September 2016 Empties

September 2016 Product Empties

September 2016 Product Empties

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner

If you like using exfoliating toners but worry that some of the acid based ones will be too stringent on your skin this Merumaya offering is incredibly gentle but is still an effective acid toner. Acid is great at gently removing the dead skin, dirt and and stubborn makeup you may have missed when cleansing. Removing this build up on a regular basis keeps your skin clean, evens out skin tone and helps your skin look more radiant. Reducing the build up of dirt also stops your pores getting clogged up which helps reduce blemishes and blackheads. I have noticed my skin feels softer, smoother and fresher. This bottle lasted me about 3 – 4 months of using it almost daily.

I have used so many products from British skincare experts Merumaya and this is another fantastic addition to their range.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I always have a dry shampoo in my favourites but this past month I only seem to have used up a small can, maybe that means I am using less and actually washing my hair more. Either way I do like Batiste and its so easy to get hold of. I always buy the one that is on offer.

Decléor Micellar Oil*

I absolutely LOVED this micellar oil and started to use it more sparingly as it was running out. It is a wonderful first cleanse and just melted my makeup off, easily and without having to rub my face like a lunatic. It contains Sweet Almond Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and will help strengthen and soothe skin & it also contains Vegetable Squalene which is derived from Olive Oil and helps maintain skins optimum hydration levels and leaves skin feeling supple and radiant. This won’t sting your eyes or leave your skin feeling greasy, I also really like that it has a pump and it will last a really long time. I would 100% repurchase this.

Black Chicken Cleanse My Face

This is a very thick cleansing oil which left my skin feeling incredibly soft, clean and very hydrated. I only got about 6 cleanses out of this sample pot but it was enough for me to completely fall for it. I used this as a second cleanse because of how rich and hydrating it was, it left my skin feeling like i’d had a facial. I took my time to massage this into my skin and work the product in, ensuring all the lovely oils work their magic.

This cleanser uses 14 medicinal oils to target impurities held deep within your skin, removing makeup and dirt without stripping skin of its natural oil balance. To use, massage into face then wipe away with a warm cloth for clean, calm and hydrated skin.

The 14 oils include,
Castor oil*, Jojoba oil*, Camellia Tea oil*, Sweet Almond oil* , Sunflower Oil *, Sesame Seed oil*, Macadamia oil*, Cedarwood oil*, Palma Rosa oil*, Mandarin oil, Patchouli oil*, Geranium oil, Lavender oil*, Vitamin e oil, *certified organic

I want the full size so badly and think I will treat myself as an early birthday present.

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser

Again, these are quite a regular empty each month. I like to carry one in my handbag just to keep those pesky germs at bay. I have no idea what this scent was because all the text has rubbed off but I know it was a sweet summery one. I am just about to purchase a few more Autumnal scents and if there is one thing B&BW do well its a pumpkin / spicy scented product.

Essence Make Me Brow

If you haven’t tried the Essence Make Me Brow yet, what are you waiting for. I have raved about this brow product so much. It works along the same lines as the very popular Benefit Gimme Brow, it tints and shapes your brows and for the bargain price of £2.99 your brows look fab! The only downside to the Essence one is there are only 3 shade options. I have been through a few of these and will continue to repurchase.

*PR Sample

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette One

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette-one

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette-one

So this month I was introduced to Blank Canvas who are an Irish, online cosmetics brand. Their product selection is quite small but they are constantly adding to the line and growing as a brand. I have been trying out one of their latest releases, the Master Series Palette One. Being a complete Neutral Eyeshadow Addict this 12 pan neutral palette had me very excited.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette One* £30.40

This palette comes well packaged in an outer sleeve and the palette itself feels very sturdy and good quality, it has a great sized mirror, and the palette has a magnetic close so its not going to end up open in your makeup bag.  You also get a really nice quality double ended (vegan friendly) makeup brush which is also for sale separately and retails at £10. One end is fantastic for packing on the shadow and the other end is a lovely fluffy blending brush. Its a total 10/10 for the quality of this brush, I am very impressed.

You get a total of 12 colours, 11 matte shadows and 1 shimmer shade, often it is hard to find good quality matte shadows and a couple of the lighter colours in this palette are a little hard to work with which is a shame but I like that you get a nice selection of warm neutral colours, these colours are so easy to wear and exactly what I reach for daily so I was hoping this could become my new goto palette.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette One

Blank Canvas Palette One Swatches

Lily / Goddess / Core / Hibiscus / Brazen / Carmin

I really wanted the quality of these shadows to be great and in the pans they looked gorgeous and rich but once I started swatching, the shadows had quite a lot of fall out and quite a few colours applied patchy. The top row has all of the lighter shades which are not the best quality, the three darker shades on this row are better and their texture feels a lot softer in comparison, they’re much easier to blend and have better colour pay off.

The bottom row is much better, these 6 darker shades are on the whole rich in colour and easier to work with. There are a few shadows in this palette that I absolutely love like HIBISCUS, CARMIN and COCOA but I really wish all the colours were of the same quality. I had to work hard to get the swatches below to look as bold as they do.

Master Series Palette One Swatches

Cocoa / Downtown / Forza / Hickory / Strut / Corruption

I didn’t use a primer because day to day I don’t wear one and not everyone would have that step in their makeup routine. If I could make a smaller palette out of the shadows I love I would 100% purchase it. I have searched for other reviews of this palette and a few people have said they are not completely in love with it but there are also quite a few people that love it and say that it’s pigmented and wonderful quality. I wonder if I have a dud or maybe I’m being super critical.

To look at this, its a gorgeous neutral palette & has the potential to be my dream palette but overall for me the quality just isn’t there so I’m sticking to my guns and saying this Master Series Palette One isn’t one I would recommend.

*PR Sample

Haircare for a Special Occasion

Party Hair Prep

Party Hair Prep

I went to my brothers wedding last weekend and I don’t really do the whole dressing up all glam, I’m 100% more comfortable in a casual setting, so when it came to styling my hair I knew I was going to go for a look that was simple. My Mum, Bride & a few other girls went to the salon to have their hair put up or styled but I like to do my own, that way you get exactly what you want. I thought I would share a few of the products I used on the day.

Pureology Fullfyl Shampoo & Conditioner

This duo is so good at giving your hair a really good clean but leaving it with a little volume and a gorgeous healthy shine. It is more for colour treated hair but I always think haircare that is formulated for that is gentle and less striping and this range is perfect for that. It also leaves my hair with less flyaways and gives it a nice texture once styled. I have the full sized versions but how could I resist taking these minis away with me. Pureology is 100% vegan and sulphate free so your hair is in good hands.

Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Multi Benefit Hair Masque*

If I am honest when it comes to hair masks I am a little lazy and more often than not it is a step I skip. I do have my favourites that I use when my hair is looking lacklustre or when I need my hair to look its best for a special occasions. This Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex one is one that never lets me down, its rich formula gives your hair a boost of hydration and just leaves it feeling silky soft. I leave this on for as long as I can, generally about 45 minutes, it contains so many lovely ingredients and the positive results are not only visible immediately but also long term.

  • Superfruit–a blend of red raspberry, ketones, goji, acai and guava extracts rich in anti-aging antioxidants
  • Marula oil–contains natural plant peptides that help support hair’s elasticity
  • Biotin–nourishes individual strands for thicker, stronger hair
  • Shea butter–deeply moisturises while conditioning hair and scalp

OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection

My hair is naturally wavy so when it comes to styling it for special occasions I like to wear it as natural as possible. If I try and straighten it I know that a few hours later it will have kinks in it & if it gets wet its pretty much a frizzy mess & game over. If I add a little curl to it I find it holds really well and looks better throughout the night. I love OGX haircare and this Curling Perfection Cream is fantastic to help my waves / curls look natural and doesn’t weight them down. Its not going to leave your hair crusty or heavy with product, so if you like more of a natural effortless wave to your hair this product is for you.

Nicky Clarke Supershine Conditioning Tong

Nicky Clarke Supershine Iconic Steam Conditioning Tong* £39.99

As I said my hair is naturally wavy but to ensure it looked a little more polished and like I’d made an effort I used this pretty swish black & rose gold curling tong from Nicky Clarke.  I like that this tong is super light weight, the barrel is 25mm which is perfect for creating subtle, natural curls and you can vary the temperature to suit your hair type from 130c to 210c.

  • Ceramic finish barrel gives fast, even heat and smooth, snag-free styling for soft, silky styles
  • Ionic conditioning locks in moisture to keep hair healthy and frizz-free
  • Automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes.
  • 30 seconds heat-up time.
  • 5 settings up to a maximum of 210ºC, with digital controls and LED display

There is a little reservoir at the tip of the tongs which you fill with water so you can release a little steam to lock in moisture and help your curls have a little more structure to them. I also run my fringe through these to give it that slight curl under. All in all this is a great quality styling wand and it looks very luxurious too, my hair kept its curl all day and night. There is also a hair dryer and straighteners in this Supershine range & if like me you often forget to turn them off this range has auto shut-off after 60 minutes for safety, such a great safety feature.

I didn’t take many photos from the Wedding of my hair but I do have this one of me & my husband towards the end of the night.

Wedding Guest Photos

*PR Sample

Five Under £5 for October

Bath and Body Works Candle Dupe

Five Under £5 for October

October is my favourite month, mostly because it is my Birthday month and this year to celebrate turning 38 we are heading to Amsterdam for a week. I am so excited to be heading back to my all time favourite city. I have missed a couple of months of Five Under £5 posts but I am back with a bang this month & I think I have a pretty good selection of things for you.

If you want to get involved and link up your monthly 5 Under £5 finds then head over to Julia’s blog at Rainbeaubelle and join in.

Primark LED Lights £1.50

I have a few of these string fairy lights from Primark – they’re battery powered which I like otherwise I tend to go out & leave them all turned on and panic I’m going to burn the house down. I use these all over the house just to make it feel more cosy and they look so pretty. I can’t go into Primark without buying at least one box.

YOGI Tea – Classic £2.99

Yes, yes I know that almost every month I include a tea, but what can I say I am a tea addict. This Yogi Tea is my latest obsession. I spotted it in TK Maxx and its actually a tea tin full of delicious Yogi Tea Bags, all individually wrapped. It reminds me of Chai Tea because its full of spices & cloves – its a great tea to welcome Autumn in (my favourite season).

YOGI TEA Classic is the tea that Yogi Bhajan originally served to his yoga students. This unique blend is a combination of the traditional Ayurvedic spices cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper. Heart-warming, relaxing, delicious, spicy and wonderful. Best enjoyed in the Indian tradition: sweetened and with a little milk or milk substitute. The essence of this tea is: ‘Comfort and abundance’.

Vaseline ltd edition LULU Guinness £2.99

These Vaseline tins are great to throw in your handbag, they’re so durable and stand the test of time. I have used up so many over the years and love it when they release their limited edition lip therapy tins. This October Vaseline have teamed up with British designer Lulu Guinness to release this super cute LuLu Doll Face tin. Now that we are heading into the colder months my lips get so dry & Vaseline is a great way to keep my lips looking their best and Its such a great affordable option.

Bath and Body Works Candle Dupe

B&M Marshmallow Fireside Candle

B&M is like Aladdin’s cave, you just never know what you are going to come out with, I saw quite a few bloggers talking about their new Autumnal candles being great dupes for the popular (and very hard to get) Bath & Body Works ones. I think there are 6 scents in total and they have always been sold out when I visit, but I did manage to get my hands on the Marshmallow Fireside one which smells so damn good. Its perfect for the darker nights and has such a cosy but sweet scent. It seems to burn quite clean and for a £2.99 candle it kicks out a good amount of scent. I am still on the hunt for the other scents & really want the Radiant Red Maple and Pumpkin Pecan Waffle.

The Vegan Kitchen E Book £5.00

You might not be aware but in my house we eat a plant based diet and have done so for 3 years now. I knew that Gemma from Hello Gemma had been busy writing her E Book for quite a few months and so I was super excited to finally be able to purchase it a couple of months ago. Gemma is a fellow Vegan and is a bit of a wizz in the kitchen so it’s no surprise that her E Book is nothing short of fantastic. Its so well written and the accompanying photographs are beautiful. You get a 40 delicious plant based recipes as discussing some of the ethical and environmental reasons for adopting Veganism The Vegan Kitchen also gives an insight into why Veganism is so important, dispelling myths and misconceptions along the way. Even if you’re not Vegan but like to eat healthy this is a great E Book and its always lovely to support a fellow blogger.