Physicians Formula

In my last post I spoke about the swap I’ve done with the lovely Casey of Beauty101Blog – she has sent me a box full of US goodies and I sent some British makeup bits. This lovely Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush was one of the things I REALLY wanted. I’d seen it online and it looked so lovely. It doesn’t disappoint in person either. So pretty.

This looks so pretty in the pan & looks similar to the Stilla Make Me Blush – I haven’t tried the Stilla blush so I can’t comment on how similar the actual products are but they look-alike in the pan and are both so pretty. I like to wear soft toned pink blushes they seem to suit my skin tone, and this Physicians Formula one looks quite natural on the skin. Just gives you a hint of a fresh flushed look. A perfect summer colour. This colour is called 7322 Rose and you get 7g of product for $11.95

They say this blush in infused with  ‘natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress’ I don’t know about that but it sounds good and if it works then that’s fine by me. I noticed that this blush also had a little light reflecting quality to it too. Making the cheeks look really healthy with a pop of colour. Anything that makes me look a little brighter and healthier is going to get the thumbs up from me.

I’m pleased with blush this and have worn it all week, it applies really well on the cheek. Not powdery at all and gives a satin finish. Very pretty indeed. Nice and natural looking. Another good thing is there us no shimmer which helps make this blush look more natural on the cheek.

The blush part flips up to reveal a brush and a mirror, this is a little gimmicky for me. The mirror is a good addition but I tend not to use the brushes that come with products as they are never really that great. It’s a cute idea but I’m not really a fan.

What American products are you lusting over. I have such a big wish list it’s getting out of control. Please tell me you’re the same.

Instagram Round Up Week #9

This week has been a busy one, looking for a place to live – no joy as yet but we are narrowing down the area in which we’re looking So thats a step in the right direction.

It was my hubby’s birthday on the 23rd and we met some friends for a meal & we also went out in Liverpool to say goodbye to a dear friend who is moving to Australia. I see a holiday on the horizon.

I’ve done a swap with the lovely Casey and I’ve sent her some British beauty goodies – cant say what as she hasn’t relieved her parcel yet & she kindly sent me lots of American products. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on this soon! I loved doing the swap it’s so exciting getting products you can’t purchase over here. I also won a blog giveaway over on Alice’s blog– she sent me so many lovely prizes. A huge box full. I will do a blog on that when i get chance. So excited to win something :o) So i have lots of new things to blog about

I’m really enjoying the Olympics too and have been trying to watch as much as I can. Especially loving the Diving and Gymnastics and have to say I have gotten right into the Beach Volleyball. Go Team GB!

Here is a roundup of my Instagram photos this week.

Physicians Formula Blush, Olympic Gingerbread Man, Fruity Tic Tacs, My cute pen drive, Wild flowers on my walk, Frozen yoghurt

My prize, Pink skikey shoes, Summer Starbucks, Primark false nails, Avon nail polish, Pound shop bargains

Primark Angelica Nail Polish

I braved the chaos of what is the Manchester Primark at midday on a Saturday. I know mental right!? I was on a mission to track down the Primark nail polishes. This was easier said then done as the Manchester store seems to be going through a bit of a refurb and there is a temporary store layout. Most confusing. I managed to find the nail polish stand by the lifts & i picked up 4 colours then headed for the tills (which as always took FOREVER).

I picked up 3 glitter polishes and one neon coloured polish. They had quite a variety of colours and they were all £2.50 each. I don’t know why i was shocked at the price. Well maybe shocked is slightly too strong a word but i thought they would be slightly cheaper. Although £2.50 is still a good price for a nail polish. (ramble).

The first colour Angel is a lovely light blue with pink and purple fine glitter. It’s really pretty. I only swatched one coat of these on my nail wheel and this colour came out the most light – you would need 2 coats of this really.

Next up is the neon shade I picked up in Holiday Fun. A lovely bright pink almost purple toned polish. This is a really bright fun colour.

Next up is a pink glitter called Spoilt Rotten. This looks great with just one coat.

And the last one I picked up is a darker blue with silver glitter called Altitude. The glitter in these is so fine and so it’s not a pain to remove. I have such a love – hate relationship with chunky glitter polishes. I HATE taking it off.

These are the swatches on my nail wheel, as I said they are all one coat. For a Primark nail polish i have to tell you I’m impressed. For £2.50 you get 10ml of product.

Poundshop Beauty Finds

After reading A thrifty mrs blog on her pound shop beauty bargains I popped into my local one to see what I could find. I was quite astonished really. There were lots of goodies to be had – Revlon, Almay, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Maybelline, Nivea, Wet n Wild and a few other brands so I calmed my beauty junkie self and limited my purchases to 3 products. I would’ve purchased a lot more. Oh yes! But I thought I’d see how I got on with these first and I didn’t want my hubby to think I was mental.

These are my £1 finds,

I’ve heard of Esprit making clothes – but not makeup. This quad has 4 neutral colours in. 3 of them are really pigmented and creamy the lightest shade not so much, but it will work well as a highlighter. I picked up the colour 202 Sunset Brown. Great little quad for a smokey eye. The packaging is good quality and slim so perfect for travelling. You get 5g of product. So fab for £1.

Next up is a lovely Rimmel Nail Polish in 350 Violet Metal. This is a really nice colour it’s a purple polish with really fine blue glitter. Its beautiful. The bottle states that this polish will last up to 10 days. This is a big claim. If I was the kind of person who kept their polish on for more than 3 days I could put it to the test. But I’m so fickle and like to change my nail colour every couple of days.

This colour really is so nice, I’m going to head back and see if there are any others. Very happy with this polish indeed.

Last up is a NYC Mosaic Face Powder in Pretty in Pink. This is a sweet colour, but not what I would use as a full on face powder. I would use it as a blush and that’s it. It’s too shimmery to be a face powder, that’s for sure. It’s a lovely dusky pink when swirled with your brush. If you use a light hand the shimmer doesn’t transfer too much. So this is OK but not something i would normally purchase

Tell me about your bargain  Pound shop finds. I will head in more often to see what I can find. It’s hit and miss but for £1 you’re not too bothered if it’s a miss.