Klorane Cupuacu Butter Haircare Collection

Klorane Cupuacu Shampoo

*Gifted. Like many other people, I am on the constant quest for the perfect shampoo and conditioner, and I have been putting the Klorane Cupuacu Haircare Collection to the test. I have 3 products from the range, which claims to help tame frizzy, wavy hair and strengthen from root to tip. How have I never tried Klorane when it has been Named the no.1 haircare brand by European pharmacies, Klorane marries science and natural ingredients to create innovative formulas that also respect the environment. And, with 50 years of expertise in botanical hair care, you can trust that your hair is in safe hands.’

Klorane, Cupuacu Butter Haircare Collection

The Cupuaçu used in this collection has been sustainably grown in the Amazon, following the rules of organic farming, and the Cupuaçu butter is certified as organic. So Klorane are paying particular attention to the ethical sourcing of ingredients and being more environmentally conscious, which is always fantastic to see.

‘Klorane are committed to respecting the biodiversity of the Amazon through sustainable planting of Cupuacu trees. The organically-sourced formula is biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free and the eco-friendly packaging has been created using 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.’

Cupuaçu Butter is rich in fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-9), molecules with ultra-nutritive properties, and is very effective at intensively repairing and nourishing the hair fibre, which makes it a wonderful ingredient for looking after your luscious locks. It’s also 1.5x more nutritious than shea butter, which is great news for your hair

Best Haircare for curly hair

Klorane Cupuacu Butter Shampoo £9.00

The creamy, lightweight formula of the shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean, without stripping away moisture. I have used the shampoo on it’s own without following with either of the conditioning products and my hair still looked glossy & frizz free. If you are pushed for time then this shampoo is nourishing enough and your hair will still get all the benefits of the lovely ingredients, like the, Cupuaçu Butter, Coconut Oil and Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, which help it to be silkier, stronger, smoother, flexible, shiny, and easy to comb.

I would say be conservative with how much product you use, I have a short bob (jaw length) and I use about a 50p sized amount any more and my hair looks greasy, so less is more with this shampoo.

The conditioner is creamy, luxurious and instantly feels lovely in your hair, and that is before you even wash it off. I have been using this twice a week and find it helps my curls look defined, healthy and more bouncy. If you struggle with knotting or tangling after you wash your hair, then this is the conditioner for you. Your brush will glide through your hair when it is wet, which means you get less breakage and damage.

Apply to the length and ends of your hair, and leave on or up to 10 minutes. The scent of this entire collection is very nice, it is creamy and very much like a rich buttery cocoa aroma, which I like a lot.

Klorane Cupuacu Repairing Hair Mask-

Klorane Cupuacu Repairing Mask £15.00

The repairing hair mask is such a treat, ideal for those pamper days or to use before a special even, so your hair is looking and feeling its absolute best! It has a very thick formula and a buttery texture, but once on your hair it doesn’t leave it feeling weighed down.

This mask is a 3 in 1, it can be used in 3 ways, in the shower as nourishing conditioner (left on for up to 10 mins then rinse off), as an overnight hair mask or left on as an intense treatment mask. This mask gives your hair a real boost of nourishment from root to tip, leaving it stronger, more supple and frizz free. I like to use it 2-3 times a month.

If you have quite thick wavy/naturally curly hair, this entire Capuacu Butter Collection will hydrate, smooth and strengthen your hair. As well as giving it that glossy, healthy finish.

Klorane Haircare

This range is vegan and free from, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Silicones, Parabens.

Klorane Capuacu Collection exclusive to Escentual and it is currently 1/3 off, so if you want to switch up your haircare regime now is the time.

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Eight Triple Eight Haircare

Eight Triple Eight Haircare

#Gifted Clean haircare brand Eight Triple Eight enhances the ‘Power of Plant Science’ to deliver haircare products that produce results! They use exotic natural ingredients, that are clean to nourish not only your hair and the hair follicle, but also your scalp! I have been using the Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner for over 2 months now, and I would have said my hair is quite dry, and gets greasy quickly. My hair is a short bob and I use heat on it almost daily, so I wanted a shampoo and conditioner that would give my hair that glossy healthy finish but also provide moisture, so it looks and feels less dry.

Say hello to my haircare saviours!

Eight Triple Eight Haircare
Eight Triple Eight Shampoo & Conditioner Duo £12.99

If you are looking for a haircare duo that will tame frizz and give you sleek, healthy hair, this is it!

These HUGE bottles, 1 litre each, will last you a very, very long time (great value for money. I find the shampoo to be really nourishing on its own, so I tend to only the conditioner 1 – 2 times a week, and that seems to be working wonders for my hair.

‘This natural moisturiser can now be found in this shampoo and conditioner range, and is brimming with essential nutrients including potassium and magnesium, which promote follicle health and help to rejuvenate hair. Perfect for smoothing frizzy hair and preventing breakage and hair loss, the essential fatty acids found in coconut milk will nourish and moisturise dry hair and scalp, restoring damage, including split ends and leaving hair soft and shiny.’

Eight Triple Eight Coconut Haircare

As you can imagine, being coconut based, it smells so fresh and like a tropical holiday! Eight Triple Eight have a wide variety of hair products to suit all hair types. From Argan Oil, which helps hair stay strong and bouncy to Apple Cider Vinegar, which improves scalp health and enhances shine, to the classic Anti Dandruff haircare & Colour Protect options too! Eight Triple Eight has you covered.

So be sure to check out their huge selection of haircare and pick out the combination that best suits you. www.eighttripleeight.co.uk

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MUK SPA Argan Oil Haircare Collection

Muk. Spa Argan Haircare

MUK Spa-Argan Oil Haircare

When it comes to my hair I am so low maintenance and that includes styling & hair care products. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week (maximum) and really like multi-use products, ones that help my hair not only look it’s best but also strengthen it so it will be stronger and healthy as the years go on.

I have been trying out 2 new products from muk.spa, they’re part of their Argan Oil Collection and we all know how incredible Argan Oil is for our hair. They use 100% pure Argan Oil in the muk.spa Argan Oil Collection sourced directly from Morocco. Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small & specific geographic areas where the trees grow.

Muk hair care is an Australian professional brand founded over 10 years ago and with 34 core range products including 5 specialised Argan Oil products, this is a hair care brand which caters to the hair needs of everyone.

MUK. Spa Argan Oil Treatment

The two products I have been trying from the Muk Spa range are very similar – they are both great for getting glossy, healthy frizz-free hair. One is more of a treatment which I use weekly and the other is a shine spray which I use every time I wash my hair.

Argan Oil Shine Spray Muk Spa

Muk Spa Argan Oil Treatment

This lightweight, absorbent oil is a fantastic weekly hair treatment. It nourishes the hair and provides intense conditioning, shine and moisture so your hair looks so healthy and full of bounce. I also like how it eliminates fly-aways and smooths frizz. I have naturally curly hair so my hair can get so frizzy but this oil is fab for getting smooth sleek curls.

If you’re worried about damage from styling tools and the sun, this treatment oil is rich in essential fatty acids including Omega 9 and Omega 6. Formulated to protect hair from blow-drying, hot irons, chlorine, salt water & sun exposure so your hair is not going to look fried or dry.

    • Spa Argan Oil Repair range is 100% free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, mineral oil
  • Contains a blend of pure Moroccan Argan Oil, linseed oil, sweet almond oil, keratin protein and aloe

It provides repair, moisture and softness for dehydrated, damaged and brittle hair with a delicious fragrance of sandalwood and wheatgrass. The perfect fusion of nature and technology, muk Spa Argan Oil Repair range is 100% free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, mineral oil and contains no added sodium chloride.”

After shampoo and conditioning, towel dry hair, then apply a few drops to the palms of your hands. Emulsify, and then apply evenly to hair.


MUK. Spa Argan Oil Treatment

Muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Shine Spray

This lightweight oil is more fluid than the oil and I find the spray really convenient to use, it lightly mists my hair and never weighs my hair down or leaves it looking greasy.

Much like the Treatment Oil, It contains a blend of pure Moroccan Argan Oil, linseed oil, sweet almond oil, keratin protein and aloe vera, which are great for dull, dry hair.

It provides intense conditioning, shine and moisture to the hair, whilst smoothing frizz and eliminating flyaway hair. This Argan Oil range is also formulated to protect the hair from blow-drying, hair irons, chlorine, salt water and sun exposure. So your hair will be less brittle and frizzy.

I wouldn’t say you needed both the Treatment Oil & the Shine Spray because they are so similar.

MUK also say that this range can reduce hair drying time up to 50% but I don’t often blow dry my hair so can’t really say if this is effective.

Muk Spa Argan Oil Range

Made in Australia, all products within Muk Spa Argan+ range are PETA approved and available in professional hairdressing salons nationwide or at www.mukme.com

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Design.Me Haircare Products

Design.Me Power Dry Haircare

OK so there is a fun new haircare brand in town & it gets the prize for the most adorable, instagramable packaging, ever! It’s fun, simple and pastel coloured – I love it! Design.Me hail from North America and are an innovative, ahead of the curve brand who want to protect, enhance and keep your locks looking fabulous. I’ve been trying out a few products from their collection and they’ve become my goto Summer styling products. I’m pretty impressed by these pastel packaged hair treats! The range consists of 4 cult products:

Design.me Haircare Collection

  • PowerDRY.ME – a unique technology product to reduce blow dry time by up to 50%.
  • Fab.ME – the mother of all hair treatments, with four defence formula that will give you your youthful, fabulous hair back in a matter of seconds!
  • Puff.ME – The FIRST EVER super-volumising powder spray in a pump to pep up medium to thick hair to give you the instant volume you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Puff.ME Light – A lighter version of Puff.ME, this super-volumising powder spray is perfect for fine to medium hair.

DESIGN.ME products give hair sheen, oomph, volume, and styling speed. Plus, these high-quality products are vegan, cruelty-free and contain not one single drop of harmful sulfates, parabens or gluten.

Design.me Puff Me Haircare


I have such a quick hair care routine and the fewer products I need to use each day the better. I like to keep it simple and this Fab.Me Hair Mist is described as ‘The mother of all hair treatments’ and it really is! It has so many wonderful benefits from hydrating to detangling and even protecting against heat damage caused by styling.

You lightly mist it on to clean, damp hair and it works its magic, giving you shine, preventing split ends and leaves your hair feeling manageable and silky smooth. It is such a great multi-benefit product and one that fits right into my haircare routine. I love a product that has more than one benefit and this styling mist has a whopping 18 benefits – as well as smelling amazing and looking super cute. It ticks all the boxes for me and I have been using it a lot over the Summer to lock in moisture and reduce frizz & static (so no flyaways here!)

Detangles & hydrates
Colour fade protection
Frizz control
Shine and lustre


How adorable is this little pink and white bottle?! Well, let’s just start by saying it looks cute but the packaging was a nightmare for me – this is a powder and for some reason when I took the lid off so much of it puffed out all over the place. I wouldn’t travel with this and I would say not to put the lid back on.

This product is to give your roots volume and texture and it does that in abundance. I have to say I wasn’t 100% blown away with this and it left my hair feeling weird and the powder wasn’t translucent in my hair. When I used it I 100% had to wash my hair the next day otherwise my hair felt like straw. I think I prefer to use a standard dry shampoo to achieve the same results, this product is great in theory but needs a little more tweaking.

Instant volume
Odour and mess free
Made for fine to medium hair
Perfect texture for updo’s & braids

Affordable Haircare Design.Me


Say hello to my new best friend – as most of you know in the UK we have had some of the hottest weather we’ve seen in a LONG time and the last thing anyone wants to be doing in this heat is spending ages blow drying our hair (and melting in the process). So this Powerdry.Me mist has halved the time It takes me to dry my hair. This mist is wonderful if like me you have thick, unruly hair, it speeds up drying times by up to 50% and it also leaves your hair sleek, protects from damaging heat and UV. So it’s the ideal product to add to your hair care routine this Summer. I am singing its praises and have been recommending it to anyone that will listen.

Decreases your blowdrying time by 50%!
Frizz control
Heat and UV Protection
Smooth & conditions hair

Design.Me Styling Products

The Design.ME hair styling range is now available in Sally Beauty stores nationwide and online at www.sallybeauty.co.uk

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