Eco Tools Brush Set

Whilst on a Christmas present mission last week I totally caved and bought this gorgeous Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set. I saw it & just had to have it. For a start the brushes have pretty patterned bamboo handles and they’re travel size, I know right – PERFECT!

Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set Eco Tools Brush Set Eco Tools Brushes

These brushes come beautifully packaged on a book style box, on the inside cover you get a run down of each brush and a description on how best to use them. Very handy! You get 5 brushes in this set,

Flat Concealer Brush – Ideal for Covering blemishes.

Buffing Concealer Brush – Perfect for under the eye area. This buffs concealer in like a dream.

Precision Foundation Brush – This is tapered for getting a flawless finish in those awkward areas, like around the nose & eye area.

Complex Blending Brush – This can be used for foundation but I have been using it to contour & apply bronzer as it fits perfectly into the hollow of my cheekbones.

Full Powder Brush – This is perfect for applying blusher or your setting powder. Its fluffy and dense but the brush head isn’t too big and so you can apply just the perfect amount of product.

Eco Tools Brush Set

These are soft, very very soft brushes that are brilliant quality. They wash well and dry back to their original shape. Although they have a guide on how each brush should be used, like all brushes you find how they work for you & they’re multifunctional.

The Buffing Concealer Brush (blue) and the Complex Blending Brush (bronze) are my stand out brushes from this kit, I have used them both everyday since I bought them. Saying that I would be more than happy to only take these 5 brushes away with me on holiday & know that I had everything covered as the Flat Concealer Brush (green) could be used for eyeshadow. They really are 5 brushes worth buying, for £11.99 you’d be mad not too.

This kit has stole my heart & has been overshadowing my other brushes. They’re lovely to use and look very pretty so that makes them perfect in my book. Do you own any Eco Tool Brushes? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Oh & you NEED this pretty kit in your life, yes you do!

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  1. I have a face brush that is a little flat and with a point and I absolutely love it for applying contour – unfortunately the name of the brush is escaping me right now….

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