Samsara Skin Christmas Party

I was thrilled to be invited to the Samsara Skin Christmas Party at the Custard Factory in Birmingham last Saturday. If you don’t know Samsara is a Skin Clinic in Birmingham that is owned by two lovely bloggers Andy & Jess. They have a no nonsense approach to skincare and very much believe in using natural products and treatments to achieve long term results instead of short term fixes. I have been reading Andy, The Pampared Prince’s blog since I started blogging myself so it was so nice to finally meet him in the flesh and also Jess who blogs at Spoilt Face. They are both utterly gorgeous and so welcoming.

I met Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady at the station, she is as lovely as I imagined. We have also chatted for almost 2 years now & started our blogs at the exact same time. We chatted like old friends and I was so pleased to finally meet her.  The event was held in the perfect venue, it was open plan, calm and very laid back with touches of Christmas.

Samsara Skin Xmas PartyFeeling Festive

After Andy & Jess had said a few words and explained their vision for the day we all chatted for a while over a collagen shot cocktail and got to know each other. Everyone there was friendly and keen to get involved.

Elijah Choo

I met the beautiful Elijah Choo founder of Bodhi, a brand I had heard of & recognised but never tried anything from. We were in for a treat as Elijah explained the fundamentals of how to make a fragrance using base, heart and top notes, he let us smell so many essential oils from his collection and discussed the their benefits. Elijah spoke with such passion and knowledge it was infectious and I am eager to learn more about what ingredients are in not only my skincare but also my perfume and makeup too.

After learning about what makes up a fragrance we were allowed to make our own. Choosing from a wide selection of essential oils and I picked these three main oils. My fragrance ended up smelling so festive!

Essential Oils

It was a luxury having Elija as our teacher and being able to have this time with him, he was so interesting and I loved the fragrance I made. Ive been wearing it ever since.

Andy & Jess had organised a Vegan buffet for us from the Warehouse Cafe, it was delicious and we also had an array of loose leaf tea to drink. I was in food heaven. There is always time for a cup of tea!

Tea Station

After taking time out to enjoy lunch & lots more chatter, Andy & Jess showed us how to make face masks using raw natural ingredients and products. This was amazing. I had no idea it was so easy & quick, I will be stocking up on Manuka Honey, oatmeal and rosewater as these are all perfect for calming the skin. They explained that you can do a quick 5 minute rescue mask just before you head on a night out to get your skin looking fresh and glowing. I’m going to try making my own so keep an eye out for that!

Emergency Face Mask

I felt like I had been to a skincare & fragrance masterclass and felt very privileged. I want to thank Elijah, Andy & Jess for being the perfect hosts and taking the time out to host this wonderful party. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas x

Andy & Jess were generous enough to give us a goodybag and we received a Collagen Mask from Collagen Shots, Viridian Raw Coconut Oil,  orange, cinnamon and clove candle from Almost Edible and Bodhi Jasmine Falls moisturiser and a gift voucher for a facial at the Samsara Skin Clinic (so excited about that).

Treats Treats

I also treated myself to my first Bodhi product, their Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Serum. I am very excited to try this out. I have heard great things about this & Elijah recommended it.


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  1. This sounds like it was such a fab event (quite jealous actually!). I’d love to see a diy face mask post if you do have a go at making one. Would be better than splashing out of the Aesop manuka honey mask x

    Amy / srslylou

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