Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

I picked this Midnight Recovery Eye Cream up on a recent trip to London and have been using it for almost a month now. I put it on each night after my serum and leave it to soak in before applying my moisturisers. Its quite a thick consistency and takes a little rubbing in. After your fingers heat it up, it rubs in quite well. I put a good amount on and let it all soak in.

The lovely lady in the Covent Garden Kiehl’s store advised me that this eye cream was good at restoring brightness to your undereye area & boy did i need that. I haven’t been sleeping great & noticing that my under eyes were getting dry and dark. So after just over 3 weeks of use i have noticed a positive change, my under eyes are not dry and the skin is less dark so i ‘m going to continue to use it and see if it keeps getting better. I can’t say it makes them look younger but they do look brighter and i’m happy with that.

You get 15ml, not a great amount but for such a small area you don’t use alot of product. It’s a great size to throw in your makeup bag whilst travelling so thats good as i am always tired when travelling and need a good heavy duty eye cream.

Your under eye area is so delicate its nice to use products that are natural and contain no nasties and Kiehl’s are a company that strive to deliver that. I even convinced my brother to talk to them about his skin and he bought a couple of products so i’d say thats a result.

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