing from a wide selection of essential oils and I picked these three main oils. My fragrance ended up smelling so festive!

Essential Oils

It was a luxury having Elija as our teacher and being able to have this time with him, he was so interesting and I loved the fragrance I made. Ive been wearing it ever since.

Andy & Jess had organised a Vegan buffet for us from the Warehouse Cafe, it was delicious and we also had an array of loose leaf tea to drink. I was in food heaven. There is always time for a cup of tea!

Tea Station

After taking time out to enjoy lunch & lots more chatter, Andy & Jess showed us how to make face masks using raw natural ingredients and products. This was amazing. I had no idea it was so easy & quick, I will be stocking up on Manuka Honey, oatmeal and rosewater as these are all perfect for calming the skin. They explained that you can do a quick 5 minute rescue mask just before you head on a night out to get your skin looking fresh and glowing. I’m going to try making my own so keep an eye out for that!

Emergency Face Mask

I felt like I had been to a skincare & fragrance masterclass and felt very privileged. I want to thank Elijah, Andy & Jess for being the perfect hosts and taking the time out to host this wonderful party. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas x

Andy & Jess were generous enough to give us a goodybag and we received a Collagen Mask from Collagen Shots, Viridian Raw Coconut Oil,  orange, cinnamon and clove candle from Almost Edible and Bodhi Jasmine Falls moisturiser and a gift voucher for a facial at the Samsara Skin Clinic (so excited about that).

Treats Treats

I also treated myself to my first Bodhi product, their Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Serum. I am very excited to try this out. I have heard great things about this & Elijah recommended it.


31 Aug 2013

Mid Summer Meet

A couple of weeks ago I went with my lovely friend Hayley who blogs over at Hayley From Home to the Manchester #midsummermeet blogging event. It was so nice to be invited to an event in Manchester and I was amazed to see how many lovely bloggers came, the venue was jam-packed.

The event was hosted by My Bag, All Sole and Look Fantastic – it was in the Walrus Bar and Lounge which I have walked past so many times but never ventured in. We were greeted by the beautiful Hannah & given a drink token, so it was straight to the bar for me. I recognised a few bloggers and it’s always nice to see a familiar face, Anastasia, Jodie, Lily Kitten, and Imogen are all lovely ladies (check them out if you have chance). I also had a moment when I met both Miss Budget Beauty and A Thrifty Mrs, I had to have a word with my 35-year-old self to get a grip. They were amazing and friendly and I managed to hold a conversation!

The evening was very well organised and we had lots of treats in store. So many lovely brands were there promoting and demonstrating their products. Hayley and I had a lot of fun testing makeup and chatting to the PR’s. Nails Inc were their doing manicures – understandably they were so busy that I didn’t have time to have mine done, but from what I saw they were doing amazing things & we did receive one of their gel polishes in our goody bags.

Nails Inc

Nails Inc Polish

The beautiful ladies from Benefit were there doing mini makeovers and promoting their new Rockateur Box Blush, I need to get my hands on this, it is so pretty. Benefit also did a demonstration on how to contour and highlight, I learnt some great tips.

Rockateur Blush

Benefit Demonstration

I also spied the Moroccan Oil Hair Care stand and I had a hair consultation from their friendly staff – they both confirmed my hair needed more volume & I agree 100%. I was given some amazing samples to take away and try. I’m very excited as I haven’t tried any thing from Moroccan Oil but have heard some very positive reviews from other bloggers. I also had no idea they had such an extensive range of products.

Moroccan Oil Hair Care

Moroccan Oil Samples

A brand called SHOW Beauty were there doing a hair demonstration. I’d never heard of this brand before but loved their demo & the hair model looked so glamorous. Her hair was put into sexy curls using a few products from their range. This is a luxury hair care range from Tamara Ecclestone and is sold in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Not only are the products luxurious but the packaging is sleek, pretty and very sexy.

SHOW Beauty

Look Fantastic, My Bag and All Sole also had their products dotted around the room and I fell in love with a very bright satchel and quite a few pair of shoes.

Cambridge Satchel Company


Vivienne Westwood Footwear

Lovely Ladies

The Beautiful Anastasia and Jodie.

I had a wonderful night filled with meeting lovely brands and bloggers and was thrilled to be invited. I didn’t get home until very late and saved looking in my goody bag until I was home & I was stunned to see how many beautiful and exciting products we were given to try. I squealed with excitement.


Goody Bag

If you search for the hashtag #midsummermeet you will see more posts & tweets from the event.

7 Aug 2013

An evening with Kiehl’s

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a Kiehl’s event at the Selfridges store in Manchester. I am loving that we’re seeing more events up North as it is so nice to connect with other bloggers and hear about brands and their products. The evening was focused around Kiehl’s latest skincare release which is called Skin Rescuer and thats targeted at people whose skin has signs of stress and fatigue (I think we all may be in need of this).

We first heard from Paul who gave us a little insight into the history of the brand and some of their hero products. Quite a few of which I’ve tried & love. Then we heard from Jen about the new Skin Rescuer and she spoke with such passion and knowledge about the product that we were all won over (she had AMAzing skin). I’m excited to try it out and give you all my opinion, so watch this space for quite a few Kiehls reviews.


Kiehl's Manchester

There is a lovely classic chemist feel to Kiehl’s stores and their brand began back in 1851 in New York City. They have never paid for advertising, all of their reputation comes from amazing service and word of mouth. I’ve always had first class service from the stores I’ve visited so it’s so surprising that they let their products speak for themselves. Oh & have you met Mr Bones? he is legendary.

Mr Bones

Kiehl's Lip Balm Selection

Their products range from Skincare – serums, moisturiser, lipbalms to haircare, bodycare and even mens products too. They have most bases covered. I am popping back in later this month without makeup on so I can have a proper skin consultation and learn what products my skin would benefit most from. Kiehl’s offer this in all of their stores so if you can take advantage of some free skincare advice. I will let you know how I get on. I already have my eye on one of their exfoliators.

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer

The Skin Rescuer is a product that Kiehl’s have been working on for a while and it is for targeting the signs of stress on your skin. Stress that causes breakouts / inflammation, dull skin / fatigue and dryness. It has four key ingredients Rosa Gallica Extract – to limit the impact of stress on the skin. Mannose – a sugar that helps protect and maintain the skins barrier function & leave your skin less vulnerable. Chamomile Extract (the only one I’d heard of) helps sooth and comfort skin and the final ingredient is Squalane – this is to replenish and hydrate skin. Its all very scientific. I am going to put it to the test on my dull, angry skin and see how it fairs. This retails for £29.50 for 75ml.

We were given lovely goody bags at the event and I am thrilled to be able to try all of these wonderful products.

Goody Bag

Thank you for having me Kiehl’s, I am looking forward to giving all these products a whirl. Let me know what you would recommend from Kiehl’s. I love their Ultra Facial Moisturizer

28 Nov 2012

BBloggers Event at Harvey Nichols Manchester

On Tuesday night I joined about 40 other bloggers at an event in Harvey Nichols Manchester where we sipped on bubbly ate Macaroons and got to browse / shop the lovely makeup counters. Each of the counters were offering something different. You could find your perfect red lip at Chanel, learn how to get the perfect smokey eye at Stila or have an Elemis Skin Consultation (wish I’d had enough time to do that).

Bobbi Brown, Creme De La Mere and Rodial all gave talks / demonstrations. They gave an overview of their brands and spoke a little about their best-selling products. The lady from Bobbi Brown focused on their skincare & spoke about wearing a bold lip during the winter. Rodial introduced us to their Snake Mask, BB Cream and Fake Tan. The Snake Mask is now on my wish list, that stuff looks amazing. Creme De La Mere spoke passionately about skincare and the importance of using the right routine for your age. Bit out of my price range but it was interesting none the less.

Lovely Stila Christmas Offerings

I’ve recently booked a holiday to San Francisco so was on a total spending ban but I really enjoyed looking at the new Christmas releases and meeting some lovely bloggers.

Ashleigh from Belles n Bows getting a Smokey eye – courtesy of Stila 

Victor & Rolf Display

Bobbi Brown demonstration

Creme De La Mere skincare talk 

Anastasia of Dainty Desires red lip courtesy of Chanel 

Rodial BB Cream demonstration 

I would like to say a huge thankyou to Katie Atkinson for organising this event I had a lovely time. Also here are blog links to some of the ladies I met there. Dainty Desires, Palindrome Poppet, Belles n Bows, Jodie Wynyan and Miss Danielle

If you attended please link me to your post.


If you get chance check out my family business. We hand make badges and specialise in Hen Party Badges.