Klorane Cupuacu Butter Haircare Collection

Klorane Cupuacu Shampoo

*Gifted. Like many other people, I am on the constant quest for the perfect shampoo and conditioner, and I have been putting the Klorane Cupuacu Haircare Collection to the test. I have 3 products from the range, which claims to help tame frizzy, wavy hair and strengthen from root to tip. How have I never tried Klorane when it has been Named the no.1 haircare brand by European pharmacies, Klorane marries science and natural ingredients to create innovative formulas that also respect the environment. And, with 50 years of expertise in botanical hair care, you can trust that your hair is in safe hands.’

Klorane, Cupuacu Butter Haircare Collection

The Cupuaçu used in this collection has been sustainably grown in the Amazon, following the rules of organic farming, and the Cupuaçu butter is certified as organic. So Klorane are paying particular attention to the ethical sourcing of ingredients and being more environmentally conscious, which is always fantastic to see.

‘Klorane are committed to respecting the biodiversity of the Amazon through sustainable planting of Cupuacu trees. The organically-sourced formula is biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free and the eco-friendly packaging has been created using 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.’

Cupuaçu Butter is rich in fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-9), molecules with ultra-nutritive properties, and is very effective at intensively repairing and nourishing the hair fibre, which makes it a wonderful ingredient for looking after your luscious locks. It’s also 1.5x more nutritious than shea butter, which is great news for your hair

Best Haircare for curly hair

Klorane Cupuacu Butter Shampoo £9.00

The creamy, lightweight formula of the shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean, without stripping away moisture. I have used the shampoo on it’s own without following with either of the conditioning products and my hair still looked glossy & frizz free. If you are pushed for time then this shampoo is nourishing enough and your hair will still get all the benefits of the lovely ingredients, like the, Cupuaçu Butter, Coconut Oil and Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, which help it to be silkier, stronger, smoother, flexible, shiny, and easy to comb.

I would say be conservative with how much product you use, I have a short bob (jaw length) and I use about a 50p sized amount any more and my hair looks greasy, so less is more with this shampoo.

The conditioner is creamy, luxurious and instantly feels lovely in your hair, and that is before you even wash it off. I have been using this twice a week and find it helps my curls look defined, healthy and more bouncy. If you struggle with knotting or tangling after you wash your hair, then this is the conditioner for you. Your brush will glide through your hair when it is wet, which means you get less breakage and damage.

Apply to the length and ends of your hair, and leave on or up to 10 minutes. The scent of this entire collection is very nice, it is creamy and very much like a rich buttery cocoa aroma, which I like a lot.

Klorane Cupuacu Repairing Hair Mask-

Klorane Cupuacu Repairing Mask £15.00

The repairing hair mask is such a treat, ideal for those pamper days or to use before a special even, so your hair is looking and feeling its absolute best! It has a very thick formula and a buttery texture, but once on your hair it doesn’t leave it feeling weighed down.

This mask is a 3 in 1, it can be used in 3 ways, in the shower as nourishing conditioner (left on for up to 10 mins then rinse off), as an overnight hair mask or left on as an intense treatment mask. This mask gives your hair a real boost of nourishment from root to tip, leaving it stronger, more supple and frizz free. I like to use it 2-3 times a month.

If you have quite thick wavy/naturally curly hair, this entire Capuacu Butter Collection will hydrate, smooth and strengthen your hair. As well as giving it that glossy, healthy finish.

Klorane Haircare

This range is vegan and free from, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Silicones, Parabens.

Klorane Capuacu Collection exclusive to Escentual and it is currently 1/3 off, so if you want to switch up your haircare regime now is the time.

*this post contains PR Samples.

St Andrews Photo Diary

Pretty St Andrews Fife

Each time I make the trip from Cornwall to Scotland to see my family, I always have to visit St Andrews. It is only a 20-minute drive from where they live, and it is such a pretty town, so much to see. With a beautiful beach, historical University, Castle, lots of cafés, restaurants and shops it is easy to spend the whole day here and never run out of things to see and do. I have been numerous times and I never grow tired of exploring the cottage lined backstreets and walking along the coastal path. If you visit you HAVE to stop (no matter what the weather) and get an Ice Cream from Jannettas Gelateria, they serve the most delicious gelato! So many flavours, the Vegan ones are sooooooo good.

St Andrews Book Shop

Here are a few snaps of my most recent trips, one back in August 2021 and more recently this year in March. It was a lot more sunny in March and a lot less crowded too. The town has a massive university population, so if you are looking to go be warned that at lunch time the cafés get very busy with students!

St Andrews Scotland
The St Andrew’s Brewery Bar is a great place to get a pint and something to eat, you can’t get a more locally brewed beer!
Pretty Cottages St Andrews
Historical St Andrews

If you get a dry day, you must walk down the harbour and along the beach, Scotland is famous for its beautiful coastline and wild beaches and St Andrews beach is lovely. Grab a takeaway coffee and enjoy the sound of the sea, and the seagulls!

Golf Shop St Andrews
Scotland St Andrews
There might only be 4 main streets in the town, but they have lots of my favourite shops like Oliver Bonas, Jo Malone, Jack Wills, H&M and Paperchase, but they also have so many wonderful independent shops too. Lots of shops selling Scottish handmade products, as well as THE best bottle shop, selling so many gins and whiskey’s. I challenge you to pop in and not come out with at least one bottle of Edinburgh Gin!

Classic Cars in St Andrews
Hatch Cafe St Andrews
Mitchell Cafe St Andrews
Spoiled Life Home Shop and CoffeeThere are so many historical buildings and amazing architecture in St Andrews, it is all so well maintained, I love nothing more than wandering up and down taking photos and learning all out their rich history.

Architecture St Andrews
St Andrews Brewing Company
There is no shortage of lovely home wear shops and Spoiled Life is my favourite, it is quite new and is well worth a browse if you ever visit. Best of all is it also has a small café inside too, so you can shop and have coffee at the same time.
Explore St Andrews
Jannetta's GelateriaJannetta’s Gelateria – I always get either pistachio, lemon, hazelnut, or mint choc chip. All vegan flavours and delicious. Best gelato in Scotland.
Pretty Shop Fronts St Andrews
I really like all the fun classic cars that are dotted around the town, up the small cobbled streets, I always have to snap them & my dream car is a Nissan Figaro. They are the perfect car for narrow streets and town driving, adorable and nibble. Pretty Front Doors St Andrews

Where do you love to revisit, what small town or village makes you want to sell up, change jobs and move there? I always daydream about winning the lottery and moving to St Andrews, it is just such a quaint small town, but with a lot going on. It is super friendly, and I love that it is right on the coast, I currently live on the coast in Cornwall and have to say being by the sea is great for your soul!

Vic St Andrews

Green People Cha Vøhtz Age Defy+ Range

(#gifted) Organic beauty brand Green People has expanded their popular Age Defy+ range to offer an AHA mask which promises to leave your skin ‘velvety soft’ this new mask promotes cellular renewal to help give you that sought after bright, youthful complexion. Count me in! This Age Defy+ collection was actually developed by the founder of Green People Charlotte Vøhtz and is targeted at those aged 35+, so this trio of luxury products really focuses on hydration, radiance and rejuvenating tired skin.

Green People Age Defy Skincare

Being in my mid 40s, this Age Defy+ trio is ideal for replenishing and nourishing my skin as well as targeting the texture and dullness. I have been using the products for a little while now, and they have become a really welcome part of my evening routine.

Firstly they all smell luxurious, with soothing scents of mandarin, palmarosa, geranium, lavender and neroli, each product is a little pampering at home spa treatment, very nice indeed. My evening skincare routine has become somewhat of a wind down treat after a long, stressful day.

Cha Vohtz Green People Skincare

Cha Vøhtz Age Defy+ Purify & Hydrate Cream Cleanser*

A lovely creamy textured cleanser that is fantastic at removing makeup, I have been using it as my first evening cleanser, but you can use it in the morning too. It feels so soothing on the skin but is still very effective at removing heavy makeup, leaving your skin looking fresh, bright and feeling smooth. Packed with skin loving ingredients to give you long lasting benefits that you can see and feel. This is a must-have cleanser if you’re over 35!

  • Gently, yet effectively cleanses away makeup and impurities
  • Intense nourishment and hydration improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Hibiscus helps firm and lift the skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Aloe Vera and Jojoba rehydrate and soften even sensitive skin
  • 86% certified organic ingredients

Green People AHA Radiance Peel Mask

Green People Cha Vøhtz Age Defy+ AHA Radiance Peel Mask

Now this is the latest product to be added to the age Defy collection and of the three products I have tried it is the stand out product. This mask is a blend of natural fruit extracts that deliver 5 gently exfoliating AHA’s to the skin. Long gone are those harsh abrasive exfoliating masks that do more harm than good, now we have access to gentle, natural exfoliators that deliver results, mush kinder for the skin. This mask gentle removes dead, dull skin which helps smooth your complexion and give you that healthy glow. It promotes cell turnover which over time helps your skin rejuvenate, have increased hydration and become softer & smoother

  • Orange & Lemon Fruit Extracts provide naturally occurring Citric Acids to gently exfoliate and promote healthy cell turnover
  • Sugar Cane Extract – provides naturally occurring glycolic acid to loosen dead cells and promote a soft, smooth texture
  • Billbury Fruit Extract – provides naturally occurring lactic acid and produces a healthy, youthful skin glow
  • Maple Sugar provides malic and tartaric acids to further refine the skin tone.

I love this mask, the texture of my skin is smoother it feels more plump and looks brighter. Perfect way to get my skin Spring ready!

Green People Hydra Glow Sleep Mask

Green People Cha Vøhtz Age Defy+ Hydra Glow Sleep Mask

A lovely, nourishing, not too thick night cream that acts like a face mask whilst you sleep. I do enjoy a product that is intensive and that you see results from toot sweet, you genuinely wake up with smooth, plump rejuvenated skin. The fresh, scent of this sleep mask is also so nice and relaxing.

Best used 2-3 times a week after you have cleansed and exfoliated, as this aids the absorption of the mask. This has been such a luxurious pampering product for my skin after such a long Winter, I feel like my skin is getting its natural glow back just in time or Spring/Summer.

  • Deeply moisturises and rejuvenates overnight for a nourished, youthful complexion
  • Green Macro algae is rich in penta-saccharides to stimulate collagen production
  • Caesalpinia Spinosa delivers intense skin hydration and long-term firmness
  • A silky-textured cream face mask suitable for mature and sensitive skin
  • 91% certified organic ingredients

You can find out more about this Age Defy+ Range at www.greenpeople.co.uk the collection is quite extensive, everything from serums to moisturisers and even tanning drops and body oil. So lots of products that are specifically targeted to those of us over 35 who want to have glowing, healthy skin.

Green Pride themselves on delivering, organic, vegan, cruelty free products. Using ingredients that are ethically sourced.

* The products in this post are PR Samples.

Yardley Flowerful Collection Decadent Mimosa

Yardley Decadent Mimosa EDT

#Gifted, unpaid PR sample/review.

Yardley London are synonymous with floral fragrance, this iconic perfume house dates as far back as 1770, they’re a British brand who have specialised in creating fine fragrance for over 250 years. They have really evolved over the years becoming modern and fun but still holding on to their classic, and timeless florals offering fantastic value for money.  More recently, they released a collection of 6 beautiful flower based scents. They range from the more fruity to the fresh and even a stunning woody option too. I have been trying the classic Decadent Mimosa, which is a lovely zesty, modern take on a classic floral perfume.

Yardley Flowerful Collection Decadent Mimosa £20

Opening with the spicy fruit notes of mandarin, pear and pink pepper, the indulgent green floral fragrance of Decadent Mimosa leads to a beautiful sunny heart of fresh, sweet and bright mimosa flowers.

Combining powdery violet, iris and lily of the valley, resting on a sensual base of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

This dewy, fresh & rich scent will transport you to Spring/Summer days, it has gorgeous floral notes that are not what you’d expect from a classic Yardley fragrance. It is a real nod to more modern and luxurious perfumes. This budget friendly perfume really surprised me. I love the opening fruity notes, they’re very zesty and fresh and the heart notes are fresh and floral whilst the musk and sandalwood base notes give it a very romantic edge.

Yardley London Decadent Mimosa EDT

  • A perfume inspired by bountiful, beautiful and blossoming floral bouquets.
  • Opening with the spicy fruit notes of mandarin, pear and pink pepper, this indulgent green floral fragrance leads to a beautiful sunny heart of fresh, sweet and bright mimosa flowers combining powdery violet, iris and lily of the valley, resting on a sensual base of sandalwood, vanilla and musk

Yardley Perfume

Decadent Mimosa EDT

The packaging is simple but pretty, the box is very bright and is covered in lovely yellow mimosa flowers. The bottle is timeless and elegant. These fragrances make thoughtful gifts, especially for Mothers Day. They’re budget friendly and the Flowerful Collection has 5 floral options to pick from, so there is a perfect scent for everyone!

Yardley have come such a long way since they first started out over 250 years ago with a very small selection of floral soaps and fragrance, and today they now carry a wonderful product selection ranging from eau de toilette, eau de parfum for both men and women as well as body mists, hand sanitiser, and an extensive range of hand care (soaps, washes and hand creams). Their gifting options are lovely too, they make thoughtful presents, and they come beautifully packaged and ready to treat someone special!

Yardley Decadent Mimosa EDT

The Flowerful Collection

Discover six fragrances from the Flowerful Collection, from the fruity Decadent Mimosa, woody Elegant Iris, the big white floral of Luxe Gardenia, the voluptuous bouquet of Opulent Rose, the fresh, pretty Exquisite Peony, or our NEW Sunshine English Daisy!

Yardley Flowerful Collection