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I was lucky enough to be invited to the big smoke by Grace from All That Slap & Ewa from Social Beautify who were hosting a #LiveBlogger event last week. I travelled down from Manchester to attend and I had so much fun. It was lovely to meet the other bloggers and have an evening discussing makeup & skincare.

We were asked to discuss our favourite budget buys and also our favourite items to splurge on. It was so interesting to hear what brands & products people enjoy using. I’ve since added a lot of items to my already out of control wish list. We talked about most products from mascara, fragrances, foundations to body lotion. It was very varied. MUA, Collection 2000 and Sleek were amongst some of the favourite and most purchased budget brands and NARS, Bobbi Brown, Chantecaille and Stilla were amongst the high-end faves.

People were unanimous that having the right colour base was the holy grail – Laura Mercier, NARS and Rimmel were highly recommended. Whilst Mac was not so popular.

I could’ve stayed there all night talking about products it really was a lot of fun and I was super excited to be invited. Living up North I don’t get to attend many events I have to say a massive thank you to both Grace and Ewa for organising and hosting the event and for putting together the best goody bad I’ve ever had. I will be reviewing the products over the next month or so. Lots of them I’ve never tried. Have you tried any of them? Link me to any reviews you have done. I’d really like to read them.

The other lovely ladies that attended were –

Amelia – from Liana Beauty,  Laura from Laura Lou Beauty, Lola from Lola Star Hearts, Annie from EpiphannieA, Hafsa from Muslimah Beauty, Victoria from VikBeauty, Sam from Honey Go Lightly, Julie from Sweets Are My Weakness, Lisa from Brunette Beauty Banter, Cat from Perfectly Polished Nails, Aysh from Discovering Beauty and Mez from Mez Made Up 

As the night went on so did the drink (happy hour) the food and the beauty chat – I was a very happy lady. I stayed over night in London with the hubby and let me tell you the products I received in my goody bag were VERY heavy, I carried them around all day. I had to buy a bag to put them in. My hubby kept telling me beauty is pain :o)

If you have any holy grail products let me know. You know the wish list is never full :o)


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    1. It was a lovely event – the first one Ive been to & it was so nice to meet other bloggers. Would’ve loved to have met you too. I hope to get to a few more events (if invited) so hope to cross paths in the not too distant future :o)

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