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DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips

DHC are a Japanese brand renowned for their great skincare, I really like their Cleansing Oil and have blogged about that numerous times. These Revitalizing Moisture Strips* are quite a popular way of reducing puffiness and hydrating your under eyes. I have used some from YSL which I loved. These DHC ones come in a box with 6 individually packaged sachets, which makes them perfect to put in your flight bag, or use the morning after the night before or if you just want to relax and enjoy a pamper session. Really for any situation you feel you will need to look your best or when you feel you need a little TLC.

Eye Strips

These adhere to your skin really well, they don’t slip about they stay in place so you don’t have to stay still whilst you have them on and they feel lovely and instantly cooling on your skin. They give your skin a concentrated flow of nutrients including Mulberry (calming), Alpha Arbutin (helps brighten), Olive Leaf (Antioxidant) and Soy (condition and protect). I found the strips easy to apply and they tell you to leave them on for 20 – 30 minutes or if you want a more intense burst of moisture & nutrients then to leave them on over night (I’ve not tried this yet), but can imagine this would be a great thing to do in the run up to a big event.

I’ve used 3 sets of these so far and really like them, they’re instantly cooling but feel tight at first but I think thats just the stickiness, this does wear off and I found them quite comfortable. I like to leave them on for as long as I can so about 45 minutes and they really do refresh, brighten & hydrate but I couldn’t say that they firm so much. As I use them a little more I might be able to notice a more firming effect, especially when I use them overnight


I suffer from terrible dark circles, probably from all the time I spend looking at the computer screen. I do notice after using these my under eye area looks brighter, feels smooth and the skin is less puffy. Very effective little masks!

When you remove them, they come away from the skin easily so no need to tug and the don’t pull the skin. They leave behind no sticky or greasy residue so if you’re using them whilst travelling you don’t have to wash that area which is handy.


In action

I really enjoyed using these & my mum even pinched a pack and said she thought they were great (she is 56). I will always have a box of these in my stash now as they’re a perfect quick fix for puffy / dark under eyes and for looking your best at an important event.

Have you used any eye strips? Did you find they helped brighten and refresh? These DHC ones are a great under eye pick me up. They’re available from DHC online store, a box of 6 sachets  for £6.95.

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9 thoughts on “Hydrate * Firm * Brighten * Refresh

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! There aren’t many under eye masks on the market which is a shame! Might give these a whirl. I’m currently using Jamela’s Gold Under Eye Mask which is pretty damn awesome! Can leave them on overnight too.

    Fab review!



  2. I love the sound of these eye strips! I get quite bad dark circles and being so pale makes them show up more, so I might have to give these a go. Great review! xo

  3. I am yet to try DHC and really want to! These eye patches are a good price, I have only used the Talika ones before which are good but pricey xx

    1. I have almost used the whole box. I love them & find they do the trick at making my eyes look bright and awake

  4. I Love the sound of these, my eyes get dry and puffy from air conditioned office and constatly staring at a computer screen, I need some of these in my life!

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