Aldi Lacura Argan Oil Beauty Range

Aldi Lacura Argan Oil Beauty Range

Aldi is quite well know for their affordable skincare so I was excited to try four products from their new Argan Oil Range which is released on February 21st. All the products in this line are under £5.

Lacura Argan Oil Nurturing Shower Gel*

This comes out a lovely rich golden colour, I like that its not a cream formula but very much like an oil. This is lovely to massage all over you skin and gently rinse off. You’re left with soft skin that feels nourished, the scent of this shower gel is really nice too, its quite warming, rich and relaxing. You get a really generous 300ml of product in a shower friendly squeeze style bottle.

Lacura Argan Oil Anti Ageing Body Lotion*

This body lotion is a lightweight cream and is 95% natural. It promises to help tighten skin, moisturise and protect from the first signs of ageing. Bold claims, from testing this over the past couple of weeks I would say that its hydrating and my skin feels smooth and nourished after applying this morning & night but as for anti ageing & skin tightening I’m not 100% sure (yet). I think applying moisturising lotion to your body is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy, radiant and stops it from drying out which in the long run helps to keep your skin looking its best. I will continue to use this lotion & let you know if I see any improvement in skin tightness.

Aldi Lacura Argan Oil Beauty Range

Carino Professional Oil Treatment*

This is an exciting product, its a hair oil that you can use as an Leave in Conditioner, Finishing Product or an Overnight Treatment. It comes packaged in a really sweet glass bottle so it feels luxurious. I have used this as a leave in conditioner and a finishing product and was very very impressed. This oil treatment is fantastic at helping eliminate frizz, adding shine and improving the condition of your hair. I have dark curly hair thats is prone to being dull & frizzing (i also use a lot of heat) so this bottle of oil has been a god send. I will be trying it as an overnight treatment this week & I’m excited for the results. The oil is lightweight & you need only a small amount, the scent is quite sweet and rich.

Affordable Beauty from Aldi

Lacura Argan Oil Anti Ageing Handcream*

I use hand cream so often throughout the day so its nice to have them strategically placed about my house, handbag and car so I never have dry hands. This Lacura one is quite a thick cream formula but it doesn’t stay greasy on your hands. So after applying it you’re ready to type, drive or just crack on with your day, no waiting for the product to sink in or feeling tacky on your skin. The scent isn’t as strong as the body lotion but it still smells nice. It contains no parabens, silicones, mineral oils or colourants and is 95% natural.

So all in all some great releases from Aldi coming your way on February 21st. If there was one product I’d say you had to try it would be the treatment oil, I think out of the four products its the one you see the best results from.

Lacura Argan Oil Range is available exclusively in Aldi from February 21st 2016

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SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex

If your a beauty addict (like me) then trying new brands is always exciting. I had never heard of SheaMoisture before but when I did a little research into the brand I realised that its extremely popular over in the States and has been sold since 1912. Their ranges have won quite a few awards over the years, including an Allure Readers Choice Award 2015. So lets see if it lives up to the hype.

Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Haircare

SheaMoisture products are ‘natural, organic and sustainably-produced. Made with love for you and your body. Pioneering fair trade through Community Commerce at home and abroad. We strive to be sulfate free, paraben free, and more, whenever possible. Tested on our family for four generations. Never on animals’. 

I was excited to try three products from the Superfruit Complex range which promises 10 in 1 benefits and they are,

  • Age-defy
  • Nourish
  • Anti-stress
  • Revive body
  • Colour protect
  • Shine
  • Hydrate
  • Strengthen
  • Manageability
  • Soften

Superfruit Complex 10 in 1 Multi Benefit Shampoo*

Because this shampoo contains no sulphates it doesn’t lather up which is great for your hair but it took me a few washes to get to grips with it. I initially used far too much which weighed down my hair, so you need very little product. I like to spend a minute or so massaging the product in to my hair letting all the wonderful ingredients work their magic before rinsing it out. Its a great first step to silky smooth hair & I like that this shampoo felt lightweight and it was easy to rinse out. I haven’t used it alone, I always follow with the conditioner.

Superfruit Complex 10 in 1 Conditioner*

This is great at giving hair a boost of hydration and restoring that glossy shine. I love that this bottle has a pump and wish that the shampoo came with one too! I use two pumps of this and work it in to my roots and use my wide toothed come to brush it through the ends, I leave it on for a couple of minutes then rinse. It leaves my hair feeling healthy, smooth and bouncy (I have naturally curly hair). When I style my hair after using this duo its glossy, manageable and it smoothes those pesky fly aways.

Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Haircare

Superfruit Complex Multi Benefit Hair Masque*

I love using leave in conditioner treatment and this one is really pampering for your hair. I leave it on for as long as I can, usually about 30 minutes. The product is a lot thicker than the conditioner so I tend to use this masque once a week make sure to use a very small amount and take time to massage it in to your scalp. Once I rinse this off my hair instantly feels silky smooth and healthy. Its a great masque if you have dry, dull hair because this will bring back the shine. I think the masque is my favourite of the three products but I am very impressed with all of them.

All three products contain some really lovely ingredients,

  • Superfruit–a blend of red raspberry, ketones, goji, acai and guava extracts rich in anti-aging antioxidants
  • Marula oil–contains natural plant peptides that help support hair’s elasticity
  • Biotin–nourishes individual strands for thicker, stronger hair
  • Shea butter–deeply moisturises while conditioning hair and scalp

Some of the benefits you can’t say are having an effect after one month of use, such as anti ageing, anti stress or strengthening. I can say my hair is more manageable, hydrated, soft, shiny, nourished and has more body. So I guess this trio more than lives up to the hype. I now want to try a lot more from this brand, their selection is quite extensive and I have spied on the US site that they also have a makeup line. Now that excites me.

SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex is available at 

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Pixi by Petra Lash Primer & Mascara

Pixi By Petra Lash Products

I first discovered Pixi about 10 years ago when they had a small stand in the Manchester Selfridges, since then I have been addicted to their makeup and skincare. They have so many fab products but I have never tried their mascara’s (until now). I have been using two of their newest releases – Black Lash Primer* and Lengthy Fibre Mascara* for the last couple of weeks and thought I best let you know how I am getting on.

Pixi By Petra Makeup

Pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer £15

The first few times I used this it felt very wet and I made the mistake of applying too much & looked like I had spider lashes. Once I had got to grips with it & it had dried up a little I managed to make it work. This lash primer is jet black and I have to admit a couple of times I have worn it as a mascara & it looks pretty good.

It contains ingredients that condition your lashes – vitamin A, vitamin C and panthenol. This primer is a great first step in making my lashes look full and thick. I’m not sure it is a necessary step for everyday makeup but if you like your lashes to look long and your mascara to stay put all day its a product worth adding to your makeup bag.

Pixi Mascara

Pixi Lengthy Fibre Mascara £16

This is the product for people who like their lashes to have that false lash effect. It is jam packed with stretch fibres that add length and volume to your lashes in one sweep. I do have to wipe off the end of the wand before applying the Mascara because the fibres tend to gather there.

If you add two coats of this it will take your lashes to the next level – va va voom! Its definitely a product I would use on a night out, I tend not to wear false lashes (I’m hopeless at applying them) so this would give my lashes that effect without the hassle. This mascara contains Vitamin E, panthenol and chamomile which will strengthen and protect your lashes

These are two releases that will be perfect for anyone that likes their lashes to be Have you tried any Pixi products?

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Cheerz – Print Your Digital Photos

La Boîte å Photos from Cheerz

Cheerz is French company who love nothing more than to bring your digital pictures to life. Their products are a great way of printing your photos and they have so many fun and creative ways of doing that. I think its nice to have photos as a memory and if you’re like me I hardly ever get them printed these days.

With Cheerz you can print photos from your Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or Camera Roll so you can select your favourites, upload them and pick how you want them printed. I picked photos from my Instagram feed and I’m so happy with how they came out.

I opted for the La Boîte a Photos* as it looked like a great way of being creative and I have always wanted to display my photos like this from cute string with mini pegs & this box gives you all the supplies that you need & if you’re feeling extra crafty / creative you can add a little extra flair with supplies you have at home. Its that easy!

1. Choose 40 of your favourite photos
2. Customise them with cropping and filters
3. Receive your DIY home decorating kit
4. Let your creative juices flow!

Instagram Photos from Ceerz

You get a box full of treats including 40 photos which are incredible quality and very glossy. A sweet bag of mini wooden pegs, cute red and white string, washi tape and photo corners. It really is a great DIY project.

Instagram Cheerz Photos

Get creative with your Instagram-photos

Next up I picked the Strip Photos*, these look like the kind you used to get in the old school photo booths. I thought they would make great book marks or framed on my desk.

Cheerz Stip Photos

Instagram Prints from Cheerz

1. Select up to 40 photos (4 photos per strip)
2. Customise your strips with border colours and filters
3. Add some text
4. Receive them all in a cute little envelope

These were so easy & quick to make – I tried to theme my strips so I have one with Amsterdam photos on, one with Cornwall photos, Christmas in Scotland, family & one with Liverpool photos on. I love how well these came out, the quality is perfect and they look bright and glossy.

Get your Instagrams printed from Cheerz

Each strip is 9.8”(20cm) long and 1.8″(5cm) wide, containing 4 photos, each 1.6×1.6” (4x4cm). The strips are printed on high quality matte paper and can be customised with orientation, border colour, filters, cropping and text to make them unique to you.

The prints come beautifully packaged and presented, I found the site very easy to use and I loved their selection of products. You have such a great choice of products from the standard Polaroid style photos to the more fancy photo albums. Your prints feel luxurious and are printed in incredible quality. I was very pleased with the two products I picked and they were delivered within 2 days (and that was during the busy Xmas period).

Cheerz Photo Options

You can use the Cheerz app via the App Store or Google Play Store I used the Cheerz website which was easy to navigate & very quick to use. I have been impressed with the service from start to finish & I am already planning on using them for a few birthday presents over the next few months.

Why not print some of your memories & have them to keep. I think photos always make such a beautiful gift too, no matter what time of year and Cheerz have some really creative options for you. I have a discount code for you that will give you £4 off your first order. Use the code VICITK at checkout or just follow this link

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