Avon nailwear pro+

I own a few polishes from Avon and really love their formula. It works so well and goes on really smoothly also the brush is a good size. This lovely light green colour Sea Breeze is perfect for summer. I’ve been wearing it a lot in July.

Excuse my bashed box – it didn’t travel well :o) Avon nail polish I find takes quite a long time to dry but you only need to apply 2 coats of this Sea Breeze for it to be a lovely Opaque colour and is dries to a really glossy finish. I do put a top coat on but thats more to make it a little longer lasting. I’ve had quite a few compliments when wearing this colour & we all like that don’t we.

Avon offer a great selection of colours in their nailwear pro+ range. You get 12ml of product. I paid £3 each for mine as they were on offer. I don’t know what the full price is.

Avon nail polish is easy to apply – just leave enough time in between coats and the finish is lovely and very long wearing. Have you tried any Avon nail polish & if so what colours do you have?