In Extra Dimension Mac Eyeshadow

Whilst i was at the airport last week i picked up a small treat. I was browsing the delights of the Mac stand, trying so hard not to buy anything (which is almost impossible). When i saw Mac had released two collections the Tres Cheek and the In Extra Dimension both collections are amazing.

The Tres Cheek collection was beautiful but I dont need any more blush as i picked up two news ones in London — review to come. The In Extra Dimension collection was stunning and i was doing my usual crazy swatching on my hand trying to pick one item (i try to limit myself to one). Its so easy at Mac to buy for buying sake – they bring out so many collections a year and alot of products get re released so i never go overboard. I liked the In Extra Dimension eyeshadows as they are bigger than the regular shadows and they haven’t really released anything like this before.

The quality of these shadows is so nice, they look like liquid metal, the finish looks metallic and the colour pay off is great. I purchased the Sweet Heat colour – which is a brown/bronze/taupe colour with a super metallic finish. I paid £14.50 duty free for 2g of product & with this a little bit goes a long way, esp with a primer.

Sweet Heat Mac Eyeshadow
So Pretty
Sweet Heat EyeShadow Swatch
Love this Eyeshadow so much
Sweet Heat Mac Eyeshadow

Mac describes these shadows as 

A liquid-powder Eye Shadow with prismatic reflections in ten shimmering tints. Impact ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect. Lasts up to 6 hours.

I can totally agree with the metallic finish and prism reflections, they have bowled me over with this collection and i really want to go back and pick up a few more pieces. Have you bought anything from this collection? What would you recommend?

Casting Call and Delphinium

I pop into my local pound shop on a regular basis, mostly for boring stuff like toothpaste and batteries. On the odd occasion i have picked up a few beauty products – Toni and Guy miniature shampoo, Simple face wipes and Dove hand cream. Nothing too exciting, but lately I have been impressed with their makeup. Who would have thought? You need to be super quick to grab these. I have bought Maybelline eyeshadows, Revlon lipgloss & Wet n Wild eyebrow kit. I will show these in a later post, but what i am most excited about are the Sally Hansen Nail Polish.

I picked up 5 colours along with a couple of Revlon ones too. I havent had time to photograph them all yet but i have tried and tested two colours — Both are from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure collection and are the colours Casting Call (a coral orange) and Delphinium (a lovely light lilac). Both are great spring colours.

The Casting Call is a creamy coral colour. The brushes on these polishes are quite wide and I find this applies the polish really easily. Two coats of this and a top coat are what i used and it really shines with a top coat. It lasted for 4 days without chipping and i kept it on for 5 days and it still look great.

Delphinium is a soft lilac and is such a subtle spring colour. Again i used two coats of this and a top coat i only kept this on for 3 days but it hadn’t chipped and wears really well. The brush again is wider than the regular nail polish brush which i actually like. Each polish has 14.7ml in which is a really good amount and for only £1 you can’t go wrong. I have been so impressed with these and would pay more for them in the future if i saw other colours I liked. They are great quality and really pigmented in colour.

What have been your best pound shop bargains? Do you shop in their? I love a great bargain and get so excited when i find a beauty bargain. Double yay!


Garnier Summer Body

Living in Scotland you don’t get much opportunity to get a tan and i am not much of a sun seeker. I get worried about what it’s doing to my skin, hence wearing factor 50 sun protection on my face. I do like to have a little colour so am always on the lookout for good Fake tanning products.

So when i saw pixi2woo on youtube video recommending the Garnier Sunkissed Body Milk Dark 400ML i thought i would give it a try. I noticed in my local Superdrug that it was half price so i picked up the larger 400ml bottle for £3.55 super bargain. I do love a good saving. First off i have to say it smells lovely, a lot of tanning creams have an awful scent. This smells really fresh and sweet. So the thats a big plus for me. I’ve been using it every other evening for a little over a week now. I put it on after my shower so I can exfoliate and really work it in to the skin.

As its a body milk (cream) texture it goes on so easily and dries into your skin quite quickly without leaving your skin feeling sticky or greasy. I bought the darkest colour option and have found it has given me a lovely golden glow. Really natural looking and it brings on a gradual tan. I use it every other day so I don’t just build up a lot of product on my skin and I find that the colour stays quite well. It doesn’t rub off on your towels or bed sheets. The real selling point of this cream is that it moisturises as well as giving you a lovely tan. Perfect for a summer body look. Bring on the summer!

Garnier Summer Body


Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

I’ve watched a few YouTube beauty videos where they’ve recommended the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water – they said it helped with their blackheads and oily skin. I’ve had an Oily T Zone for a while now & you can never turn away a product that could potentially keep black heads at bay so I popped along to my local Lush and purchased the small 100g bottle for £3.75. Which I thought was a very reasonable price. If I like it I will return to purchase the big 250g bottle for £7.00 (**Update I went back to buy the big bottle)

The lady in the store said you can keep it in the fridge if you want a nice refreshing spritz, but as I live in deepest coldest Scotland that will not be necessary as it’s too cold for that. I want to keep it in my handbag  so throughout the day I can spray it over my makeup to freshen up and keep that oily at bay. I can imagine this toner would be really nice on a flight as it can get so dry onboard.

I’ve also been using it in the morning before I put my makeup on and at night before my moisturiser. The bottle says to spray it directly onto your face or  spray on to a cotton pad first and then wipe on to your face. I prefer to spray directly on to my face, it’s so must fresher. I love to use it throughout the day too!

On the Lush website they say, Where the skin needs balancing, where there are spots, gentle tea tree is just the job.

This is a perfect description. I’ve been using this toner for a week now and love it, it’s so inexpensive and fits right in my handbag. I’ve noticed my skin is less red and have only had one small red spot (I would normally break out a lot more than that). In terms of helping with my oily skin it seems to helping with that too. So it’s really living up to its great reputation and has gained another fan in me. If you’re passing Lush I say go in and get a small bottle and give it a try. I can’t say enough good things about it!

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water