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As you know Jurlique are a brand that I love to use & recommend to anyone that will listen. I wrote a post all about the history of the company & their ethos of making great products but also giving back to many causes and organisations, click here if you’d like to read that.

Jurlique have quite a few collections targeting specific skin concerns but I have to say my favourite and one that can be used by all ages most skin types is the Rose Moisture Plus. This range includes 5 products which cover all bases, including a serum, face mist, hand cream, moisturiser and a gel lotion.

Jurlique Rose Selection

The Rosewater Balancing Mist* comes in a frosted white glass bottle, it feels weighty and luxurious. It’s always within reach on my desk as I like to spray it throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated, soothed and feeling fresh.

The 100ml bottle lasts me a couple of months & I use it all the time, so its well worth investing in. The product comes out in a light mist that gently covers your skin & doesn’t spray out like a jet soaking you & giving you the fright of your life (that has happened to me before with quite a few facial toners). I love how it stops my skin from drying out and the rose scent is very uplifting and calming. A few spritz of this throughout the day leaves my skin feeling soft, soothed and hydrated. When I feel like my skin needs a pick me up throughout the day this face mist is my quick and easy solution. No mess no fuss & my skin loves it (so does my mum).

Its the perfect product for both the Summer & Winter as its lovely to cool you down when its warm & also to give your skin a boost of hydration during the colder months. It has a long list of beneficial ingredients including

  • Marshmallow and glycerin help prevent moisture loss and intensely hydrate and soften skin.
  • Rose and aloe vera soften, sooth and calm the skin.
  • Grapefruit seed extract provides antioxidant protection.

The Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel Lotion* also comes in a lovely frosted glass jar which looks pretty on my vanity. The product is lightly rose scented not over powering once I have applied it after a couple of minutes the scent has gone. This has a very light consistency, its a silky water – gel emulsion and once you have massaged it into your skin it sinks in almost instantly leaving your skin so very smooth and plump. I really like using this in the morning because its cooling and soothing and my makeup sits really well on top of it. After a month of using this face cream my skin looked plump and healthy.

If like me you don’t like the feeling of heavy face creams that throughout the day make your skin greasy then this lightweight gel will be perfect for you. Its targeted at people who need a cream that will replenish, protect and smooth as well as lock in moisture. It covers all bases. It has a long list of beneficial ingredients including

  • Rose Hip Fruit Oil for skin restorative, hydrating and balancing properties.
  • Green Tea Extract helps maintain a smooth, balanced and radiant complexion by protecting the skin from environmental damage.
  • White Mushroom Extract, nature’s hyaluronic acid, holds up to 500 times its own weight in water to create a natural, flexible film that restores dry skin to its optimal hydrated state.

Daily Moisture Balancing Serum* this is such a lovely addition to my skincare routine, its a lightweight serum that I apply before my moisturiser and it leaves my skin smooth and soft. This like the other products in the Rose Moisture Plus range it protects your skin against environmental irritants, locks in moisture and addresses the signs of dehydration. With a potent blend of botanical extracts, including

  • Rosehip fruit oil and evening primrose (rich in essential fatty acids), it restores and tackles dry and undernourished skin.
  • Green tea extract to protect the skin’s barrier and provide extended moisture to keep skin cushioned, fresh and looking radiant

So this trio of Rose products will be protecting, rebalancing and soothing my skin this winter as well as locking in moisture and giving it a boost of hydration. Its all lovely and lightweight so no heavy greasy feeling creams or serums here. If I was to recommend you just one out of the three although its a tough call I would have to say the Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel Lotion would be a great addition to anyones skincare routine. 

I know that for many people rose products make them think of old fashioned products aimed at more mature women but that is so not the case with the Jurlique Rose range. It does smell floral but in a fresh and relaxing way not in an overpowering stuffy way. So don’t let yourself overlook this range just because it is Rose based, because it is a very light and perfect for skin that needs soothing.

Let me know if you have tried any Jurlique products or what skincare you are loving at the moment.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

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  1. I have used this Rosewater mist for many years and I love it! A really good price too for the quality & ingredients. I also love the Jurlique Rose hand cream & finishing powder xx

  2. I haven’t tried anything from Jurlique yet but I’ve read so much about their products and I’d definitely like to in the future. I love rose scented products and i’m a big fan of Robert’s Rose Water which makes for a lovely natural toner. Generally though, I’m using lots from A Derma (a brand I hadn’t really considered before but I’m loving their products!) xx

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