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Asda Green Tea / Dr Stuart’s Detox / Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify / Twinings Fruit & Fresh / Higher Living Evening Tea / Qi Green Tea Plus

I am becoming quite the tea drinker & these colder nights are perfect tea drinking weather. I asked on Twitter or some Tea suggestions and you suggested some lovely ones for me to try.

I really like Green Tea and have drunk it for a good few years. I add my own slice of lemon and find that tastes really refreshing. I like Fruit Tea too and often drink them cold, I like berry flavours best.

My favourite tea has to be the Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify – this I swear by. I have at least 2 cups of this a week and it seems to help with my complexion. The packaging of those Tea’s is something I really like. It is really unusual both the box and the tea bags have great packaging.

So the above teas are a selection of what I am enjoying at them moment.  I am always on the look out for more suggestions so I’d love to hear what Tea you’ve been enjoying. Let me know if you have been enjoying any of my favourites.

9 thoughts on “More Tea Vicar

  1. Looooove tea, I won’t function without my first cuppa in the morning. Love most teas, Lapsang (a smokey tea) is great for this time of year , while Lady grey (same as earl but with orange as well) is nice for Spring Summer. x

  2. Oooo I love green tea, have you ever had peppermint? I’m very curious about the skin purifying tea, my poor face needs a little help at the moment 🙁

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