I was a Bridesmaid at my friends wedding earlier in the year and I wanted to get her something special as a wedding gift – something from a small independent crafter.

Sadly she lost her dad 18 months ago and I wanted to get something that would include him. So I found the cutest Lockets from a UK based lady whose blog I had read for a number of years. Bonbi Forest is based in Cornwall and she leads an idyllic life creating and selling her crafts online. You should check her out.

I went for this locket and put a photo of my friend in one side and her dad in the other. I gave it to her on her wedding day and she wrapped it around her bouquet so it was like her dad walked her down the isle – it was beautiful and sad at the same time.

Everything was amazing from the packaging right down to the quality of the locket.

bonbi forest

bonbi forest 2

bonbi forest 3

I loved the hand printed paper – the locket was wrapped inside it. So simple but unusual too. Always Over The Mountain Locket £19

bonbi forest

bonbi forest pendant

bonbi forest

I’d highly recommend bonbi forest and will be using this lovely shop again for a few other gifts. It’s always nice to buy from handmade sites where you can!

Me and John

Me and John at the wedding

Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

I’m always thinking of cute things to give on Valentines Day and I came across a few free printable designs and thought they were the perfect thing to give. I also thought with people feeling the pinch and not being as flush as they might want to be, these FREE Valentines Printable’s would be a fun way of giving your loved one a sweet note on Valentines Day – Or any other day of the year for that matter!!. I will be printing out one of these this year for sure. Let me know if you do

Below are a round-up of my favourite designs from around the internet.

Hello Lucky Cards

Guess WHO-OOO and Jungle Love – both from Hello Lucky 

Two More Days

These four cute cards are from Two More Days

Free Printable Valentines Cards

These are my favourite and they’re from Pumpkins and Posies

Je t'iame

Je t’iame is from Eat Drink Chic

Free Boys Printable Valentines

How fun are these ones!? They’re from One Charming Party

All the Free Printable Valentines Cards I’ve featured in this post are for personal use only! Let me know if you use any of them.

Blank Walls are so DULL

I’ve been in my new house for just coming up to 4 months now. I can’t believe its been that long. I still have boxes that need unpacking. We are hoping to be in this house for about 18 months (I love to move on) and have been trying to make it feel like home.

I love to browse Etsy and try to buy from handmade / small business owners where possible. I’ve been buying some art for my boring magnolia walls and wanted to share with you some things I’ve bought & a few things that I have my eye on.

Etsy Art

 The Illustrated Man / To Hell With Luck / Reading is Cool / TEA / Home / Superhero

I love filling my walls with quirky artwork & I love spending hours browsing Etsy. There is so much on there. Etsy has lots to offer and so far I’ve bought art, jewellery, makeup and so many cool things. If you haven’t already then I urge you to pop over & check out this emporium of wonders.

Where do you buy your art from? I am always looking for ideas and inspiration.