Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing xpress dry styling spray

got2b xpress dry styling spray

I might have quite short hair but it is still very thick & prone to being frizzy so anytime I can cut out blow drying is time that can be put to better use. We all know that the longer we spend blow drying & using heat on our hair the more damaging it is & for me the frizzier & dry my hair is. So I have been putting this new Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray* to the test. It is part of Schwarzkopf’s new Unisex Mind Blowing Styling Collection which includes a Moose, Hairspray and Xpress Dry Styling Spray all of which are designed to bring you the perfect blow dry in a fraction of the time.

To use, just spray the product liberally & evenly on to damp / towel dried hair and blow dry and style your hair as normal. Don’t expect your hair to be dry in seconds, thats just not realistic but I did notice I my hair was a drying a couple of minutes quicker than before & I will take a couple of minutes as a victory. So if you’re someone that is in a hurry in the morning this might be ideal to add to your styling routine. Not only does this spray have fast drying technology buy it will also protects your hair against heat damage and if you have hair thats prone to knotting then this will help detangle too. So its quite the multi use styling spray.

got2b xpress styling spray

The packaging is quite young & fun looking – with its aqua blue & pink colour scheme it is eye catching and a little different. The spray nozzle is handy to use and helps apply the product evenly without spraying too much at once. This 200ml bottle will last a good few months depending on how often you wash and style your hair.

As with all Schwarzkopf products its a range thats affordable and easy to get hold of, with prices starting from as little as £4.05 its a range that won’t break the bank. The full range is available at Boots & Superdrug.

Let me know if you have tried any of the products in this range.

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My 5 Tips For Happy Skin

I always think that as Summer approaches its nice to get my skin looking its best as I like to wear as little makeup as possible when its warm & I feel more comfortable doing this when my skin is looking radiant & healthy. I thought I would share 5 of my skincare tips with you today, I always love hearing other peoples tips & tricks for keeping their skin looking radiant & healthy. So feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what your skincare secrets are.

5 Tips For Healthy Skin

I’d say my 1st and most important tip for healthy skin is using a broad spectrum Facial SPF – my skin is quite fair and I have been blessed with quite a few freckles so I like to make sure I protect my skin everyday. I like to use an SPF that has high UVA & UVB protection. UVA rays are not filtered by clouds or windows and are present all year round and UVA rays penetrate the skin deeply, causing greying of the skin, wrinkles/sagging and cause skin cancer. It is these UVA rays that cause the premature ageing of our skin. So rain or shine I use a facial SPF & hope that it helps protect my skin and in turn keeps it looking its best.

If we want our skin to look its best then we all know that it has a lot to do with what we physically put in to our bodies & thats why having a Healthy Diet is my 2nd tip to maintaining healthy radiant skin. I know diet is very personal and we all eat very differently but what works for me is eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can, because these are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (fresh smoothies & juices are a great way to increase your intake of fruit & veg). I don’t eat any dairy, meat or eggs so my diet consists of plant based foods only. I also try and eat as little processed food & sugary snacks as possible. You really can eat your way to healthy skin & I have noticed a massive difference in my skin since changing to eating a plant based diet 3 years ago.

My 3rd tip is Getting a Good Nights Sleep, for me its not how long I sleep that makes a difference but how well I sleep. If I have a disturbed nights sleep I look terrible the next day & my skin looks dull. I have made a conscious effort to not take my phone or laptop to bed as I end up checking social media & I find it hard to switch my mind off and relax. A good nights sleep helps me feel recharged and keeps my skin looking fresh & keeps my eye bags & dark circles to a minimum.

Skincare is my 4th tip, it plays a big part for me in helping keep my skin looking its best. There are so many wonderful products that help your skin look glowing and a step I never miss is cleansing, its important to remove not only your makeup but also the bacteria and dirt built up from the day that can clog pores and cause breakouts. I like to exfoliate too which helps remove dead skin cells revealing glowing fresh skin. You can get quite a few skin products that help give that instant radiance to the skin whilst also giving your skin long term benefits too – like The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer*, this is a great product for getting an instant peachy fresh rosy glow, it smoothes the skin and delivers a boost of vitamin C to help maintain a healthy complexion. This makes my skin looks healthy and refreshed, I think this is a summer staple for 2015.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Enhancer

Drink More Water is my 5th tip – I know this is along the same lines as eating healthy and we can consume a lot of our hydration through our food which is great but remembering to drink enough water throughout the day is something I challenge myself to do. I carry round a bobble bottle with me everywhere & fill it up whenever I can, this saves me buying bottled water (great for the bank balance & the environment). Staying hydrated helps your skin look plump and supple but also flushes out toxins that can dull the skin. I see people with fancy water bottles full of fruit – I think I will give that a go to liven up my tap water.

Let me know what your top tips are to keeping your skin healthy.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

5 Current Skincare Favourites

5 current skincare favourites

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk £8.00 – I took this with me on my recent trip to Scotland & I used it every evening to cleanse off my makeup. It is a very gentle creamy cleanser that doesn’t dry out or strip your skin. Its not amazing at removing eye makeup but I do tend to remove that with a micellar water first then just make sure its all off with the cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and after 3 weeks of daily use my skin is looking bright and it hasn’t broke me out. This cleanser smells incredible and sweet and I have been surprised at how much I have liked using it as I tend to use a cleansing oil but this has been a nice alternative. Its also so handy having the pump dispenser & this is the larger 200ml bottle so will last forever.

Balance Me Radiance Mask £18.00 – I like to use this mask in the morning (when I have time). It has a thick creamy consistency with fine exfoliating walnut shells which you smooth over the skin & leave it to work its magic. You then massage it off lightly letting the fine walnut shells exfoliate your skin, to reveal smooth, hydrated & radiant skin. I promise your skin will feel so smooth after using this. Balance Me say you can use this product in two ways – if you’re in a rush then you can use it as a face wash or if you have time on your side you sit back, relax and use it as a treatment mask. I do like a multi purpose product. This product removes dead skin, replenishes lost moisture and soothes & smooths your skin. I love it!

Vichy Idealia Eye Cream* 23.00 – This is the perfect eye cream if your skin is dehydrated & fatigued but the first thing I have to talk about is the really cool applicator, It’s a silicone spatula & the product comes out of a little hole in the centre. It makes applying the eye cream very hygienic and really easy. This cream has quite a thick creamy consistency, so if you’re looking for a really nourishing hydrating eye cream then this is for you. It does take a couple of minutes to absorb but once it has you’re left with smooth, hydrated and brighter looking skin. This cream helps reduce the signs of fatigue as it contains caffeine & is enriched with instant illuminators and a combination of DRM-Bright complex and vitaminB3. I think it has helped reduce puffiness and dark circles too. It wears well under concealer & foundation, although the formula is on the heavy side it isn’t greasy. I really like this as part of my morning routine & have used hardly any product even though I have been using it for a couple of months. If you’re on the hunt for a new eye cream give this a go!

ESPA Naturally Radiant Gradual Tan– This is a brand new product from ESPA & a great addition to their range. It is a lightweight nourishing formula that is no fuss or mess, you simply apply it like a body lotion and leave it to work its magic. It gives your skin a gorgeous natural glow which develops over four hours and intensifies each day. The formula has a combination of Shea Butter, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil which leave the skin feeling deeply hydrated and soft whilst Jasmine, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang essential oils leave your skin subtlety scented. I can 100% say this smells incredible.

La Roche Posay Micellar Water – This is a great gentle but effective micellar water. I use it to remove my eye makeup before cleansing & it even removes my Benefit Roller Lash, which is very stubborn. It has a very light scent to it but nothing overpowering and it never stings or irritates my eyes. So if you’re in the market for a new micellar water then this is a great option & now that it is stocked in many Boots stores its so easy to get hold of.

What skincare have you been enjoying lately & have I mentioned any of your favourites?

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

3 Morning Must Have Products

My Morning Must Have Products

The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner – I like using a toner and it is a skincare step I rarely miss. I find using a toner helps hydrate my skin and just ensures you’ve removed every trace of dirt after cleansing. The Vitamin E range from The Body Shop is one of my favourites & one that I have used for years on and off. Its a range that refreshes the skin and keeps it hydrated. The Toner lasts for ages and I use it morning and night, it never leaves my skin feeling tight or stripped but makes it feel smooth, clean and soft.

Batiste Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo – I use this on 3rd day hair so I can stretch out for another day & this absorbs the oil and leaves my hair looking clean and feeling lightweight and fresh. It can leave a white cast but I do blow dry my hair after I use it so that tends to get rid of the powder residue. I need hardly any of this & a bottle lasts me at least 5 weeks. I’m not sure this adds shine to my hair but it stops it looking greasy & thats good enough for me. I love my hair to look a little lived in (my mum would say scruffy) and dry shampoo creates that textured messy look & it also helps add volume too. Let me know what your favourite dry shampoo is.

Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll on for Puffy Eyes* Oh this is a god send for those early mornings, I love applying this to my tired eyes. It feels refreshing, cooling and hydrating and helps you looks more awake by de puffing and soothing your under eye bags. It has a handy metal roller ball applicator that helps the gel glide on & if you keep this in the fridge the metal is cold against you skin. It helps cool and massage your under eyes, getting blood flowing to get get rid of those pesky bags. I apply this before my eye cream & let is work its magic for a couple of minutes and it leaves the area smooth and looking fresh. I’m not the only fan of this as it recently won Best Eye De Puffer at the Instyle Best Beauty Buys 2015.

Let me know what products you can’t live without in the morning.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.