Instagram Roundup Week #7

This past week has been a little stressful, my dad came home from hospital on Friday after being in there for 6 months – (thank you for all your sweet tweets). So we have been making sure he is OK and all that boring but stressful stuff. I seem to worry 100% more than anyone i know.  I worry about worrying. It’s enough to make your headspin.

We haven’t had too much time for relaxing but once my dad is a little more settled we will be going back down to Manchester (currently in Scotland & have been since my dad went into hospital). I can’t wait to sit at my desk in my comfy chair and have some stress free time.

On a side note me & the hubby have been watching a few good documentaries this week i wanted to share them with you, if thats your sort of thing.

The first was Wasteland – about an artist called Vik Muniz who goes back to his native Brazil to bring awareness to the pickers of a huge rubbish dump & uses their portraits to create an image out of the rubbish which he sells at auction and gives the pickers the money so they can use it to change their lives and the lives of those around them. It is truly an eye opening documentary.

The second was a documentary called No Impact Man – about a family in New York who live for a year trying to reduce their impact upon the environment to 0. They do some extreme things like live without electricity and don’t eat out or get takeaway food or coffee. He even throws away his wife’s makeup (NOOOOOOO). But some of what they do is inspiring. They dramatically change their lifestyle its fascinating to see.

Right now on to my week in Instagrams …..

 Tunocks Caramel Wafers, A brief glimpse at what is known as the sun, OPI NOTD, Nando’s is coming to Dundee, Lazy Cat, Morning Skincare this week.

Origins Face Mask, BalanceMe Freebies in Glamour, Avon Nail Polish with No7 Glitter Top Coat, The Hubby <3 , Scottish Money, REN skincare in Red Magazine


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    1. Thanks Sian – Its slow progress but we are trying to help as much as possible. Its hard & stressful but its worth it. Thankyou for commenting x

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