Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser

It took me a wee while to get used to the scent of this Jurlique Soothing Cleanser, it has a very herbal smell to it. Its very strong, at first I wasn’t too sure about it. The sales assistant in SpaceNK recommended this as i wanted a morning cleanser, an alternative to my Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish. I wanted a non hot cloth cleanser for the morning so this is what she recommended for sensitive skin.

Jurlique Cleanser

OK so scent aside (I am used to it now) this is a great cleanser it has a very calming affect on the skin and is really gives your skin a deep clean. It also removes all traces of makeup and this I really like. I hate cleansing then having to repeat because there is still makeup left. Double cleansing is OK if you are wearing a little more makeup than normal but when you’re using quite a pricey cleanser i don’t want to use twice the amount each time.

Since using this cleanser i have noticed my skin is calmer and less red. This cleanser doesn’t strip the moisture from your skin it leaves your skin feeling bright and fresh. So i am enjoying using it & after using it for a good 6 weeks i still have over half the bottle left. For the 200ml it costs – £27.50

This isn’t the first Julique product i’ve used, i have used their hand creams and loved them. I am defiantly going to look at their product range and pick up a few more skincare items. Do you have any recommendations.

Instagram Round Up Week #2

Busy week and the most amazing weather!! I cant get enough of this sunshine. Here is what i have been up to this past week or so. So excited that Essie is finally in my local Boots, Naughty but oh so yummy chocolates, Shoes, Day Trip to St Andrews, Picking some Avon Nail Polishes, Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

All Saints Fitting Rooms, Garnier Summer Body (love this stuff), Well earned cuppa, Is that blue skies i see, OPI It’s My Year Nail Polish, Old School Sherbet Sweet.

Jubilee Goodies

I have picked up these Jubilee goodies – my cup and saucer is from Debenhams, the tin is from M&S and the Twinings tea tin was from ASDA. Oh the tin was full of shortbread but i seem to have polished that off. Also i think my morning cuppa has been tasting better out of my new cup :o)   My pink tea tin has the nicest tea inside. Its a special commemorative blend for the Jubilee & it’s so nice.

Have you purchased anything patriotic in the run up to the jubilee?

Lip Smacking Lip Balm

I picked up this Smith’s Rosebud Salve lip balm in American Apparel and i have been loving it. I take it everywhere. It really moisturises your lips and stays on for a good amount of time. I have also used it under my lip sticks as an extra layer of moisture esp as we are still having this horrid winter like weather. Which is playing havoc with my skin — really drying it out. It’s in a tin which i like and you get 22g work of product for £6

I always have a few lip balms on the go – most of my bags / jackets has one in the pocket. But i seem to take this one with me everywhere, its defo my fave at the moment.

I think also whats great about this little tin of Rosebud Salve, is the fact its a multi purpose product (love those). It is good for your cuticles and also for chapped / dry skin. So thats another plus.

Are there any other lip balms i should try out?