1 Jan 2013

Beauty Gifts 2012

This Christmas was the first time in 13 years that my hubby & I didn’t have to drive the 600 mile round trip to visit both our families. As they all came to us. This had its own stresses but we managed it. It was lovely having most of our families in the same room since our wedding. My hubby made a lovely Christmas dinner and we ate and relaxed all day. It seems like so long ago now but I thought I would show you the Beauty items I received from my hubby and family. I was gifted so many nice things.

2012 Beauty Gifts


I am excited to try my Stila Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Set – I have wanted some of these for so long. I have such watery eyes & need my eyeliner to be heavy-duty. Currently has a 3rd off in Boots. £16 is a bargain for 5 eyeliners.

SpaceNK Laughter Perfume, I used to wear this all the time 5 years ago & for some reason I stopped. My lovely mum bought this mini bottle for me &  I am over joyed to have it in my life again. It smells amazing.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia - The hubby snuck this one under the tree. Even after we said we weren’t doing gifts this year. Its my signature scent and I can’t be without a bottle.

Mac MSF Soft and Gentle. This has been on my wish list for the longest time and I never got round to purchasing it. So was over the moon to find it under the tree.

Beauty Gifts Christmas 2012

I received some great gifts sets Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit, The Body Shop Delux Vitamin E Skincare Set  & the fabulous Sanctuary Spa Sheer Indulgence Set. So in 2012 I will be smelling amazing & hopefully looking me best too, well I best be with all these fab products to use.

I hope you all had a relaxing and family filled Christmas. Some of you may know that this past year has been the hardest in my 34 years. My dad is still recovering from a Stroke he had last Christmas. It’s so hard to see someone you love be so ill and dependant on other people. My dad was in the Armed Forces for 26 years and was so independent and loved to work. Everything changed a year ago. He is no longer able to work and had to learn to walk and talk again. The mental side of stroke is something that gets eclipsed by the physical. The cognitive things are the hardest and take the longest to learn again. He is improving with each day but I find it so hard to see him so changed. I’m hoping for a more positive 2013. I have made some positive changes in my life in terms of diet and taking on less stress I am really going to try to stick to that.

Happy New Year to you all x

3 Sep 2012

Instagram Round Up Week #13

This has been a quick week to say the least. Although we have managed to catch up with friends at our local pub quiz. In which we came second – our highest result to date. We also had a great night out in Liverpool over the weekend re visiting some of our old haunts – I met my lovely hubby in Liverpool 13 years ago & it’s always nice to go back there.

We have also viewed a house we really like and have put an application in for it, so we really hope we get it. My belongings have been in storage over a year and I miss them. So keep your fingers crossed we get it. Should know by the end of the week.

Also the blog has had a beautiful re design, I am sure you noticed. It’s looking a lot brighter & we now have snazzy icons for Twitter, Bloglovin, Hello Cotton –> so I hope you follow us if you’re not already.

Night out in Liverpool / August Favourites / St Ives Body Scrub / Lots of Cakes / New Shoes / Cute China Tea Cups

13 Aug 2012

Bombshell from Mac

Last week before I went on my hols I popped in to Mac and  I’d only one thing on my list and that was their lipstick in the colour Bombshell. I fell in love with this on a night out a couple of weeks ago, a friend had it on and it looked so pretty. A frosty deep pink colour, I tried it on & was sold. So I went into Mac focused on picking this up. I know if I allow myself to browse in there  I’ll be tempted to pick up so much stuff.

This is a really pretty pink shade and is in a Frost finish. I find it to be really moisturising and it feels great on my lips. I have terrible dry lips and some finished really gather in the not so nice dry parts of my lips and doesn’t look very nice. But this lipstick doesn’t do that it sits nicely on my lips and gives them a really bright fresh look.

It has a slight gold sheen / shimmer to it and i like it. It makes your lips look bright and makes the colour pop. The lady in Mac did put a pink gloss over the top but that felt too sticky for me although it looked pretty. I know it would annoy me & I’d have licked it off in no time at all. The lipstick on its own is fine for me.

This is only my second Mac lipstick, I’ve only just recently got into lip colour i used to just be a nude lip / lip balm kinda girl but I’m slowly getting a collection of lipsticks / stains now and I know I will be purchasing some more Mac lipsticks in the future esp these Frost ones. They don’t have the best staying power but I think that’s got more to do with the fact that I lick my lips a lot. I think if you left it alone it would stay a good couple of hours without needing topping up. Do you have any recommendations for must have lipsticks from Mac?

I took this with me to Amsterdam and wore it everyday, its great for a summer pop of colour along with a slightly flushed cheek. I have dark hair & eyes but quite a pale complexion and this colour works well to give me a little glow and colour. I can see it being my go to lipstick as it’s so wearable. I’m very pleased with it and glad my friend had it on our night out. Friends are such enablers when it comes to purchasing products. Like I need any encouragement.

Do you own this colour? How do you find it works for you?

You can purchase Bombshell from Mac online for £14 and you get 3g of product.

19 Jul 2012

Mac Nylon Eyeshadow

I have a modest collection of Mac eyeshadows, but I’m trying to purchase the ones I will get the most wear out of to begin with. I have Woodwinked, Bisque, Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe. So my next purchase was Nylon is a lovely frosted champagne shade, i don’t really have anything else like this in my collection so it fits in well.

Like most people i use this as a highlighter shade in my tear duct area and also under my brows. It’s quite a creamy textured eyeshadow and applies easily and blends like a dream. The colour is pigmented and can be built up to a really lovely bold colour – if you want a more dramatic highlight for evening. It makes your eyes look bright and awake (we could all use a little bit of that, right?!). I’ve not worn it as an all ove the lid eyeshadow yet. But when i do i will add an edit to this post.

Using this as a highlighter should mean it lasts for quite a while as you really don’t use much product doing that. I’m impressed with the colour and the frost finish makes it perfect for highlighting and it doesn’t have large flecks of glitter shimmer, it’s subtle shimmer and the shadow is very fine. So its not too OTT. You don’t want to go out during the day looking like a disco ball.

I think this Nylon eyeshadow is another great addition to my collection. What Mac eyeshadow should i pick up next time. I have my eye on All That Glitters. But i need to add some great vibrant colours into my Mac collection too. Nylon cost £12 for 1.5g