Beauty Product Empties 2024

I have quite a few empties I want to tell you about. A few of them are favourites that I always repurchase (products that I know and love) but there are also a couple of new things that have surprised me. So let’s get to it, as there is lots I want to tell you about.

BYOMA now this was a brand that I had been aware of (they are all over social media) and was excited to be sent two of their cleansers, Melting Cleansing Balm*Milky Oil Cleanser*. I used them to double cleanse and really liked how they made my skin feel. I would say that if I was to recommend one out of the two, it would be the jelly cleanser, this cleanser contains Byoma’s Barrier Lipid Complex to help strengthen the skin barrier. Its oil-based formula contains moringa seed oil, olive fruit oil and squalane to intensely hydrate and soothe skin without clogging pores or leaving behind an oily residue. It is gentle but a really great at soothing skin and getting rid of the dirt and grime of the day. Have you tried anything from this brand, or do you have your eye on anything?

My favourite Garnier Hydrating Body Lotion is a forever repurchase for me, I hate the feeling of heavy lotions on my body and this one is lightweight but is deeply moisturising. You have silky smooth legs all day with this lotion and the aloe vera makes your skin so soft and over time using it keeps your skin hydrated for longer. You have none of that tacky, greasy feeling. Plus it is affordable, and a bottle lasts for ages. 10/10 love it.

If I could recommend one brand for you to explore it would be Miller Harris, they have a range of the most exquisite, luxurious and timeless fragrances to choose from. I have tried so many of their scents over the past 10 years and I can’t say enough good things about them, I am never brand loyal and usually enjoy trying lots of products but I always, always have a bottle of Miller Harris. I am currently wearing L’Eau Magnetic (a new scent to me) which is a beautiful fresh, zesty and sophisticated Spring perfume. I have also just used up my number one perfume from them, Peau Santal, have repurchased this particular fragrance so many times. It is deep, creamy, woody, and slightly masculine. I adore it!

The woody notes add a real touch of warmth and class, whilst the bergamot and cashmere give it creaminess and class. The pink pepper, amber and vanilla make it modern and very sexy. If you get the opportunity to try out this brand or pop into a store, then you really must, and let me know which one of their perfumes you fall in love with.

No7 Future Renew Night Cream* – the entire future renew collection from No7 is incredible, and I noticed visible improvements in my skin from using it. The night cream is the product I used up first, and I really liked the consistency, it felt nourishing and substantial without feeling heavy and thick. Whilst you sleep, this cream helps reverse uneven skin tone and texture, dryness and loss of elasticity with its line up of skin loving ingredients alongside the peptide blend it has shea butter, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant blend of vitamin C, E and mulberry extract to help protect the skin and give your skin radiance.

It is great for nourishing skin, reducing fine lines and evening out skin tone. This really is a fantastic night cream and if you’re looking for skincare that targets damage from environmental aggressors and UV, as well as hydrating and replenishing tired skin.

StriVectin Multi-Action Restorative Cream now this is a power house of a moisturiser, it is expensive but absolutely worth every penny. It has been formulated to target the 12 visible signs of ageing

Fine lines, wrinkles, density, firmness, sagging, texture, dehydration, dullness, discolouration, clarity, resilience and enlarged pores.

So quite the all-rounder, if you are looking for a moisturiser that will give you results and are in my age bracket (mid 40s) you will see a huge change in your skin after using this cream. My skin looks refreshed, brighter, and my eye area is noticeably smoother.

If you are not a fan or body lotion / butter, then I highly recommend the L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil. This is a very luxurious, smoothing body oil that locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling hydrated without the heavy feeling of a cream. It is formulated with almond oil, sunflower oil, which are rich in omegas 3 and 6, so it will replenish, hydrate and smooth your skin. Oh, & it smells incredible, very luxurious.

This Time Bomb Funk Off Double Detox Charcoal Mask was a great mask for using after wearing SPF all day. Great at unclogging pores and balancing sebum. Sadly, it seems that Time Bomb as a company are no more, which is sad because I really rated their skincare. If you have any recommendations for other affordable charcoal masks, then please leave them in the comments.

Lumene Quenching Aqua Serum this was a really lightweight serum, and it saved my skin over the Winter. Packed full of hand-picked arctic ingredients that all have specific benefits for your skin. This is a company that uses naturally derived, vegan ingredients so your skin is in good hands.

  • Nordic Red Algae – nourish and hydrate the skin
  • Pure Arctic Spring Water – to increase skin hydration
  • Nordic Birch Sap – to make your skin supple and encourage and cell renewal
  • Hyaluronic Acid – to improve skin hydration and overall glow

StriVectin Anti Wrinkle Cleanser this was a nice cleanser, I didn’t notice any changes in my skin after using it. It was a great gentle cream cleanser, but I wouldn’t say rush out & buy it. I think their moisturisers are a much better place to invest and see results. I always wonder just how good a cleanser can be & when they stop being worth the price tag.

L’Oréal Bond Repair Shampoo* – I love this entire range and have all my family on the hype. It is a range of haircare to help strengthen, repair and give structure to hair that is prone to breakage. If you use heat on your hair regularly or notice breakage when you brush your hair, this entire range is fantastic. It strengthens and restores weak hair as well as giving it a healthy glossy shine. I am also here to say the leave in serum is 10/10 too & I have repurchased it so many times.

L’Oreal Hydra Moisture Boost Shampoo – This is a great range, but I can’t use it too often as it makes my hair a little greasy. If you have more dry hair, it would work really well for you. It does give great volume and bounce, if you have naturally wavy/curly hair. I do like the intense hair mask from this collection as a treat for my hair after I have been swimming or out in the sunshine.

So there you have it, have you used any of the products I have mentioned. Or do you have any recommendations of skincare you have been loving this year, I would love for you to leave me any suggestions in the comments.

Products marked with an * were PR samples. I have not been paid by any brands to mention their products. I have also used affiliate links, of which I would receive a tiny % of any items sold.

Miller Harris Lost In The City Fragrance

Miller Harris LOST in the City Fragrance

Lost In The City Miller Harris Fragrance

Miller Harris Lost in the City EDP – 100ml/£125

Although I currently live in the beautiful Cornish countryside I’m 100% a city girl at heart so this beautiful fragrance from Miller Harris really appealed to me. Miller Harris has created a fragrance that gives a nod to the beauty of rural Britain but with an urban twist. They wanted to use ingredients that can be found growing wild in London which makes this fragrance a wonderful mix of the fresh outdoors combined with hints of a Summer in a city.  Lost in the city really is everything you can imagine and more. I am loving its crisp, fresh notes especially as Spring is fast approaching.

Miller Harris EDP Lost

The fresh, lush notes really contrast with crisp, sharp notes and that’s what makes this fragrance really interesting and just the right amount of unusual to make it different. It has everything I look for in a fragrance and more.

Head Notes: Bergamot Zest, Angelica Seed, Blackcurrant

Heart Notes: Rhubarb, Rose petals, Geranium

Base Notes: Earl Grey Tea, Crisp Amber, Musk

I love the initial zesty, fruity notes, they’re so refreshing and work so well layered with the pretty light floral notes of rose and geranium mixed with that bold sharp rhubarb which is so unusual. Finally, the rich musk, amber and Earl Grey tea leave you with such an intense, warm and sophisticated scent. This perfume is such a treat and the notes contrast yet compliment each other and that for me makes it a stand-out perfume. I have been loving wearing it, and it is a fragrance that lasts ALL day long, it does not fade away but stays full and rich for hours. It is such a luxurious scent, and it makes me feel amazing when I wear it.

Miller Harris LOST Perfume

In keeping with Miller Harris’ environmental principles, the packaging uses sustainable or recycled materials in surprising new ways, teaming up with Smile Plastics, whose unique composites are made from waste materials, from bottle tops to yoghurt pots, to create distinctive and beautiful fragrance holders which can be reused as keepsake boxes. It looks almost like marble, and the bottle looks really pretty sat in the holder on your vanity. It is so nice to see a brand using recycled materials in their packaging.

I think this is the ideal scent for the fresh, warmer months, so if you’re looking to add a new fragrance to your collection I highly recommend checking out Miller Harris Lost in the City.

Miller Harris LOST in the City Fragrance

Miller Harris is available online at, or you can search for your nearest stockist here

All Miller Harris products are vegan, suitable for vegetarians and Cruelty-free. You can be confident that their products are formulated entirely without animal-derived products.

*This post contains PR samples that were gifted for review purpose.

Miller Harris Rose Silence Perfume

Rose Silence Fragrance from Miller Harris

Miller Harris Rose Silence

I was first introduced to Miller Harris 2 years ago and instantly fell in love. I’ve tried four of their fragrances but for me, their Rose Silence perfume is simply stunning and has become my everyday scent. You know that feeling when you find a perfume that makes you feel amazing when you wear it? well, that is how Rose Silence makes me feel.

Miller Harris was founded 15 years ago by expert parfumer Lyn Harris who spent five years training in Paris, then in Grasse at Robertet, the world’s leader in natural aromatic ingredients. Whilst respecting tradition, Miller Harris strives to push the boundaries, creating exquisitely crafted fragrances that are innovative yet timeless. Miller Harris perfumes are beautiful, luxurious and timeless. 

Miller Harris Rose Silence Perfume

I have the perfume in all three of the sizes available 100ml, 50ml and a 15ml handbag spray. I use this perfume on a daily basis, always have the mini bottle in my handbag and even take it away with me on holiday. It has become my signature scent.

I love that this is very much a modern, romantic take on a Rose perfume. It isn’t the slightest bit old fashioned or powdery. You can make out the sweetness of the blackcurrant and I love the touch of musk too, it makes it very sexy and contemporary. It has notes of,

  • Top notes: mandarin, blackcurrant

  • Heart notes: rose

  • Base notes: patchouli, cashmere musk

I seem to be drawn to fragrances that have patchouli in them and I think it works so well with the sweet/fruity notes of blackcurrant and mandarin which give it a zesty feel. Whilst the cashmere adds a romantic softness.

The rose notes are very delicate and combined with the other notes make this a very sensual and romantic scent which is easy to wear. It smells light and fresh but also has incredible staying power, I have noticed that a couple of sprays in the morning will last well into the evening, I can always still smell it on my clothes when I get back home. The quality of Miller Harris fragrance is such that a little product goes a long way and a bottle will last you months and months.

Favourite Perfume from Miller Harris

I love the square, chunky bottles. They feel weighty and luxurious, their simple black stencil-like design gives it them a very contemporary minimalist vibe. Everything about this brand is focused on quality, elegance and luxury. Their products make the most thoughtful, exquisite gifts.

Rose Silence Miller Harris Luxury Perfume

I am just head over heels in love with this scent and I just don’t feel like I’m ready for the day without it. It’s a scent which that lasts all day and I always have so many people asking what perfume I’m wearing, it seems to be a scent that appeals to a lot of people of all different ages.

I need to try the bath and body products from this collection too – I can imagine just how amazing the body lotion would smell on my skin.

Have you tried any perfumes from Miller Harris? Or have I managed to convince you to track down a counter and give them a go? I hope so.

You can explore their range at or visit one of their UK stores. To find your local store just enter your postcode here.

Miller Harris Rose Silence EDP

Miller Harris Rose Silence Perfume

Miller Harris Rose Silence Perfume

Miller Harris was founded 15 years ago by expert perfumer Lyn Harris who spent five years training in Paris, then in Grasse at Robertet, the world’s leader in natural aromatic ingredients. Whilst respecting tradition, Miller Harris strives to push the boundaries, creating exquisitely crafted fragrances that are innovative yet timeless.

From the moment you hold a Miller Harris fragrance, it feels luxurious, special and exciting. You instantly notice the chic, elegant simplistic outer packaging. The outer packaging of the Rose Silence eau de parfum is a subtle pink on the front and a light grey on the back with black detailing, it looks feminine and sophisticated. The bottle is just gorgeous too, it’s a weighty glass bottle with delicate black floral detailing which adds a nice touch. Its a bottle that feels nice and tactile to hold and also looks pretty sat on your vanity (which is always important).

Valentines Perfume from Miller Harris

Miller Harris Rose Silence

Miller Harris Rose Silence eau de parfum* 

Not one part of this Rose Silence fragrance smells like your typical Rose scented product. Its romantic but not old-fashioned, its floral but yet sweet and it has a touch of musk but it’s not overpowering. It’s an absolute delight and would be lovely for all ages. It has notes of,

  • Top notes: mandarin, blackcurrant
  • Heart notes: rose
  • Base notes: patchouli, cashmere musk

I really enjoy fragrances that have patchouli in them and that together with the fruity notes of blackcurrant and mandarin to give it a touch of zest and the cashmere adds a lovely freshness to the mix. The rose is delicate and makes this a very sensual and romantic scent. Its a scent that lasts all day and I have been getting a lot of compliments on my perfume this past month which is always lovely.

Rose Silence Miller Harris Perfume

Valentines Gift Idea

If your looking for that perfect gift then this or any other Miller Harris fragrance would be ideal. They are just so luxurious and pretty.

*PR Sample