18 Nov 2012

Shimmer Anyone?

Bronze Shimmer Kisses / Pink Shimmer Kisses

It took a while to track both of these down – my Superdrug was always sold out and I can see why. They may look like your average blush / bronzer but they pack a punch. I was really impressed with them. I had them sat on my desk for a while waiting to take photos of them before I used them (I know I’m not the only one who does that). When I finally got round to using them I was really thrilled with the quality of them

As you know MUA is a brand with its emphasis on budget but they by no means scrimp on the quality. Both the Bronze Shimmer Kisses and the Pink Shimmer Kisses are £3 for 7.3g of product. Both have 4 colours to swirl your brush in for that perfect wash of bronze or blush. I have even been using the lightest colour for a brow and inner eye highlighter. They are quite the multi use product in my opinion. Which makes them even better value for money.

On the cheek they both give a lovely sheen – they’re not glittery at all. Infact they give a really nice shimmer. When the light hits your cheeks it makes you look fresh and glowing.  I’m thrilled I picked them up and have purchased a couple for Christmas Presents.

If I had to pick one over the other I think It would be the Bronze Shimmer Kisses as I have really pale skin and this is the perfect colour for me and it gives me a little healthy colour during these colder months. Have you tried either of these? Do they work for you?



4 Responses to “Shimmer Anyone?”

  1. Grace says:

    These look really pretty, and a complete bargain, I need to check them out when I am next in Superdrug! Thanks for posting x

  2. Casey @ Beauty101 says:

    They look lovely!! MUA is really coming out with some great things lately!

  3. jasmine says:

    Aw I just made an order from mua because of the promotion (35% off and free delivery using MUA35) I put these in but then took them out, wish I kept them in now :(

    • Vicki says:

      They are so nice. Great compact and the shades are great individually too. I am going to order a few bits in the sale too.

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