Glitter Polish and Nail Care

I already blogged about my Most Worn Nail Polish of 2012 and thought I would just add the 3 glitter colours I have worn the most & share with you my base coat / top coat of choice too. I love Glitter colours they add something extra to your nails and who doesn’t love a little sparkle?!

Glitter Polish 2012Topshop Razzmatazz  – I find myself taking this out of my draw just to look at it. So pretty. It’s jam-packed full holographic glitter of various sizes its has blues, silvers are greens from what I can make out. It’s safe to say it is a firm favourite of mine.

No7  Silver Glitter Top Coat. This was limited edition during the summer. They had a gold option too but I went with silver. It’s a clear polish with large silver glitter. It can be hit and miss with how much glitter come out. But a couple of coats puts enough on as a top coat.

Essence Circus Confetti Rainbow Glitter – this has been described as a dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection. It has lots of different sized glitter in so many pretty colours. It looks amazing over black polish and was only 2 euro from Amsterdam.

Glitter Top Coats

Top Coats

In 2012 these 3 polishes are the only base coat, top coat and nail strengthener I used. The Avon Nail Experts Base Coat is great. It stops your nails getting stained. Esp with those blue and green polishes. They are a pain without a base coat. This also helps my nail polish go on smoother. * At the moment on Avon this is half price!

The Avon Nail Experts 24k Gold Strength. I use this when I don’t want to wear a colour on my nails. It has a tiny hint of gold shimmer in and it does help strengthen your nails. Not that I have a problem with weak nails

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. I’ve gone through a few of these and I always find in TK Maxx for £3.99. I love my nail polish with this as the top coat. It makes them look so glossy and it helps my colour POP and i’d say my polish chips a lot less when I use this.



BarryM Festive Nail Polish

This caught my eye at the till in Superdrug & I just had to buy it. Yes I’m one of those shoppers that’s still shopping even at the till. I just get sucked right in. I think there were a few more of these limited edition Christmas polishes but I didn’t have time to look. This typical festive one drew me in & so it left with me.

BarryM Nail Polish


BarryM Nail Polish


This is jam-packed full of green, blue and red hexagonal glitter in a clear nail polish. It is super festive. I have only worn it once so far as on its own but I have heard it looks great on top of black as a glitter top coat. It makes a great Christmas nail look. This called Superdrug Xmas and it is limited edition so not too sure if it is still available.

BarryM Xmas Glitter Polish


Have you picked up any limited edition nail polish this festive season? I am a sucker for a glitter polish I just can’t resist.

A little Glitter goes a long way

I am a complete sucker for a glitter polish. They always look so nice on and they last for ages on your nails. I did pop into Topshop to pick up a highlighter (post on that to come) and I saw the Louise Gray collection. Which is so nice. Lots of fun colours and statement makeup. I almost caved and bought the Mascara too, but I remained focused and just picked up this stunning pink glitter polish ………

Pinch Punch Nail Polish

This pretty polish is called Pinch Punch and it’s as I said a collaboration between British designer Louise Gray and Topshop. It’s a stunning pink coloured polish with gold and sliver hexagonal glitter in. It is just beautiful.

Pinch Punch Topshop Nail Polish

You can get away with wearing one coat of Pinch Punch and it looks lovely and subtle. With two coats the pink polish really coms through and the glitter is far more bold. Either way this polish looks stunning. I like it when the glitter is not uniform on your nails & it’s a little haphazard. It looks quirky and fun & that’s exactly what this polish is for me, it’s just fun to wear. I Love it. Have you tried anything from this collection? What do you think?

Showing one coat of polish

There are 4 nail polishes in this Louise Gray Collection – Junk Yard, Dart, Hat Trick and Pinch Punch. They are limited edition and retail for £6.50 – All are available in Topshop or online at so be quick if you want anything from the Louise Gray collection.