Kate Spade For Glamour Magazine

I finally tracked down a copy of Glamour that still had the nails inc polish in. My local Tesco had lots of magazines where the polish had been stolen. Come on people the magazine only costs £2!

There are 4 colours to pick from (if you’re lucky). Silver, Gold, Black and Red. I picked the red, but would have been happy with any of the colours. It says on the magazine that these are worth £11 each, so for buying a £2 magazine I think these are a great freebie. The red I bought is called Big Apple Red and it is a very pretty colour.

Kate Spade Polish

Big Apple Red

Kate Spade Nail Polish

I thought this polish looked really pretty paired with a glitter top coat – the one I have is the a limited edition Topshop one. I am tempted to pop back & get the gold one. I love a good magazine freebie, I always have to buy them.

Let me know if you picked up this months Glamour & what colour polish you have.

12 thoughts on “Kate Spade For Glamour Magazine

  1. I got one on Saturday! Just has the choice of two as it was I. Our local shop, I chose Uptown Glamour which is the gold coloured one =)

  2. I have been trying in vain to get this colour, all there seems to be is the dark red and i have loads of that shade already! This looks gorgeous, i will have to keep hunting one down!
    Anna xx

    1. All the colours look pretty – my local Tesco had a poor selection. But I’m happy with the Red I got although I had my heart set on the gold

  3. I have the red one too!! Love nails inc anyway, and I too can never resist a good freebie. Also wanted the gold but can’t find it anywhere!! 🙁

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