New Baby

So I bit the bullet and bought a better camera, I bought a point & shoot the Olympus SZ – 11 last year & it always left me wishing my photos were a little crisper and it wasn’t great in low light. So I didn’t like using it.

My husband found a great deal on Amazon for a Canon 1100D that we were buying for one of our businesses and I had a good play with it to see if it was any good for what I wanted it for. Well I loved it, it’s so easy to use and although I have a lot to learn about all the settings, options and all the lenses you can get – I already love the photos and the quality so I bought my own. I’m so glad I did, it was most definitely worth the upgrade.


Canon 1100D

I also bought a tripod so I can take some crisp macro shots. I feel like a pro carrying this about (all the gear and no idea). My blog photos should start looking better from here on in. What camera do you use?