25 Oct 2014

Benefit Bling Brow Service & Kit

Don’t worry about your Christmas Party Bling this year, Benefit have you covered. Benefit are excited to announce they’ve teamed up with bling experts Swarovski Crystal and are getting ready to launch Bling Brows which is a new limited edition at counter service & a take home DIY kit that will transform your brows. So get excited for a little Bling this Party Season. These won’t be to everyones taste but its fun to experiment & these Bling Kits give you the opportunity to create your own look.

I was invited to the Manchester launch of Bling Brow* where I was lucky enough to meet International Spokesperson Jared Bailey (a true brow master) & Lisa Potter Dixon, Benefit’s Head Makeup Artist and Brow Expert (all round gorgeous lady). I heard all about the Bling Brow Kits & the buzz surrounding them. Benefit are already experts in all things Brows and for a limited time this will be a new string to their bow.

From November 1st & as long as stocks last (this is ltd edition) many of the Benefit Brow Bars & Boutiques Nationwide will be providing the Bling Brow Service so all through the Christmas Party Season you will be able to head to a participating Benefit Counter & chose your Bling Brow style & let the Benebabes Bling your brows with Swarovski Crystals which come in 8 pretty colours. There will be three Bling Brow options available at counters,  ‘Touch O’ Bling’, ‘Over-The-Top Bling’, and ‘Big-Time Bling these range in price from £4 for the more subtle to £16 for more daring. Let me know what option you’d go for?

Benefit Pricing

At the event I went for the more subtle option of three Greige crystals below my brow in Benefit Bling Brow & really loved the way it turned out.

Benefit Bling Brow

Eyebrow embellishments is a trend we’ve seen on the catwalks over the years, like at the Chanel Show in Paris and on many a celebrity like the Kardashian’s and Gwen Stefani. Benefit’s Bling Brow Kits have made the trend accessible and they’re a great way of making your festive makeup more glitzy & head turning. So will you be getting your bling on this Party Season?

Benefit Bling Brow Kit

Benefit Bling Tin

Bling Brow

The at home DIY Bling Brow Kits come with 52 varying sized Swarovski Crystals, a pair of cute mini tweezers for applying them & a cute Tips & Tricks booklet (which Benefit are famous for), so if you’re not too sure on what look to create this booklet will give you ideas & helpful step by step instructions.

The Crystals are so easy to apply and the good news is they’re self adhesive & even better they’re re usable (just reapply them with lash glue), I found them to be secure and comfortable to wear. I couldn’t even feel them on my brow bone. Benefit have said they will last up to 3 days, thats some staying power. I have the Rose Gold Kit & I think this option is right on trend, Rose Gold is beautiful but still quite subtle so thats perfect for me. The Rose Gold catches the light gives your look the perfect amount of sparkle. I was worried I would feel a little old to wear these but I have to say I loved the look & if you are braver than me then you could incorporate this in to your daytime look too, who say’s this has to a be a party only look.

I’m interested to see the looks people create once these kits are launched next month. I have already seen some great takes on Benefits suggestions. I love To Become A Mum’s bling creations, some great ideas in her post for looks you can create.

Swarovski Crystals

Benefit Tips & Tricks

Benefit's Tips & Tricks

At £19.50 I think these kits are quite pricey but if you’re careful with the Crystals you can reuse them & they are a very fun way of giving your look something special. Oh & as with most things Benefit the cute tin itself can be re used once you’ve had your wear of the Crystals. I plan on keeping my everyday jewellery in mine. Also the mini tweezers in this kit are so sweet & I know I will be getting a lot of use out of these. Once the Party Season is over they will be a permanent fixture in my travel makeup bag!

Keep your eye out for them being released on November 1st across Benefit Counters Nationwide & also online at www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

Do you think you will be sporting this Bling Brow trend at your Christmas Party?

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.



23 Jun 2014

Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser



Oh WOW this is the perfect Summer Cleanser! The Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser* was released this month and seems to already have a cult following. I have been putting it to the test for about 5 weeks now and its slowly but surely become my go to Summer Scrub. First off is the fact it smells incredible, fresh & fruity so that makes it all the more pleasurable to use. I like to use it in the morning after I shower, the fresh citrus Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint zingy scent wakes me up and the gentle exfoliating scrubbing beads do the same to my skin. So I feel well and truly awake and energised.

Origins Skincare

The cleanser has a thick gel like texture and its bursting with lots light orange exfoliating beads, although this is a manual scrub, the scrubby beads feel very gentle and not scratchy at all.  I like to gently massage this in to my skin focusing on my nose area (where I tend to get blackheads) then I leave it on my skin for a couple of minutes letting the energising Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean Caffeine work their magic then I rinse with warm water and I’m left with glowing, smooth summer ready skin. This is really effective at removing dead skin cells and dirt  & so boosting cell turnover to reveal vibrant skin. Also the gel like texture is very cooling on the skin and hydrating so your skin won’t be left feeling stripped or tight.

This is a great 2 in 1 product as the gel cleanser removes makeup and dirt  whilst the exfoliating beads help remove the dead skin and awaken dull tired complexion. The Orange packaging is eye catching and its another great addition to the GinZing range which already boasts a moisturiser (which I love), eye cream, mascara and eyeshadow.

If you like to use products that help promote a glowing healthy complexion then this is for you & as I said this really is a gentle yet effective scrub. You don’t need to scrub your face off, just softly massage it in to your skin & rinse off.

The tube is 150ml & costs £18.50 so I’d say thats great value for money. Origins is available in larger Boots Stores, John Lewis Stores and online at www.origins.co.uk

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

12 Jun 2014

New From Merumaya


June see’s two exciting new launches from British Skincare brand Merumaya. I’m a big fan of their Melting Cleansing Balm, Face Wash & their Iconic Youth Serum so was very very excited to get these pre launch samples in the post. Merumaya asked their customers what they felt was missing from their range and what they would like to see added to their line & the answers were a Bi Phase Eye Makeup Remover & a Treatment Toner – so that is exactly what Merumaya delivered. These products have been over 2 years in the making & will be launching June 30th.

Bi Phase Plus Eye Makeup Remover*

Merumaya’s research told them that their customers preferred a Bi Phase liquid to remove their eye makeup, I have tried a few in the past and many of them left my eye area quite greasy but this one has been in development for over 2 years in order to get the formula just right & I think they have done a wonderful job. I applied the liquid to a cotton pad and held it gently on my eye for about 1 minute just to let it soak in. Then with such minimal effort I swept it across my eye & my mascara & liquid eyeliner and it removed them both effortlessly. I was so excited to try this product when it arrived that I put it to the test & took my makeup off straight away.

If you’re worried about this being greasy, don’t be it is hydrating and gentle and won’t leave your eyes feeling oily at all. No need to rub vigorously, this gentle formula will remove your eye makeup just by letting it gently soak in & then lightly sweeping the cotton pad accros your eyes. It will leave the area feeling soft & hydrated. This product is suitable for sensitive skin & works on my waterproof mascara without leaving it smeared all over my eyes. It removes every trace of eye makeup & I even put it to the test on some stubborn lip stains & they posed no challenge either! I may have found my go to makeup remover! I think this is going to be a very popular product in Merumaya’s range.

Launched June 30th 2014 into select John Lewis Stores – online at www.merumaya.com & www.johnlewis.com £14.50 for 130ml

Treatment Lotion*

I have been getting in to using a toner over this past year and was excited to put this new Merumaya offering to the test. This has that fresh distinctive Merumaya scent. It is packed full of skincare benefits such as,

Hyluronic Acid to give hydration and plumping and help reduce the appearance of lines (this is an ingredient I look out for now in skincare).

A complex of brown & green algae provides a slow and lasting release of Natural Moisturising Factors these help deliver long term moisturisation and softening.

Ascorbyl Glucoside provides a potent slow and sustained release of Vitamin C that only activates on contact with your skin. This evens out skintone, aids the minimising of pigmentation & gives prolonged antioxidant protection.

Natural Betaine to help manage moisture balance and softens and soothes skin.

This toner really focuses on boosting hydration and keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful. It isn’t drying at all on the skin, so no tight feeling after use. It left my skin feeling very smooth, clean and hydrated. Merumaya have developed a Toner that not only gives you instant results in terms of smooth bright looking skin but there are also longer term benefits that come with prolonged use such as minimising pigmentation & giving you plumper skin.This product has slipped itself nicely into my skincare routine & I don’t go a day now without using a toner it just feels like I’ve missed an important step if I do. This is another great addition to the Merumays range & one I would highly recommend, especially if you have dehydrated, tired looking skin.

Launched June 30th 2014 into select John Lewis Stores – online at www.merumaya.comwww.johnlewis.com £14.50 for 130ml

Out of the two products my favourite is the Bi Phase Eye Makeup Remover, simply because it takes the hassle out of removing waterproof mascara! Let me know if you like using a Bi Phase remover & if you have any Merumaya recommendations.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

5 Jun 2014

REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser

I think we are all familiar with the Hot Cloth cleanser by now, massage on to dry skin & wipe away using a damp warm face cloth. They’ve become very popular in the beauty world and I for one really like using a Hot Cloth Cleanser in the evening, I find them to be relaxing and a great way to remove makeup and wipe away all the grime & dirt from the day. So I was excited to use the REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser* which comes with a lovely 100% Cotton face cloth (perfect).

This Hot Cloth Cleanser is a rich two-phase cleanser that purifies, decongests, gently exfoliates and removes all make-up. It leaves skin refreshed, radiant, smoothed and replenished without dryness or tightness. The cleanser itself is very creamy and light in texture, I massage it in to my skin for a couple of minutes so it can start to breakdown my makeup and the dead skin cells. I also make sure to take it all across my eyes to loosen my eye makeup. This doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, in fact this is a very gentle cleanser so don’t be afraid to use it all over your face. It is gentle enough to be used on all skin types, this has a very mild rose scent but its so subtle you hardly know its there. 

HC Cleanser

This does a really good job at removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean and smooth, its not stripping so you won’t experience that tight drying feeling (that I hate). I had never heard of Vitamin P but this cleanser contains it & a few more nourishing ingredients that help revive, soothe and decongest your skin. Let me know if you’ve heard of Vitamin P. The main bio extracts in this cleanser are

Since using this my complexion has been looking bright and the redness around my cheeks is reduced, I think because this has such a hydrating and soothing milky texture my skin isn’t getting dried out or irritated, you don’t need to be abrasive when washing it off. Just polish away the product using the cotton face cloth and then splash a little cold water on your face once it’s clean to close your pores.

The packaging of this is really handy too, it comes with a pump which is great for dispensing just the right amount of product (also very hygienic), you can also see how much product you have left as you’re able to see the cleanser through the clear packaging. So no panic when you come to use it & there is none left, you will get plenty of warning. If you like using a Hot Cloth Cleanser then I think you should give this one a go, you will be left with a healthy complexion and skin thats clean, hydrated and decongested. It gets two thumbs up from me.

This contains no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic colours or scents.

REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser £16 for 150ml

REN Skincare

I have also been testing out a few samples of the REN V-Cense Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial*, as I only have a couple of sachets to test out I can’t tell you how this performs long term but I had enough for three uses & I’m already excited for this to go on sale so I can get the full size.

The way this works is you apply the light green coloured gel to your face & neck then massage a small amount of warm water to activate the Vitamin C and let it get to work brightening your complexion. You leave the product on your skin for 1 minute then you rinse with warm water and thats when the tiny exfoliating beads get to work by buffing and removing dead skin and help fight the signs of fatigue, boost skins radiance levels and reduce imperfections.

REN say – ‘Discover a high-perfomance complexion boost that lasts 72 hours with the V-Cense Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial! A transformative gel-rinse that instantly revitalises and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with water activated Vitamin C, it neutralises ‘urban grey’ in a flash, removes blackheads and dead skin cells to reveal a firm, toned and smooth complexion.’ 

Its like a facial and a face mask in one and it only takes you one minute – perfect if your pushed for time. This has a lovely quite sweet chocolate orange scent with a hint of peppermint (how yummy does that sound). I have used the sachets I was given to try and I loved how instantly smooth and bright my skin looked & thats after 1 minute. So I imagine after a more long term use your complexion will look less dull and start to have that healthy glow we all long for. I liked using this in the morning so my skin looked healthy and fresh for the day ahead.

REN Skincare

I think this is going to be a popular addition to the REN range, I mean who doesn’t want quick no fuss skincare that gives results in just one minute. This V-Cense 1 minute facial isn’t released until later this year, so this is a heads up, I will be treating myself to a bottle & getting onboard with the 1 minute facial.  I don’t know the exact release date of this but it will be £30 for 75ml.

Let me know what you favourite REN product is & if you like the sound of a 1 minute facial.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

28 Apr 2014

Real Techniques MakeUp Palettes

How exciting I have just heard that Sam & Nic aka Pixiwoo have released two beautiful face palettes.

Night Owl Palette


night owl makeupkit £15.00

Real Techniques’ formulations are optimized for outstanding performance. Each powder combines rich color pigmentation with a uniquely lightweight, blendable finish that looks and feels luminous. As you apply, the product glides onto your skin for smooth application, long-wearing coverage, and glowing results.

Kit includes:

  • 3 long-lasting shimmer eye shadows
  • 1 velvety-smooth matte eye shadow
  • 1 dark gel eyeliner
  • 1 perfect-finish blush
  • 1 glowing highlighter
  • 2 shiny lip glosses

Modern Natural

modern natural makeupkit £15.00

Real Techniques’ formulations are optimized for outstanding performance. Each powder combines rich color pigmentation with a uniquely lightweight, blendable finish that looks and feels luminous. As you apply, the product glides onto your skin for smooth application, long-wearing coverage, and glowing results.

Kit includes:

So pleased that Pixiwoo have branched out into makeup. Which palette do you have your eye on? I think Modern Natural is my favourite of the two. They both look very wearable & great to have in your makeup bag. I am sure these will be just as good quality as their makeup brushes – which I love and use daily. Many congratulations to them both this is another exciting release. So excited to see if there is more makeup to come from them.

9 Feb 2014

Buy it with Love

But it with love

I wanted to let all my readers know that balance Me are supporting Breast Cancer Care during the month of February, they’re taking part in Breast Cancer Care’s ‘buy it with lovecampaign.

balance Me will be donating 10% from rose otto body oil and rose otto face oil sales to raise funds for those living with breast cancer. So if you were thinking of treating yourself or someone else to either of these balance Me rose otto products now is the time.

These would make lovely Valentines or Mother’s Day gifts – spread a little love & support a very good cause.

The donation will be made through sales on www.balanceme.co.uk or www.buyitwithlove.com

*please note this is not a sponsored post

16 Jan 2014

Merumaya on QVC

As most of you know I love Merumaya and all of the products which I’ve tried from them have made a positive impact on my skin. I wanted to give you a heads up as Merumaya will be on QVC with a great skincare bundle, it will have 3 of their best selling products for almost half the price. So if you’ve been tempted to try this brand in the past – now is the time to give them a go.

Melting Cleansing Balm™ FULL SIZE (100ml)
Iconic Youth Serum™ HALF SIZE (15ml)
Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF15 HALF SIZE (15ml)

QVC PRICE; £24.95  –  VALUE; £46.50  –  SAVING £21.55

Merumaya QVC Bundle

QVC Show Times:
Friday 17th January: The Morning Show 9-10am
Lunch Time Special 1pm
Friday Night Beauty 9-10pm

Saturday 18th January: Beauty Showcase 1am

Tueday 21st January: The Morning Show 9-10am
Everyday Beauty 4-5pm

Wednesday 19th January: Everyday Beauty 12-1pm

Don’t worry if you’re unable to watch the actual show you are able to purchase online from www.qvc.com

If you’re a skin care addict like me Merumaya is a brand you need to try. If you’d like to read my review of the Melting Cleansing Balm then you can do so here.

If you can I hope you tune in on Friday and snap up a bargain. Let me know if you do.

14 Oct 2013

NYX in Next

I finally hunted down some NYX products in my sort of local NEXT. I had to really hunt the stand out as it was tucked away at the back of the store. The stand was quite well stocked with jumbo eye pencils, primer, blushes, lipsticks, palettes and face powders. I thought it would be useful to link to a list of all the NEXT stores that are stocking the line as lots of you were asking where I had found it.

NYX Stand in Next

NYX Stand

I was shocked that Manchester isn’t stocking it as the one in the city centre is a really big store. I tracked it down at the Warrington store, but if you want to know where else it stocking the range –

I bought 3 jumbo eye pencils and 2 blushes. I will be heading back for a few more things. If you have any NYX recommendations I would love to know. Have you spotted the range in your local store?

** update as of Feb 13th 2014 ** NYX have increased the number of NEXT stores they’re stocked in which is so exciting. Just click this link to see an updated Store list NYX in NEXT 


22 Feb 2013

Beauty Releases I’m Excited For #1

Models Own Ice Neon CollectionImage courtesy of Models Own

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that these beauties are being released next month.

Models Own Ice Neon Collection – These just jump out at me. They’re bright and scream SUMMER is coming (hurry up). I’ve always wanted the perfect yellow polish but have never found one that I loved. This might be it!

There are five shades Pukka Purple, Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Luis Lemon and Toxic Apple.

I’ve loved so many Models Own releases and the recent Wonderland Collection was beautiful not to mention the Mirrorball Collection – they just always seem to have great collections. These are slightly different from previous collections as Models Own are recommending that you keep them in your fridge to stop the bright fluro colour from fading.

This new Ice Neon Collection is available online at modelsownit.com from March 20th (pre-order from March 1st for guaranteed March 20th UK delivery) Also available exclusively in the Bottleshop at Westfield on March 9th then will in Boots nationwide from March 22nd.

I will be picking up a few colours and popping them in the fridge – wonder what the hubby will say? Are you thinking of buying any? What colour are you most excited for?

If you get chance check out my family business. We hand make badges and specialise in Hen Party Badges.