Feeling The Love

Valentines Wishlist

1. Not a Hater Top 2. Emma Bridgewater Heart Shaped Tin 3. I love You to the Moon and Back Print 4. Diptyque Rose Duet limited edition candle 5. Set of Two Love Mugs 6. Mulberry Valentines Alexa Handbag


My hubby and I don’t really buy into Valentines Day – I get a cup of tea in bed every morning and have done for 13 years (lucky me). We try and do romantic things as often as we can and it kind of weirds me out that people are almost forced / shamed into buying things on one day of the year. Also it is our anniversary at the end of February so we like to mark that occasion.

I do like the products that some companies market as Valentines gifts so if money was no object above are a few of the things I would buy myself this year. The Mulberry Handbag is just beautiful! My dream handbag for sure. Also the jumper looks so comfy and cute.

Do you celebrate Valentines is it a special date in your calendar? Let me know if it is & what you were lucky enough to receive or in fact buy yourself! This is 2013 and we sure as hell don’t need to wait for someone else to buy us pretty things – we can buy them ourselves if we want.



Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

I’m always thinking of cute things to give on Valentines Day and I came across a few free printable designs and thought they were the perfect thing to give. I also thought with people feeling the pinch and not being as flush as they might want to be, these FREE Valentines Printable’s would be a fun way of giving your loved one a sweet note on Valentines Day – Or any other day of the year for that matter!!. I will be printing out one of these this year for sure. Let me know if you do

Below are a round-up of my favourite designs from around the internet.

Hello Lucky Cards

Guess WHO-OOO and Jungle Love – both from Hello Lucky 

Two More Days

These four cute cards are from Two More Days

Free Printable Valentines Cards

These are my favourite and they’re from Pumpkins and Posies

Je t'iame

Je t’iame is from Eat Drink Chic

Free Boys Printable Valentines

How fun are these ones!? They’re from One Charming Party

All the Free Printable Valentines Cards I’ve featured in this post are for personal use only! Let me know if you use any of them.