Jo Malone London Blooms Collection

I was very excited the other day when a catalogue was sent to me letting me know that a new Jo Malone collection English Blooms was being released. Inspired by English flowers, it looks beautiful. The bottles have floral details on them. This is something different from their normal bottles which are classic and plain.

Jo Malone New Collection

Jo Malone are releasing three new scents – 1. Iris and Lady Moore 2. White Lilac and Rubarb and 3. Peony and Moss. I am so looking forward to trying them out in particular the Peony and Moss. I have almost run out of my Jo Malone perfumes and want to replace it so am hoping that one of these is a winner. I will have to wait until i am in London on the 22nd of April (time for me to save), as where i live there isn’t a Jo Malone shop or counter

These are my Jo Malone Perfumes. All of which are on their last squirts. I have been using them sparingly. I have enjoyed using all three, but the one i have liked the most is English Pear and Freesia so fresh and a great scent for spring. When i get to try the new English Blooms Collection i will let you know how i get on. Have you smelt them? If so what do you think.

My Jo Malone Collection

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