TEMPLESPA Christmas Gifting


TEMPLESPA are a British brand with Mediterranean influences, which started 22 years ago, their award winning products have become well known for their quality and results. Thats why, I think they make fantastic Christmas gifts, for both loved ones, or as a treat to yourself. They have gifts, ranging from makeup and skincare stocking fillers to luxurious Truffle skincare routines and the ultimate relaxation rituals. If someone you know deserves a pamper this Christmas, then a gift from TEMPLESPA will be perfect.

Their Christmas collection this year is called ‘Spread Your Wings And Fly’ inspired by the colours, textures, and structure of feathers, as they’re symbols of hope, strength, and freedom.

I have been trying out their luxurious Time To Glow Gift Set, a 4-piece skincare set with a velvet headband. This gift set is perfect for anyone who is looking for radiant, glowing skin, it contains TEMPLESPA’S most powerful glow-giving skincare heroes. The Time To Glow Set gives you a skincare routine in 4 steps.

The Most Revealing resurfacing, peel cleanser is a powerhouse of ingredients to help achieve that healthy skin glow! From rich vitamin c to a cocktail of glycolic, malic, lactic, citric and hydroxy acids which all work together to say goodbye to dull skin. Whilst botanical extracts of apple, kiwi, and chamomile soothe and vitamins A & E nourish to help keep skin look rejuvenated, calm and healthy. The Glowcolic toner sweeps away dead skin with its natural glycolic acid, whilst Mediterranean extracts of grape, apple, lemon and orange, rich in natural acids and vitamin c lifts away impurities

Next up in this set you have the Let’s Concentrate, this is one of my favourite skincare products, this serum has the most invigorating zesty scent and is a great way to wake up your natural glow. This powerful serum helps deliver a daily dose of vitamin C, plus potent alpha arbutin which together help eve out skin tone and the appearance of scaring. It also helps reduce blemishes with, antioxidant rich zinc and magnesium. This serum is a boost for your complexion and is very nourishing and a great way to help your skin look its very best.

MOST REVEALING 50ml – Oxygenating bubble peel powerfully transforms your complexion from lacklustre to positively glowing.

GLOWCOLIC 50ml – Resurfacing toner to nourish and balance your skin.

LET’S CONCENTRATE 10ml – Vitamin C skin serum to give your skin a smooth, toned and glowing finish.

SMOOTH TALK 15g – Exfoliating lip scrub to polish your lips in a new delicious orange flavour.

Candles are always a welcomed gift at Christmas. If you are unsure what to buy someone, but want to get them a thoughtful gift, then a candle is great. They’re often a luxury you dont treat yourself too, they make your home smell incredible and are a nice way to make a space cosy and festive, The TEMPLESPA Rise Up Aromatic Christmas Candle, has the most beautiful scent. It has a very sophisticated festive scent, think aromas of a festive Mediterranean garland! Vibrant citrus notes are balanced with rich plum, leather, and a hint of delicate florals, rose and jasmine, while base notes of oakmoss and tonka bean. It is rich, warming and a luxurious take on a Christmas scent. I love anything with notes of Tonka Bean or leather, so this candle is a little bit of me.

Both of the TEMPLESPA Gifts I have arrived beautifully packaged and would make the most thoughtful Christmas gifts. Let me know which TEMPLESPA treats you would most like to unwrap on Christmas Day, or what you are gifting to someone special this year.

You can browse their full seasonal gifting collection via their online shop, www.templespa.com


Erborian Korean Skincare

Korean Skin Therapy

#Gifted It has been so nice to try a selection of Erborian’s best selling/hero products, a great introduction to a brand I have heard so many wonderful things about. Let’s start with the 3 skincare products, Red Pepper Paste Mask, Ginseng Super Serum and the Ginseng Infusion Total Eye Care, all three are focused on reviving tired, lacklustre skin. Exactly what I look for in skincare, I have quite dull, dehydrated skin and being in in my mid-forties I need smoothing, invigorating and energising products.

Erborian skincare combines the effectiveness of traditional medicinal herbs with sophisticated Korean technology. What is also pretty cool about this brand is that they create hybrid products that combine skincare and make-up, like their iconic BB Cream and award-winning CC Cream. I do enjoy make-up products that also give effective skincare benefits too, the Korean’s seem to be damn good at this!

Erborian Korean Skincare

Erborian Red Pepper Paste Mask

This mask is all about radiance and energising! It’s a powerhouse of skin loving ingredients, and because of this it quickly transforms tired skin,

  • Red pepper extract – Known for its energizing and antioxidant properties, it boosts the natural radiance of the skin.
  • Exfoliating enzymes – (fermentation): They smooth and improve the texture of the skin.
  • Niacinamide – Known for its illuminating properties. It helps to maintain skin’s hydration.
  • Licorice root extract – Known for its illuminating and antioxidant properties.

This mask has quite a thick consistency, and the red pepper means it is bright red. The mask is a paste, and it applies easily, and smoothly it feels cool and soothing on the skin. After 10 – 15 mins, wash it off to reveal a refreshed, velvety smooth complexion. It is quite astonishing how instantly it transforms your skin. A great addition to your Autumn/Winter skincare routine, to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant during the colder months, it is a great product to help protect skin from external stress that can accelerate signs of ageing.

So all in all, this Red Pepper Paste Mask is good skin health in a bottle! It gets 10/10 from me!

Erborian Red Pepper Mask

Erborian Ginseng Eye Cream

Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye Cream

Fantastic at reviving tired, dark under eyes, gives the skin a soft focus finish whist hydrating and invigorating. This rich, lightweight eye cream wears so well under make-up, concealer glides on and stays put, looking smooth and fresh. It’s not hard to see why this is not only one of Erborian’s best selling products, but also an award winning product and a beauty industry favourite too (oh & a firm favourite of mine).

The name is to be believed, it is a total eye cream, it’s anti-ageing, reduces the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and fatigue whilst nourishing and protecting the delicate skin around the eye area!  This is a morning skincare must have, even if you don’t feel awake, your eyes will look fresh and bright.

  • White Ginseng Complex – known for it’s anti-ageing benefits, is full of antioxidants that help soothe, smooth and protect the skin.
  • Corn oil – Ginseng Infusion moisturiser helps strengthen skin’s barrier function whilst Sesame oil and Shea Butter which help nourish and soften the skin.
  • Flecks of Vitamin E – help fight against the signs of ageing and protect the skin against environmental aggressors

‘Composed of white ginseng root, licorice, wild yam, horsetail plant and Kigelia fruit extracts, this unique complex is known for its protecting, smoothing and moisturising effect on skin’.

Korean Skin Therapy

Erborian Ginseng Super Serum

Right away after applying this serum you will notice how smooth your skin looks, it is that effective. Lightweight and smoothing, this serum is pretty incredible, I am quickly learning that the Ginseng products from Erborian are up there with the best skincare I have tried, especially for my age group.

Great for morning and evening, this serum will keep your skin looking naturally radiant, serum is one of my favourite skincare steps. I love the added hydration this serum gives my skin, how plump and healthy it looks after applying it.

80% Ginseng extracts, 90% natural origin ingredients

White Ginseng Extract – prevents the appearance of the signs of ageing and helps to smooth wrinkles.
Fermented Red Ginseng – helps to preserve the youth of the skin.
Ginseng Aqueous Extracts – obtained through a process of steam maceration of Ginseng, they contain minerals necessary for the balance and the hydration of the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid – plumps up the surface of the skin
Peptides – maintains collagen levels for a firming and smoothing effect
Complex of Tara fruit and Red Algae extracts – smooths and reduces wrinkles

Erborian BB Creams

Now on to the make-up products. I’ve testing out 3 of Erborian’s make-up/skincare hybrid products, make-up with the benefits of skincare. I’m sure most of you have heard of, it not used at least one of Erborian’s iconic, BB or CC creams, they’ve won countless awards, and really put Korea at the centre of the beauty industry.

‘With a lighter texture than foundation, not only does it provide full coverage with a flawless matte finish, but it also moisturises the skin all day long and protects it against sun damage. Part skincare, part make-up, this hybrid product is the ideal alternative to foundation’s instant results, with long-term results on top. Erborian BB Cream is one of the best guarantees for year-round beautiful skin!’

Erborian BB Créme in Nude

This is a 5 in one BB Crème (beauty balm), with buildable coverage, it evens out your skin tone and minimises imperfections giving you a healthy, radiant flawless base. This formula is lightweight, hydrating, nourishing and looks very natural. It is a real powerhouse of skin loving ingredients, including a highly concentrated selection of herbs used traditionally in Korean skincare, to promote skin healing.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Liquorice Root Extract and Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract: these help to reduce blemishes and make the skin more radiant.
Licorice & Ginger: Act as anti-inflammatories, helping to protect the skin against free radicals
Titanium dioxide: Sun protection SPF 20

I’d say it is a great everyday product, fantastic to help your skin look fresh and radiant with a light (buildable) coverage of make-up. If you feel more confident wearing make-up but do not always want to apply heavy foundations, then a BB cream would be a great option. I wear the shade NUDE, which is the middle swatch below.

Erborian CC Cream

Erborian Super BB Crème in Nude

This is the newest addition to Erborian’s make-up products. Think BB Crème but with the ability to cover more imperfections which gives your skin a more flawless, but natural finish. This is the third swatch in the photo above, a slightly lighter shade than the BB Crème but still a good match to my skin tone. If you have redness, dark spots or uneven skin tone, the Super BB Crème is a must-have for your make-up bag. It is still very lightweight but offers a higher coverage, with the added benefit of amazing skincare ingredients too. This also provides SPF20.

Super BB – combines two Korean super-ingredients: White Ginseng and fermented Ginseng flower, in a formula that instantly reveals a smoother and moisturised skin. In order to visibly reduce imperfections (pimples, pores, blackheads, etc.), this BB cream for acne prone skin has been enriched with Niacinamide, a powerful active ingredient for clearer skin.
Erborian Hybrid Makeup Skincare

Erborian CC Crème in Clair

This is a game changer and works like magic. It comes out of the tube almost like a moisturiser, in that it is white, so the magic is that colour controlling pigments self-adjust to your natural luminous beauty. The intelligent, hybrid formula transforms your skin, to give a velvety, ultra-soft spotless finish, I have the shade Clair which is a light beige, very natural and flawless finish. You can wear this as your base, for a luminous, radiant finish, or underneath a BB Créme or foundation for extra coverage and glow.  lightweight. It is easy to see why this product is an industry favourite, it is so easy to use and it is so effective! This also provides SPF25.

‘At first glance cream appears white, but upon application, it adapts precisely to match your skin tone, naturally revealing a more even complexion, leaving skin luminous and soft, while reducing the appearance of blemishes.’

Centella Asiatica: Helps increase collagen production and antioxidant activity. Anti-ageing active ingredient.
Adenosine: An anti-ageing active ingredient. Improves skin elasticity and softness.
Vitamin B3: Protects from free radicals. Strengthens skin barrier and reduces skin unevenness.
Tiger Grass – Anti-inflammatory benefits and helps with healing
Honey Extract – Softens and firms the skin
Vitamin E – Has anti-free radical properties and helps protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Erborian Skincare Products

Trying a selection of their hero products has given me such a lovely introduction to Erborian, who are a brand that I’ve heard so many positive reviews of, and I am now on that band wagon. I am here to say, they’re all true, and they have not only lived up to all the hype, but quite possible surpassed it.

I am converted, addicted, in love with this brand (not an exaggeration). Every single one of the products they sent me to try out, are now in my everyday routine. I am very much looking forward to trying more from them, especially the Ginseng Collection – which targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Let me know what Erborian products you have tried, what you’d recommend or if, like me, you are new to this brand what would you like to try out.

If you want to learn more about Erborian and their product range, visit them at www.erborian.com

Phytomer Cyfolia Skincare

phytomer skincare products

#Gifted Anyone who loves skincare will know just how well the French do it (I mean, how exciting is a trip to a classic French pharmacy), French Skincare always seem to deliver results, and rarely are the products expensive!

I have been trying out a new (to me) French skincare brand called Phytomer which is almost 50 years old (3 generations of the same family) and still produced in Brittany, the stunning bay of Saint-Malo. I am so impressed, not only with the trio of products I have been testing, but also with their ethos of using high quality, local ingredients that are not harmful for the sea.

‘At PHYTOMER, we promote eco-friendly cosmetics that use locally-sourced ingredients from Brittany, with respect for both the sea and the marine farmers who supply us. In our research department, we develop production methods with low environmental impact at every step.’

Phytomer Cleanser Skincare

I have been using three products from their quite newly released, Cyfolia collection. These products centre around one wonderful ingredient, organic Cyfolia algae, which is native to Brittany, France. This collection is vegan, certified organic and contains all-natural formulas that are manufactured in the Phytomer laboratories in France, it really is science lead skincare at its finest.

There are 5 products in this Cyfolia collection, from cleansing, exfoliating and toning right through to a mask and an incredible moisturiser. So everything you need for a complete skincare regime.

Cyfolia Organic Radiance Cleansing Cream

The backbone of a good skincare routine has to be a cleanser. It is the product that washes away makeup, dead skin, environmental aggressors and the dirt of the day, The starting point for the rest of your routine. I love trying out new cleansers, especially cream or balm ones. This one from Phytomer is a classic rich cream cleanser, that feels gentle on the skin. Its hero point for me were that it breaks down makeup well, so many cream cleansers fall short at this. As well as the wonderful marine ingredients (listed below) It also contains,

‘Vegetal accord of aloe vera, rose, and cedarwood enhanced by a spice accord formulated with pink peppercorns’

All in all it’s gentle, leaves skin very soft, clean, less oily and looking refreshed. A good daily cleanser, or a wonderful second cleanse if you wear heavy makeup.

Phytomer Skincare Products

Cyfolia Organic Radiance Exfoliating Cream

I love how good my skin felt after using this exfoliator for even a week. The natural and gentle argan kernel and pomegranate seed particles make extremely effective scrubbies, whilst the creamy texture makes it easy to massage in to the skin. Removing all the dead, dry skin, helping to unclog pores and smooth out your complexion, to reveal a natural radiant glow.

I have been using this exfoliator a couple of times a week, and that has helped to stop my skin looking dull and textured. it is a great skincare step to included in your routine if you’re looking for smoother, brighter, balanced skin, give it a go!

Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream

I found this moisturiser to have a rich creamy texture, that leaves the skin velvety to the touch and not greasy. It delivers hydration without having that heavy feeling on the skin, it smooths out the skin which means my makeup looks great on top! Think hydrating, luminous, calm skin. A great product to complete your skincare routine.

The marine specific ingredients included in this collection.

Organic Cyfolia Algae – Native to Brittany: Leaves complexion luminous and radiant once more.

Organic Orange Water – Native to Italy: Source of vitamin C and radiance.

OLIGOMER – Native to France: Stimulates cell vitality to leave skin remineralized, strengthened, healthier and better equipped to combat damaging outside factors.

Organic Immortelle – Native to France: Soothes and relieves skin.

Organic Vegetal Oils: Sunflower – Native to France – Sesame – Native to Africa: gently removes make-up for a softer, more supple and perfectly-nourished skin.

phytomer beauty by the sea

If you want to discover more about Phytomer and their wide range of skincare, body care and spa treatments, be sure to visit them at Phytomer.co.uk

*This post contains PR Samples

Jurlique Exclusive Edition Five Roses

Jurlique Skincare

#gifted  Each year, Australian skincare brand Jurlique launch limited edition versions of their hero products and for 2022 they have teamed up with Tokyo born, Canada based artist Raku who created the stunning packaging for their Five Roses collection.

It is a stunning collaboration and if like me, you love their face mists, you are going to want to snap up this latest release!

Jurlique Five Roses Skincare

Jurlique Exclusive Edition Five Roses Hand Cream

The blend of five roses in this product is beautiful it gives this collection a unique rose scent, it is floral, sweet and very romantic. If you love authentic, real rose scents, then this is the collection for you. It does not smell sweet or synthetic, you get a genuine rich rose scent, and the cream is rich, moisturising and soothing for your hands! Such a lovely gift idea for a loved one, the packaging makes it look extra special too.

The Five Roses Family includes:

THE HERO ROSE: Growing since Jurlique started in 1985, the Rosa gallica is the brand’s staple rose; a unique ingredient in almost all Jurlique’s skincare formulas, known for its deep velvety rose scent which helps to moisturise and hydrate the skin.

THE SWEET ROSE: this rose almost smells like candy as it dries, and tastes wonderful in cakes and rose syrup. It has a dark fuchsia colour, is low growing and repeat flowers.

THE ARTIST’S ROSE: Rosa centifolia, it has a mild powdering scent and is a medium sized shrub. It loves to be pruned after it flowers, which then increases its growth and blooms for the next season.

THE WHITE ROSE: Rosa canina, this is the only white rose to grow at the Jurlique Farm and has a beautiful lemony centre. It only flowers in later spring, early summer and almost looks like a Camellia flower with an array of folding petals.

THE ESSENTIAL ROSE: Rosa damascena, is the first rose bush to flower at the Jurlique Farm. It has a light but enveloping scent that lingers and is the rose known to produce very high quality essential rose oil.

Exclusive Edition Five Roses Skincare

Exclusive Edition Five Roses Balancing Face Mist

The perfect addition to your Summer skincare routine, this face mist is lightweight, hydrating and so refreshing. I keep my bottle in the fridge, it is such a nice way to cool my skin down. It was perfect during the heatwave, it kept my skin nourished and refreshed. You can spritz this under or on top of your makeup, it’s perfect to use throughout the day to refresh your skin and keep it hydrated.

Again, the five roses scent is beautiful and quite relaxing, it is just Summer in a bottle!

Jurlique Skincare

New Jurlique Skincare

For 2022, Jurlique has partnered with Tokyo born, Canada based artist Raku. The artist draws his inspiration from nature that he has foraged. Inspired by Jurlique’s belief in a healthy ecosystem and working in harmony with nature, Raku created unique packaging designs for the Five Roses Exclusive Edition Collection.

The Five Roses are lovingly grown on Jurlique’s biodynamic* farm, following holistic and sustainable farming practices that naturally look after plant health and soil, ensuring nothing harmful goes into the earth.

If you want to snap up a bargain, both products are currently half price in the Jurlique Summer Sale.

*This post includes PR Samples