Pink Bubbly

I picked up two of these Limited Edition Pink Bubbly Vaseline pots from Selfridges when I was down in London at the beginning of the month. One is for me (of course) and the other is for Casey of beauty 101 as we’re doing a Beauty Box Swap. This is our second swap. Love getting bits together for a beauty swap. It’s so exciting.

I only picked up two – some people had like thirty of them. Hmmmm a little excessive me thinks. My hubby couldn’t believe how crazy people were going for them. They’ve now since released them in selected Superdrug stores. So if you want one be quick.

I’m a fan of Vaseline and have had a fair few tins over the years. They are so easy to just throw in your handbag and the packaging being in a tin can withstand being knocked about in your bag – if you’re like me & just throw all sorts into your bag things can come out a little bashed.

This Pink Bubbly Edition is a nice touch. I really like it – it has a lovely fruity smell. If you’d asked me to guess what scent it was without seeing I’d never guess correct. But that aside it’s a lovely sweet fruity smell and not to overbearing. There isn’t really a colour to it. It looks a very light pink in the tin but that really doesn’t translate to my lips. It’s just a fun inexpensive product. Valseline is always a winter must have as no one likes getting chapped lips. What can I say I’m a sucker for limited editions.

Pink Bubbly Vaseline – £3.49 from Selfridges

Have you picked up one of these, what do you think of it?



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    1. Its such a slight tint – its not really noticeable. I bet the creme brûlée one was really nice. I missed out on that too

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