27 Oct 2014

Autumn / Winter Nail Polish

Nail Polish Storage Autumn / WInter Nail Polish

I bought two of these Kilner style jars from Clas Ohlson in Manchester for £3.99 they both have a pink screw lid & thought one would make the perfect storage for my current most worn nail polishes. I have my lip balms in the other, but thats for another post. So these are the nail polishes I will be wearing during A/W, I’m loving the transition into darker shades & I picked my favourite 8 polishes from my collection to put in this cute jar which now sits on my dresser. I love it.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Mustard – This is part of Barry M’s A/W14 range *& I just love this colour (thanks to HayleyFromHome). Its is opaque in two coats & is the most perfect Autumnal shade. It is a pretty creamy Mustard shade & reminds me of Autumnal leaves. I have been wearing this a lot & I know I will continue to. I really like the formula of the Barry M Gellly Hi Shine polishes & have collected quite a few. They last a good amount of time on me – up to 5 days. I do like to wear a top coat with all my polishes, these included, as I find it prolongs my manicure & it makes these look even more glossy.

e.l.f – This polish was from a trio I bought a while back. It has no shade name but its the most beautiful rose gold shade & its pretty for everyday. Its a little more festive but it I have been known to wear this colour all year round. Its just a small bottle & is handy for travelling. It applies nicely and although it doesn’t last too long on my nails its such a pretty colour.

Essence in Circus Confetti – I love this glitter top coat. I bought it in Amsterdam a couple of years ago & before Essence released in the UK. Its so cool that we can now get our hands on this brand more easily now as they have a HUGE selection of polishes. This Circus Confetti is the perfect dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection. Its has so many different sizes & colours of glitter, I think it has every colour of the rainbow in there. I like to wear it over Models Own Balearic Blue or a Black polish, either way the glitter really stands out & makes your nails look super sparkly. You will need a top coast to stop the glitter feeling rough to the touch & I’d say two coats of this gives you a nice even spread of glitter. This is for sure a great Party Season Polish!

Leighton Denny in Vamp* – This is one of those dark polishes that I love. It looks good on toes too. Its a beautiful deep burgundy red that as the name suggests looks so vampy. Its warm and gothic looking, It makes the perfect A/W polish. This is a lovely polish to apply, no streaking whats so ever & it dries very quickly too. Its a well loved polish in my collection.

Current Nail Polish Picks Favourite Winter Polishes

Models Own Hed Kandi in Balearic Cool – This isn’t the easiest polish to apply & you will need to be patient in between coats as it takes a couple of minutes to dry. Even though its a bit of a pain I just love the snowy winter grey colour. It looks really pretty on the nails maybe a little stark but I like that. As I said it also makes a great base for glitter top coats & in particular Essence in Circus Confetti. I have to say that my Balearic Cool looks like a totally different colour to everyone else’s. Weird?!

Maybelline Forever Strong in Dark Denim – This is a dark midnight blue & it lasts so long on my nails. I do have to wear a base coat as it stains my nails, but using a base cost is an easy fix. This has a really nice brush & even though its so dark I’m able to apply it relatively neatly. I love this dark blue & it works so well for the colder, darker months.

Mavala in Pink Gold* – This is a pretty festive gold shade with a hint of a pink sheen running through. Its so festive & gorgeous as a Christmas Party colour.

American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Lipstick – Well A/W wouldn’t be the same without a bright red & this American Apparel offering is a bold ruby red. It is eye catching on the nails & looks like candy cane red. One coat is all you need and it dries quickly. Wear a base coat otherwise you will have red nails for weeks!

Let me know what your top A/W nail polish picks are & if you like any of the ones I have mentioned.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.


5 Aug 2014

Barry M Summer Nails

BarryM Polish

I love Barry M nail polishes, they are affordable & quite often on offer, the colour selection is huge and they are always bringing out limited edition collections. I have a few shades and finishes in my collection and thought I would share with you my top 5 BarryM Polishes for Summer. Like most people I reach for bright shades in the Summer & love wearing bright colours on my toes, Summer is the perfect excuse to wear NEON polish and also rock the brightest oranges.

Let me know what your favourite colour to wear in the Summer is.

Summer Barry M Polishes

Pink Iridescent 264 – This is a glitter top coat with pink, silver and gold flecks in a light pink polish. So pretty on top of almost any shade. The glitter flecks catch the light & look so pretty. I like it because the glitter isn’t chunky and its easy to remove.

Block Orange 301 – This is a bold bright orange, it looks gorgeous on your toes especially if you have a tan. This is opaque & vibrant in two coats.

Pomegranate 235 This is a Gelly Hi Shine Formula and these leave your nails looking glossy. The colour is a gorgeous vibrant deep berry pink. I love this on my nails and it lasts a really long time. I have to admit even thought this is a Hi Shine finish I like to use a glossy top coat just to prolong my manicure but you can skip this step and your nails will have a good shine to them. I do find this Hi Shine formula only needs 2 coats and you could get away with one coat if you were in a rush.

Guava 334 – I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this shade when it came out. Its my most worn BarryM nail polish & it just reminds me of swimming pools & being on holiday. The colour is a pretty turquoise blue (more than green). Its bright and looks so nice on fingers & toes. This is another Hi Shine formula & I find these dry pretty quickly on my nails & I’m terrible at messing up my manicure because I’m always in a hurry but this formula only takes a couple of minutes to dry.

Passion Fruit 350 – This is just the perfect holiday coral red colour. It looks bright and fresh on your nails. This is another Hi Shine finish and again the formula is quite thick but easy to apply and you could get away with one coat but I like to apply two just for that pop of vibrant colour. I love this shade & think it makes your nails look so pretty and summery.

Barry M Nail Polish is available from Superdrug and www.barrym.com

Let me know what your favourite Barry M Summer nail polishes are.

6 Jun 2014

Essie Fashion Playground

I only own one other Essie Polish & that was from TK Maxx – I don’t know the name of it either as someone thought it would be funny to swap the name stickers around & the name on it is incorrect (so frustrating). So this beautiful polish was in my Latest in Beauty / British Beauty Blogger- The Dream Box, I’m so happy with the shade I got as there was 6 different shades.

Essie’s Fashion Playground is a soft pistachio green with a hint of shimmer and it’s from the recent Spring collection.

Essie Spring Collection 2014

Fashion Playground

Essie Nail Polish

The silver shimmer in this is very subtle, its not a glitter as you can’t feel it on the nails its more of an iridescent finish and when it catches the light it looks vert pretty. I have been wearing two coats of this and that makes a good solid colour on your nails. I would say if you have time do 3 coats for the colour to really pop, the formula is easy to work with & I found it dried quite quickly too. This is the first time using the new wider Essie brush as my other polish is the old brush, I prefer the new brush as its easier to apply the polish & in fewer strokes.

This is the perfect green / blue for the summer & I’m going to get a lot of use from it. Do you have any colours from the recent Essie Spring collection? Or did you manage to get your hands on this box, let me know what colour polish was in your box.

Essie Fashion Playground 15ml £8.95

2 Jun 2014

Mavala Techni Color Collection

I’m quite a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup. I reach for the same neutral colours and really play it quite safe, but when it comes to my nail polish thats where I like to be more bold & wear bold bright colours. Summer is the perfect season to go bright and Mavala have released their gorgeous vibrant 6 piece Techni Color Collection*. These 6 shades are a great way of introducing a little glitzy colour in to your Summer routine.

Nail Polish

There is something for everyone in this collection, from black to the bright yellow this 6 polish collection has a good selection of colours. I think this is a good day to night collection. Ideal for holidays and giving a finishing touch to those Summer outfits. I am drawn to the darker shades like the black & that gorgeous Cobolt Blue but the brighter shades in this collection are pretty too. I’ve heard from my more fashionable friends that this season is all about the white manicure, so I may well be on trend for the first time ever!

Black Night – a deep jet black colour with tiny green flecks, they don’t always show up but in certain lights they look really pretty and just give this shade a little something special. Not the most Summery shade but this would be a good option if you weren’t feeling the brights one day. I needed 2 coats of this polish for it to look opaque.

Cobalt Blue – this is the only one of the 6 shades thats doesn’t have some form of shimmer. It is a straight up beautiful bold bright summery blue shade. I love it and have been wearing it on my toes. Its such a fun feel good shade and it looks great. This shade has a really nice cream finish. This was opaque with 2 coats.

Cyber Yellow – this isn’t your average yellow polish as it has a green undertone to it, its a very bold colour. I find it hard to wear yellow as I’m very pale, I think its a shade that looks better with a tan. This could be a good holiday polish. I did find that out of the 6 colours this was the hardest to apply as it was quite streaky and needed a good 3 coats. Let me know if yellow is a colour you can pull off & if so how do you make it work?

Orange Fusion – this looks red in some lights and more orange in others. Its a colour that screams Summer and I think it looks really pretty on the nails. It has a hint of shimmer running through & a glossy sheen finish. One for long warm summer days. Its my second favourite out of the bunch. 2 coats are opaque but a little streaky so if you have time I would apply 3 to make sure the colour really pops

Arty Pink – I’d say this is the easiest colour to wear, its a sweet girly pink and perfect for any Summer occasion. It is a pop of colour that isn’t too bold or loud and the pretty sheen finish makes your manicure look professional. 2 coats are opaque.

Antarctic – this is an ice white polish with a pretty iridescent finish, its cool and bold. My more fashion forward friend tells me white manicures are ‘in’ this year. SO for once in my life I am going to be on trend. If you’re good at doing your nails and can apply the polish neatly you will get away with this white shade. It needs to look sharp and clean for you to pull it off, a messy white manicure is a no no. I am going to practise and master the art of applying this shade because it is so pretty and I want to wear it all summer long. This frosty white will take 3 coats to look opaque so take your time. Its also the perfect base if you like to be more adventurous and do a little nail art.

Bright Summer Nail Polish

This is a collection that encourages bold, standout nails so its time to ditch the more muted tones and go bright (I hope the weather catches up). I have said it before and I will say it again I love the size of Mavala bottles, they’re just the perfect size at 5ml. The brush is quite long and not too wide, they pick up a good amount of polish and are easy to work with. The formula of this collection is quite runny but the pigmentation is great & most of the colours are opaque in 2 coats.

The stand out shades for me from this collection are Cobalt Blue, Orange Fushion and Antarctic these 3 will be getting a lot of use this summer. These three are very vibrant and are all very different so I get a new look with each polish.

Mavala Nail Polish are free from parabens, formaldehydes, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal. So all non toxic.

Bright Summer Nail Polishes

This Techni Color Colloection was released on 14th February 2014 and is available in John LewisMavala website and larger Boots stores also from May Mavala are also available in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool at £4.75 each

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

8 Mar 2014

Mavala Metropolitan Collection

This Metropolitan Collection* is the latest release from the Swiss nail brand Mavala, it  has 6 gorgeous multi-tonal shades which have a dual chrome gloss finish.

Mavala Metropolitan Collection

This collection has a very pretty selection of colours from deep blue through to a stunning rose gold shade. There is a little something for everyone.

Metallic Blue – ultra violet metallic

Copper Violet – high sheen violet with copper accents

Emerald Gold – Irish green with gold tones

Gold Bronze – gold based hue with bronze undertones

Silver Chrome – molten silver

Pink Gold – elegant rose gold hue

Mevala Metropolitan Collection

Mavala Nail Polish

These polishes come in the sweetest little 5ml bottles, the brush is quite long and fairly thick I found the polish easy to apply. For the first four polishes two coats made the colour opaque and streak free but with the Silver Chrome & Pink Gold shades I’d say apply 3 coats for the best coverage. This collection does finish glossy but I did apply my beloved Orly Top Coat to prolong my manicure & I got 6 days without chipping whilst wearing the Copper Violet Shade.

Mavala Nail Polish

There is a lot going on with this collection in a good, its unusual and the colours have a real pop to them. Mavala polishes are very good value for money at only £4.75 each. Mavala pride themselves on being  free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal.

Which is your favourite colour from the collection. I instantly fell in love with the Copper Violet shade, its such a deep rich colour, I can’t stop looking at it when it’s on my nails. I also predict that the Rose Gold shade will be a big hit.  

This Metropolitan Collection was released on 14th February 2014 and is available in John Lewis, Mavala website and larger Boots stores at £4.75 each.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

4 Mar 2014

Affordable Marvellous Mints

I don’t have a huge selection of Mint nail polish in my collection but the three I do have I love. Mint is such a pretty shade and I think its good for every season. It always looks fresh and sophisticated.

Mint Polish

Mint Polish

Mint Swatches

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Sea Breeze £6 – This isn’t the longest wearing polish (prone to chipping) but the colour is pretty. I thought the formula was a little watery & needed 3 coats. This shade leans to the green side. You also get 12ml of product so thats quite a big bottle.

elf Nail Polish in Mint Cream £2.50 – This polish is almost identical to the Avon one, but its slightly brighter. This takes quite a long time to dry but applies evenly and two coats will give you a good colour. One coat is far too sheer and looks streaky. I would say if you have time go for three for that pop of colour. Just be a little more patient than me & wait for each coat to dry.

Canmake Colourful Nails in Peppermint Cream – My friend bought this back from Japan for me & it is a brand I don’t know too much about. The polish itself is really long wearing and the colour its beautiful and dries to a glossy finish. The bottle is sweet & quite small. A brand I will be trying more from.

NYC Quick Dry Polish in Blue Sky £1.79 – I wouldn’t say this was Sky Blue, more of a Sea Green but it is my favourite of the bunch, it’s more of a turquoise mint but it is bright and pretty. I like the brush on these NYC polishes, it is quite long and wide. The polish applies evenly and dries quickly. NYC is such an affordable brand and their nail polish section had quite a few pretty colours. I will be popping back for some more as they’re so affordable and really good quality.

Maybelline Color Show in Green With Envy £2.99 – This is similar to the Canmake polish in colour. The formula of this polish is the better out of the line up, its easy to apply and looks glossy when dry. You will have to be careful not to apply too much polish as it will look streaky and I had to reapply as a few nails developed little bubbles in between coats. So take your time and you will get a much better finish.

Apart from the NYC polish I would describe the other 4 as being creamy pastel mint in colour and the NYC one is a little bolder and brighter.

Although there isn’t much that separate them on colour I like each and everyone one and they all look pretty, Mint is going to be my Spring nail colour.

What are your favourite Mint Polish?

19 Feb 2014

Sophisticated Nudes

I like bright nail polish as much as the next person. In fact nail polish is probably the only time I do experiment with bright colours as my clothes tend to be dark/neutral & so to does my makeup. Alsough saying that my nude nail polishes get a lot of love, they are so easy to wear & I like that they look pretty and understated. I have picked out my favourite 6 nudes to share with you.

Nude Nail Polish

A.K.A in Soft Mink*

This is a lilac toned brown and has a lovely glossy finish. If You’re in a hurry you can get away with one coat. Its the perfect evening nude shade as it is quite a dusky colour & the darkest of the nudes I have.

Nails Inc in Basil Street

Nails Inc Polishes are such good quality and apply really nicely on the nail, not streaky at all. I apply two coats of this and it looks fresh and I think it looks like Caramel. Very pretty indeed

Nails Inc in Porchester Square

Nails Inc class this as one of their Hero Shades & best selling colours, I can see why this is the perfect soft latte coloured nude.

Favourite nudes

MUA shade 19

I was surprised by the quality of this nail polish as it only costs £1, it is a very pretty light brown nude colour. You will need to apply 2 coats of this & a top coat is a must but the colour is subtle but pretty & I have worn it a lot.

Topshop in Barefoot

I love love love this colour, it is a gorgeous pink toned nude & it looks very pretty with a tan on both your fingers & toes. I adore this shade and always get compliments when I wear it.

Models Own in Utopia

This is such a classic blogger polish, I wear this quite a lot too. It makes a very good base for glitter polish as the colour is so subtle. I think it has a slight lilac undertone on me & I like that.

Nude Swatches

A.K.A Soft Mink / Nails Inc Basil Street / Nails Inc Porchester Square / MUA Shade 19 / Topshop Barefoot / Models Own Utopia

So they’re my most worn & best loved Nude Nail Polishes. If you love any of my picks let me know, or better still recommend me your most loved Nude shade. There is always room for more x

5 Feb 2014

Ted-ify Your Nails

Ted Baker Nail Polish Duo

Ted Baker Blue Moon Duo

This duo is so pretty, I have never tried anything from Ted Baker beauty before. I love the way this is packaged to look like a sweet shop front, very cute. The way this comes as a duo makes looking for a base coat to match your glitter topcoat so much easier, they work so well together. This blue duo is called Blue Moon* £8.50 from Boots.

The nail polish is in the shade Blue Moon is a deep midnight blue but is has a pretty sparkle to it. It applies well on my nails and one coat is sufficient, especially if you intend to apply the glitter topcoat.

The glitter topcoat is in the shade Space Dust and its a very pretty sky blue colour, the glitter is quite small but it’s very shimmery and goes well over the blue. I applied two coats of this Space Dust I like my glitter to be quite bold.

Ted Baker Nail Polish Duo in Blue Moon

These Ted Baker Duos are available in 3 options Blue Moon, Cherry Bomb and Golden Girl. These would make good gifts for any nail polish addicts out there.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

27 Jan 2014

Tip Top White Splatter Top Coat

I spied these newish Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coats in Boots and before I knew it I was at the till & this one was mine. Maybelline have 3 of these Colour Show Top Coats, I decided on the White Splatter one & I really like it, I have already told myself I will be going back for the other 2.


This top coat is packed full of white, blue and purple flecks of all different shapes (from what I can tell they’re hexagonal and rectangular shaped), they give a paint splatter effect on your nails & I think it looks great. Some of the flecks are shimmery & have a metallic finish and others are matte.


The first swatch is an Avon Polish in the colour Cobalt Blue and I put the Maybelline White Splatter over the top & the second swatch shows the Maybelline White Splatter on its own. Both only have one coat of the Maybelline polish & you get quite a lot of the glitter & flecks, you can build it up so you have more on the nail. But I think it’s such an unusual and fun effect you don’t need to add too much. You don’t have to fish around for the bigger flecks, you get a good mix on the brush.


I love the size of these Maybelline Color Show polishes you get 7ml of product and the bottle is a good size. The brush is small but not in a bad way. I love the effect this gives and think it looks bright and fun on my nails. £3.99 for 7ml Let me know if you bought any of these, and if so what one is your favourite.

13 Jan 2014

Orly Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat

Orly Glosser Top Coat

This Orly Glosser High Shine Topcoat* was in my #midsummermeet goody bag from way back last summer and I’d completely forgot about it and discovered it hiding amongst my far too large nail polish collection (which needs to be culled). I’ve used it as my topcoat the past 3 times I’ve painted my nails and lets just say I’m smitten.

I’m one of those people that chips my manicure almost within an hour of applying it and thats so frustrating, my job involves alot of crafting & using my hands and so that never helps preserve my pretty polish. Each time I have applied this topcoat my manicure has lasted a whole WEEK without chipping. At first I thought it was a fluke but no after using it 3 times over the past 4 weeks my nail polish has lasted a whole 7 days without chipping and in my household thats a flipping miracle.

Yes this is meant to be a super high shine topcoat and although it did leave my nail polish looking glossy and shiny it was not any better for that than my Sally Hansen or Avon topcoats but it was the way it helped preserve my manicure that really bowled me over. I am very impressed and won’t be straying from this topcoat. I will say that the shine from this topcoat didn’t dull over the week & as my manicures never normally last that long I can’t say if my others did – so thats a plus for Orly.

The packaging is user friendly in that the purple lid has a rubber feel and is easy to grip / use, the bottle is frosted glass and gives the liquid a blue tint. The brush is quite long and not too thick & the product itself is quite a thin liquid and smells fairly strong (but the scent doesn’t last) I did find it easy to apply and my manicure dried quickly and evenly.

Orly Glosser High Shine Topcoat £10.90 for 18ml

Have you tried this topcoat? Or any Orly polishes you would recommend, I’m intrigued to see if their nail polishes are as good quality as their topcoat.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.


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