Product Empties Oct / Nov 2016

November Product Empties 2016

Skin Chemist Advanced Snail Eye Serum* I recently reviewed this Snail range from Skin Chemists and I really liked the eye serum. Its so hydrating and I loved how smoothing it was. Who would have thought we’d be putting snail serum on our faces?! Its a lightweight texture, very cooling on the skin and quiteRead more

Skin Chemist Advanced Snail Serum Skincare

Skin Chemist Snail Serum Skincare

Snail Serum is another Asian influenced beauty trend that we are seeing becoming more popular in West. Snail Serum (snail mucin) is a common ingredient in many Korean and Japanese products, particularly sheet masks and moisturisers due to its heeling, hydrating and resurfacing abilities. I must admit at first I was a little grossed out but Asian’s know a thingRead more