Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips

I like to research the beauty purchases I make. I read reviews & try to only spend my money on products I know I will use and I will really like. I hate spending my money on products that are disappointing, especially as in the UK we are unable to return beauty products (which I think is crap). So I threw caution to the wind & bought these Nair Brazilian Clay Facial Wax Strips –  I REALLY needed them. I normally use the Veet ones but these Nair ones were new and on offer in Superdrug so I was sucked in by the offer & now wish I’d stuck to the Veet ones which I know work.

Facial Wax Strips

You get 20 wax strips, 2 cooling wipes & 2 post wipes. You could get 40 wax strips & that still wouldn’t have been enough. You have to warm the strips in your hands to heat up the wax, which is nothing new. I did this with the first two strips and when I peeled the strip appart to apply to my skin the wax hadn’t become soft & so it just cracked. I thought I needed to heat it up a little more so i held it to my very warm radiator & that worked a little better but it was still a little dry.

Nair Wax Strips

I applied these two to my skin & tried to peel them off, NO hair caught the Wax and nothing was waxed. I was starting to get a little annoyed. Eventually after wasting 8 dry wax strips I managed to get one that caught some hair but at this point I knew percentage wise I wasn’t going to have enough to do my eyebrows let alone anywhere else & it was so bad at waxing the hair on my upper lip that I feared I was going to have to go out with it half done (so embarrassing).

These are a complete waste of money & I will stick to my Veet ones, I ended up using my tweezers and having a plucking session and giving up with the wax strips. Let me know what you use to get rid of your unwanted hair or if you have tried this new range form Nair.

9 thoughts on “Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips

  1. I use Veet ones. They have normal ones and for sensitive skin. I got the ones for sensitive skin recently because they were slightly cheaper. Boy, I regret it now! The wax doesn’t grip anything and only made my skin red and inflamed. Not a good look. X

    1. LOL – you wimp. It doesn’t hurt & these wax strips were terrible. I won’t be buying them again

  2. Good to know – the ones I usually use are cheap ones from bodycare that work a treat but I can’t remember the brand, oops!

    1. I will have to pop in to bodycare & look for some alternative ones. These Nair ones are useless.

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