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I’m quite a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup. I reach for the same neutral colours and really play it quite safe, but when it comes to my nail polish thats where I like to be more bold & wear bold bright colours. Summer is the perfect season to go bright and Mavala have released their gorgeous vibrant 6 piece Techni Color Collection*. These 6 shades are a great way of introducing a little glitzy colour in to your Summer routine.

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There is something for everyone in this collection, from black to the bright yellow this 6 polish collection has a good selection of colours. I think this is a good day to night collection. Ideal for holidays and giving a finishing touch to those Summer outfits. I am drawn to the darker shades like the black & that gorgeous Cobolt Blue but the brighter shades in this collection are pretty too. I’ve heard from my more fashionable friends that this season is all about the white manicure, so I may well be on trend for the first time ever!

Black Night – a deep jet black colour with tiny green flecks, they don’t always show up but in certain lights they look really pretty and just give this shade a little something special. Not the most Summery shade but this would be a good option if you weren’t feeling the brights one day. I needed 2 coats of this polish for it to look opaque.

Cobalt Blue – this is the only one of the 6 shades thats doesn’t have some form of shimmer. It is a straight up beautiful bold bright summery blue shade. I love it and have been wearing it on my toes. Its such a fun feel good shade and it looks great. This shade has a really nice cream finish. This was opaque with 2 coats.

Cyber Yellow – this isn’t your average yellow polish as it has a green undertone to it, its a very bold colour. I find it hard to wear yellow as I’m very pale, I think its a shade that looks better with a tan. This could be a good holiday polish. I did find that out of the 6 colours this was the hardest to apply as it was quite streaky and needed a good 3 coats. Let me know if yellow is a colour you can pull off & if so how do you make it work?

Orange Fusion – this looks red in some lights and more orange in others. Its a colour that screams Summer and I think it looks really pretty on the nails. It has a hint of shimmer running through & a glossy sheen finish. One for long warm summer days. Its my second favourite out of the bunch. 2 coats are opaque but a little streaky so if you have time I would apply 3 to make sure the colour really pops

Arty Pink – I’d say this is the easiest colour to wear, its a sweet girly pink and perfect for any Summer occasion. It is a pop of colour that isn’t too bold or loud and the pretty sheen finish makes your manicure look professional. 2 coats are opaque.

Antarctic – this is an ice white polish with a pretty iridescent finish, its cool and bold. My more fashion forward friend tells me white manicures are ‘in’ this year. SO for once in my life I am going to be on trend. If you’re good at doing your nails and can apply the polish neatly you will get away with this white shade. It needs to look sharp and clean for you to pull it off, a messy white manicure is a no no. I am going to practise and master the art of applying this shade because it is so pretty and I want to wear it all summer long. This frosty white will take 3 coats to look opaque so take your time. Its also the perfect base if you like to be more adventurous and do a little nail art.

Bright Summer Nail Polish

This is a collection that encourages bold, standout nails so its time to ditch the more muted tones and go bright (I hope the weather catches up). I have said it before and I will say it again I love the size of Mavala bottles, they’re just the perfect size at 5ml. The brush is quite long and not too wide, they pick up a good amount of polish and are easy to work with. The formula of this collection is quite runny but the pigmentation is great & most of the colours are opaque in 2 coats.

The stand out shades for me from this collection are Cobalt Blue, Orange Fushion and Antarctic these 3 will be getting a lot of use this summer. These three are very vibrant and are all very different so I get a new look with each polish.

Mavala Nail Polish are free from parabens, formaldehydes, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal. So all non toxic.

Bright Summer Nail Polishes

This Techni Color Colloection was released on 14th February 2014 and is available in John LewisMavala website and larger Boots stores also from May Mavala are also available in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool at £4.75 each

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