On a Whim

Whilst in Amsterdam this August I popped into the Yves Rocher Store because I’d forgotten my makeup remover so needed to pickup another one. I decided on this Micellar Cleansing Water. I’ve previously used the ETAT PUR Micellar Water and used that all up and really enjoyed it. So was excited to try another Cleansing Water.

This is my first purchase from Yves Rocher and I have to say their stores are really nice. Very well laid out and a pleasure to browse in. For some reason I didn’t realise they sold makeup too. I swatched a few things and they were really nice. I will be picking up a few things next time I’m in.

Micellar Cleansing Water

This cleanser is really effective in taking off my makeup. I never wear what I would call heavy makeup but I do wear id say an average amount and this had no trouble in taking it off. I wouldn’t say it has a strong scent to it I thought it smelt refreshing and clean. I only use this for my face as I use the Simple eye makeup remover as that always works well for me.

This Yves Rocher Cleansing Water is really gentle on the skin and you only need to lightly sweep it across your face. It claims to reveal younger looking skin. I don’t know about that. My skin has been looking a little off these past few months due to stress and lack of sleep so I can’t say this has made much difference to that. What I can say is that It leaves my skin feeling soft and makeup free before I wash with my cream cleanser. So it does the job for me.

I like products that I use on my face to be really gentle as I have really sensitive cheeks and this Micellar Water is gentle and removes every last trace of makeup. It is also uses botanical based ingredients so its great for your skin and has 3 teas as its main base – Green Tea extract, White Tea extract and Madagascar Tea extract. It also has Organic Chamomile Water and Musk Rose Oil in it, so these are all really nice calming ingredients. I really recommend if you like Micellar Waters to try this one

You can order it from Yves Rocher online for £10.50 – 200ml

Amsterdam Haul

This is just a quick post to show you what I picked up in Amsterdam. I really tried not to go to OTT & didn’t want to drag the hubby round too many shops. We had a lovely time & celebrated our 13 year anniversary <3

So I picked up a chemists own branded makeup remover (ran out of mine). I popped into Yves Rocher, they have a lovely store there and they were really helpful. I just picked up this Micellar cleansing water. Then i found the nicest Skincare shop called Skin Cosmetics it was heaven, they sell so many luxurious brands and it was a pleasure to browse. I did buy a really nice Aesop Masque and look forward to using that.

I picked up Mac Amber Lights, whata  beautiful colour that it. Also a mono Cartice eyeshadow in My First Copperware Party. And a smokey eyes eyeshadow from etos chemist. I look forward to trying all of these.

The first polish by ANNY I thought looked like a good dupe for the Chanel Peridot. I really hope so. I picked up this cute Essence glitter top coat in Circus Confetti. Also this NYC pink / purple glitter polish in Big City Dazzle. Lastly was this bright pink from Douglas which is a makeup & skincare shop the colour is called Lena 03.

Inglot is such a great shop / brand they have amazing choice in colour and products and I have a great time taking my time deciding. The staff in the Amsterdam store were so helpful and gave me tips and really leave you to browse you don’t feel rushed at all. This is a sneek peek of my palette as I want to do a whole post on this as it so pretty. I decided on a Freedom System 12 palette.

I will be reviewing my purchases in more detail over the next few weeks. Have you bought anything from Inglot or any of the other brands I picked up?