Garnier Tinted Eye Roll – On

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll -On, I’ve had this for about 2 months and didn’t use it for a long time. Not too sure why – I think I wasn’t too sure where to incorporate it into my routine. I picked it up in superdrug on their 3 for 2 deals. I wanted to see what it was all about really. I picked it up in the colour meduim.

First off i think i got the wrong colour – well i thought i would’ve been a little more tanned than i am. But due to the lack of summer in Britain i am still as pale as I was in December. So my face is pale too. This would have been a great colour for my summer self. Right, so its a little dark for me right now but i have been wearing it and making it work for my pale skin.

The ball has a cooling feeling on the undereye area which is really nice. I put this on over my foundation i used two sweeps under the eye then patted it in, its like a mini massage. I think that helps wake your eyes up. It does the job of covering dark circles – but I don’t think it would cover heavy duty dark circles.  I think its more the caffeine element that makes your eyes look more awake, but thats not a long term solution. It’s what i would call a quick fix. It would work well if you didn’t need alot of concealor and like a more natural look.

I would also say that it has a little highlighter quality to it, so thats great at brightening your undereye area. You can pick this up at Boots & Superdrug for £9 – £10 for 15ml I dont think i would pay full price for this but its worth a go. If you’re like me I need to try things and see what they are all about.

I agree its very hydrating and illuminating, but I think there are better concealors out there that are longer wearing. Have you tried this what did you think?

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    1. If you can pick it up on a deal i would recommend trying it out. But i wouldn’t pay full price. In fact my policy is t try not to pay full price for anything – always a bargain to be found right?!

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