4 Of My Current Face Masks

Skincare Face Masks I love using a mask a few times a week & depending on what my skin needs I try to use the right mask to help it out. My skin is generally a little dull and dehydrated and these are a few of the Masks I have been reaching for during June.

ESPA Essential Cleansing Mask £28.00 – This is a lovely soothing Mask, when I use this I put a few drops of my ESPA Pro Serum underneath just so my skin doesn’t dry out & too add a little boost of something extra. This dries like a standard clay mask and leaves my skin feeling very clean, but not stripped at all. I use this at night so when I wake in the morning my skin is looking calm & radiant. This mask is very good at helping with decongested skin too & I find that my skin gets quite decongested in the summer with all the facial SPF so its nice to use a cleansing face mask. The packaging of ESPA products is as luxurious as the skincare inside, this is a lovely glass jar & the lid is so pretty it looks like marble. This pot has lasted me months & I’m nowhere near finished.

SISLEY Black Cream Mask sample size – This is very hydrating and helps combat the signs of fatigue, if you like a mask you can put on & see results quickly then this is the one. After 10 minutes it leaves you skin looking plump and very radiant. If my skin is looking particularly flat & dehydrated I will wear this mask all day (in the house) as it applies clear and feels nice on the skin. Its a great way of giving my skin an intensive hydrating boost. My skin is left looking like the younger me after using this mask & as I said in a previous post even though the price tag of the full size is frightening I will be treating my self at Duty Free next time I fly as this mask it THAT good!

APIVITA Face Mask With Green Clay* £13.00 – This is a lovely mask that is perfect if you have Oily / Combination skin, as it cleanses deep down helping remove excess sebum and preventing breakouts & blackheads. I leave this on for 10 minutes & wash it off with warm water before it dries too hard. I like to use this if my skin is feeling a little more oily than normal or if I feel like my skin is getting a few blemishes. This mask is such great value for money & I think this leaves my skin feeling smooth & balances out my excess oils.

PURE Natural Beauty Moisture Plus Treatment Mask £6.00This is my least favourite mask out of this line up, it is a nice moisture mask, and does leave my skin looking glowing and healthy but it leaves a greasy residue behind even after washing it off. I will use up the rest of the bottle but I prefer the Origins Drink Up Mask & have one of those in my drawer.

What treatment masks do you like to use, let me know your recomendations & if you like any of the ones I’ve mentioned.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own. 

My Introduction to Decleor Skincare

Decleor Skincare

Decleor Skincare

Decleor Prolagene Lift Collection

I have been trying out this Decleor Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask* from their Prolagene range, it’s a mask more suitable to Mature Skin or for those of us that are seeing more lines and wrinkles appearing. It is for specifically targeting deep facial wrinkles, firming those areas and making them appear plumper.

This Prolagene Lift range is based on three active ingredients,

Iris Essential Oil  (boosts skins elasticity // L-PROLINE Complex (amino acid for lifting and reshaping) // Hyaluronic Acids (plumping)

Together these drip feed a blend of highly concentrated active ingredients offering immediate hydration and instantly smoother skin. Along with the instant effects, this also has long-lasting effects due to the Lifting Filler that combined with the L-PROLINE Complex encourages intercellular communication to plump up wrinkles.

Decleor Skincare


This has a gel-cream formula that is absorbed quickly into the skin & is suitable for all skin types, my skin is generally quite Oily but is also dehydrated around my eyes. I used this as directed twice a week as a targeted wrinkle treatment. I have quite a deep wrinkle around my eyes and around my mouth. I applied a ten pence piece sized amount to those specific areas, I left it for 10 minutes then I massaged what product hadn’t been absorbed into those areas. I like to use this after cleansing and before bed. I see the best results that way.

I think another plus of this mask is the fact you don’t need to wash it off, its fuss-free. You just rub the extra product into your skin. So it is easy to use where-ever you are and if you’re pushed for time.

In terms of results, it was quite remarkable as when I woke from using this the second time the wrinkles around my mouth were visibly reduced and not only that the area looked plump and very smooth, even my husband commented on how plump that area looked. I was very impressed with the results. Going forward and after having used this mask for 7 weeks, I think the results are undeniably good. My skin is looking smoother and my deep set wrinkles have been visibly reduced. My mum who is 56 (hello Linda) was right on this & she bought herself a tube after hearing me going on about it. I can see it visibly reducing her deep-set wrinkles and I’d say her skin is looking plump too.


The packaging is nice and user-friendly, it has a handy pump that dispenses just enough product without being messy or wasteful. The product is lightweight and highly absorbent so no greasy feeling here, but your skin still feels the benefits of it being extremely hydrating. You get 30ml of product and as it is a targeted treatment you barely use any product, I have a feeling this is going to last me at least a year.

So if you’re in your late 30’s + and are looking for a mask that delivers targeted results on not only the first signs of ageing but also deep set wrinkles then I urge you to give this Decleor Prolagene Lift Mask a try. I don’t think I have ever used an at-home mask that’s delivered such reducing and plumping effects. Excuse me whilst I invest in the whole range.

This mask contains no mineral oil and is fragrance-free.

Decleor Prolagene Lift: Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask* 30ml for £32.00

Sheet Mask Purchases

Whilst I was in San Francisco I wanted to visit Japan Town and more specifically The Face Shop. I had heard a few YouTubers talk about the one in Dubai and I wanted to have a look and see what cute fun Asian cosmetics they had and also buy some skincare.

The sales assistant was so sweet and very helpful even though the shop was busy. It seemed like a really popular place to go. I was drawn to their very large range of sheet masks, I have never tried them before and have heard great things about them. I bought 6 ranging in price from $2 – $6. Utter bargains.

The Face Shop

First up The two Masks at the top of the photo really intrigued me as the have a separate section that has what feels like a liquid / serum in. They are masks by 3D Ampoule and I bought the Ceramide & Red Ginseng and the other is the Hyaluronic Acid & Colostrum. The instructions tell you to apply the liquid to your skin after washing your face then to place the mask on to your face and let the residue absorbe into your skin. These were $5 each.

3D Ampoule Sheet Mask

The Face Shop Haul

Sheet Mask

I was after masks that would help make my skin look brighter and radiant so this next mask is for Hydrating and Revitalising so I was all over that and plus the packaging also looks super cute. Its called the Vita B Hydro Gel Mask $3

Star Fruit Extract

Face MasksNext up I bought 2 of these so I could give one to a friend, its the CO-Q10 Essential Sheet Mask $2 each. This mask is meant to leave the skin smooth and supple. So we will see how I get on.

The Face Shop

And finally the last Korean Skincare Mask I bought was the Real Oriental Herb Mask for Revitalization and this is aimed and skin that is dull and lot its radiance. I am excited to try this one as it says is contains a formula produced by brewing Korean-sourced Oriental Herbs, I am loving the sound of that. $6

Korean Skincare


Do you use Sheet Masks – do you like them? I’d be interested ti hear if you’ve tried any of the ones I bought.

No7 Purifying Face Mask

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask Normal / Oily

I have been using this No7 Face Mask for a little over 2 months now. I have been using it twice a week in the shower. You apply it to damp skin and leave it for 2 minutes and wash it off. The strange thing about this mask is that in contact with water it heats up. So when it’s on your face its warm – it’s a very odd sensation.

You need the smallest amount – it has tiny pumice particles in & these gently exfoliate when applying & also when washing the mask off. I’m really gentle when using these as I have really sensitive skin but this one seems to work well and isn’t too abrasive. One thing this does is help keep my oil at bay, not 100% but it does help reduce the amount of shine on my T-Zone.

This mask doesn’t dry on your face which is nice, it smells fresh and is quite a thick consistency. The heat does start right away so be quick to massage it onto your face. After I washed the Mask off my skin was so soft. I can’t say that it tightened my pores but my skin did feel soft & smooth. Also really clean & the dry skin which I get around my nose was a lot less. I have been using it as I said twice a week for 2 months. Being really careful not to wash it off too hard as it does have pumice particles in.

I enjoy using face masks & this one is a really quick one. So if you’re in a hurry you can get smooth clean skin in 2 minutes.

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask Normal / Oily – £13 for 75ml

Have you tried this No7 Mask or any of their other skincare? What would you recommend?