Favourite Lip Products

Favourite Lip Products

I must confess that I don’t own masses of lip products, now if you asked me about eyeshadows / blushers / foundations I have a stash of those. My lipstick / gloss collection is in its infancy but from my 20 or so options I’ve been reaching for these 4 products a lot. I’m getting into wearing darker colours and loving plum shades and nudes. I can see my lipstick collection growing a lot in 2014.

The Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter is a really good hydrating lip balm with amazing colour pay off. It isn’t sticky or greasy on the lips. Its added a beautiful pinch of colour and I find that although it is a lip balm in texture the colour is quite long-lasting. The Wild Rose is a pretty red berry colour and perfect for daytime. I want to try a few more of these as I just love this one and think they’re great value for money.

EOS Organic Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm Sphere – I put this on my lips whilst I do my makeup and it hydrates them and is a good base to put my lipstick on top of and keeps my lips from drying out. These smell so good and are quite fun to have in your handbag.

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Galaxy – I have three of these Apocalips and this is my favourite shade. It’s a deep plum colour and is so pigmented and glossy on the lips. It’s so pretty for nights out and is easy to apply, but be careful you don’y apply to much. I tend to wipe most of the excess product off the applicator before applying it to my lips. A little goes a really long way with these. The other shade I like is Luna and this comes of as a peachy nude colour on me and It’s very wearable. It’s quite subtle and makes my lips look fresh and gives them a little colour. I highly recommend checking out these Apocalips, they have 13 shades to pick from.

Favourite Lip Products


Korres Lip Butter Wild Rose Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy and Luna

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  1. I love the Apocalips too, Apocaliptic is my favourite shade although I am fond of Galaxy too! I’ve never tried one of those EOS balms before, they’re so cute though!

  2. Ooh I love the look of the apocalips in Luna, I think I’d manage to smear any of the brighter shades all over my face but I don’t think you can ever go far wrong with a peachy nude shade! xo

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