2013 Memories in Photos pt2

July 2013

July – This was a lovely month, my husband turned 30 (I have a toyboy) and two of our closest friends welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world – baby Poppy. Lots of celebrating was had, Oh & we bought a Mercedes Estate (second hand before you get too excited). It was nice to have such a fun month surrounded by amazing friends. I think I remember it being particularly hot too.

August 2013

August – I launched a new business, a Photobooth (Yourbooth) and had our first booking. It was so exciting after a year of planning and hard work to actually launch and take bookings. I also spent lots of time with my niece before she started Primary School for the first time, she learnt to ride her bike and we had so much fun. My husband & I also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

September 2013

September – My brother ran the Berlin Marathon in 3 hours 6 minutes (crazy man). We discovered a cute farm near to where we live Yew Tree Farm, which has a coffee barn and has become our Sunday morning treat, we spend hours in there reading the weekend papers and making grand plans.

October 2013

October – This was the month I turned 35, ate cake and bought lots of fairy lights. It was as simple as that.

November 2013

November – My brother came to stay for the weekend and we did some serious damage in Manchester. We also went up to Scotland for a week and my mum came back to stay with us for a few days. My mum & I started our Christmas shopping and enjoyed the German Market in Manchester. It was a month filled with family & shopping (perfect). I also attended my first Christening.

December 2013

December – We decided to put up our Tree on December 1st as we wanted to enjoy it for a few weeks before we headed up to Scotland for Christmas. We went again to the German Christmas Market in Manchester & did most of our Christmas shopping in one day.

We drove up to Scotland to spend Β Christmas with my dad and had a very quiet low key Christmas. My husband cooked the festive dinner & we enjoyed lots of family time. My dear friend Hayley & her husband James welcomed their Identical Twin boys in to the world at the end of December so that was the perfect end to quite a stressful year.

I’m ready for 2014 and hope my dad continues to improve. I plan on blogging lost, drinking tea & reading all the unloved books I have on my shelf. Finding time to switch off and enjoy the simple things.

13 thoughts on “2013 Memories in Photos pt2

  1. Awww I love your little year snippets and it makes me sad that I didn’t do anything like that. Maybe I should? I’m forever keeping my fingers (and toes – little extra always helps!) for your dad. πŸ™‚ We also put up our Christmas Tree on 1st January. It’s our tradition now and it’s so much fun to enjoy the twinkle lights and decorations for the whole month! πŸ™‚ X


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