July 2013 Favourites

July Favourites

July was mostly lovely and warm with a few wet days here and there. Pretty much perfect weather, I even managed to get my legs out which is nothing short of a miracle. It was a really quick month and I spent a week of it in Scotland, I am learning how to really edit my makeup / skincare for travel. I’m becoming a packing pro. So let me tell you a little about my chosen 8 products.

My July Favourites

balance Me pure skin face wash* – I had a small one of these cleansers which came free with last months Glamour Magazine and I love it. This full size was kindly sent to me by balance Me and I was thrilled to bits as I love this face wash. I have left my smaller tube in Scotland for when I visit my dad. This is one of the most gentle cleansers I’ve tried. It leaves my skin baby soft, don’t think that because it is gentle that it’s not effective at removing makeup because you’d be wrong.

This cleanser is very good paired with a face cloth at removing the days makeup and leaving the skin clean, hydrated and ready for your night-time skin routine. I used to use a different cleanser in the morning but that’s a little redundant right now because I have been using this balance Me one morning and night. balance Me pure skin face wash – 125ml for £16

Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover* – I use this before using the balance Me cleanser and they make a very dynamic pair. This removes my eye makeup in one swoop of the cotton pad. Swoop & the makeup is gone! No endless rubbing back & forth which is a very good thing as I’m fast approaching my mid 30’s I do not want to be rubbing my eyes and making unnecessary lines & causing damage. Oh no!

I’ve been using this every evening for a month and I’ve used about a third. I like that only a small amount of the liquid comes out the top at once as I have a tendency to waste these kind of products and that gets expensive. This product is bi-phase and this helps remove makeup and also cleanse the eye area. I find that it leaves my eyes feeling clean but not greasy even thought there is oil in the liquid. It even removes my Covergirl Waterproof Mascara and that’s some heavy-duty black war paint! I can’t say if this removes lipstick as I don’t wear lipstick 99% of the time (are you shocked) so haven’t put that part to the test. Elemis White Flowers Lip & Eye Makeup Remover 125ml for £19. I am reckoning it lasting me a good 3 months so that’s great value for money

No7 BB Lips SPF 15 – I bought this a while ago with one of those No7 vouchers (I love those). I like the packaging and the colour range. I bought the colour Blink Pink it comes out a real baby pink colour & gives your lips a hint of colour. The great thing about these BB Lips is they have SPF 15 in, perfect for summer & holidays, you get beautiful lips & sun protected too. I will be popping back into Boots at some point to swatch the others colours, of which there is 6. Let me know if you’d recommend any of the other colours. No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm 11ml for £8.50

July Faves

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist – I love a facial mist especially during the crazy heat we had in July. I get so hot and these face mists are a great way to cool down and most of them you can spray over your makeup and it won’t ruin it. This Simple one is really hydrating and if you keep it in the fridge it’s so cooling too. It sprays a fine mist and doesn’t just soak your face. When I’m not at home I carry this in my handbag for those moments when your skin feels clammy. If you haven’t tried this you need to give it a go. Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist – 50ml for £5.99

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away Nail Polish – This is the ONLY polish I have had on my toes during July. I bought this polish whilst I was in San Francisco in June and it is the prettiest shade of blue I have seen. It just reminds me of blue holiday swimming pools. It has been long wearing on my toes and I’ve had lots of compliments on the colour. You can get away with one coat if you’re in a rush but 2 coats looks fab if you have the time. Sally Hansen Blue Me Away – 11.8ml for £2.99

I wanted to mention quickly the cotton wool I use – Skin Therapy Large Oval Cotton Wool Pads. I get these from Wilkinson for 65p. They’re really good value and perfect for taking off makeup / nail polish and all that jazz. I stock up on these whenever I am in.

July Favourites


These have been my go to cheek combo for July and I love both these products in equal measures. NYC Smooth SkinBronzing Face Powder in the colour Sunny – I bought this in poundland and its my best beauty buy ever. This is a Matte bronzer and gives my skin a lovely sun-kissed glow. I think I have worn it everyday for about 3 months. 9.4g for $2.99

Sleek Blush in the colour Sunrise 924 – This comes off as a plum colour, it’s a really warm colour and it gives my cheeks a beautiful healthy glow. It is very pigmented with a pretty shimmer to it and the colour lasts all day on my skin with no touch ups. Sleek do some of the best value blushes. I do no own enough of them! Do you have any recommendations? Sleek Blush in Sunrise 8g for £4.49. 

I know this next item isn’t a product but an old magazine – but it has been a favourite of mine and may I just say that David is looking mighty fine! No need to thank me, just enjoy!

David Beckham

Products marked with an * were kindly sent to me for my consideration and I am under no obligation to blog about them. My reviews are 100% my own honest opinions. x

5 thoughts on “July 2013 Favourites

  1. I’ve just recently discovered the cotton wool pads from Wilkinsons. They’re just as good as from anywhere else but so cheap as well. I really need to nip down and pick some more up next time I’m at my boyfriends house (which is a 5 mins walk from a Wilkinsons!) x

  2. I have a sample of the Balance Me face wash but can’t use it, there’s something in there that reacts badly with my skin and makes it go red and irritated! Shame. The Simple Hydro mist sounds lovely, I recently bought a Trilogy one which is so nice, I just love hydrating sprays!

    1. I only tend to buy No7 with a voucher. You can get quite a bargain esp if Boots have a 3 for 2 on at the same time.

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