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It’s been a very long time since I bought anything from Mac, let alone something from a Limited  Edition Collection but I just couldn’t resist this Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eyeshadow Quad. I bought it from my local Mac store and I bought the second to last one, I did want the Kelly one too but that had sold out but after seeing them both side by side in store I preferred the Sharon one. Nothing else from the Collection caught my eye.

I like the packaging and really like the new clear palettes, they are so user friendly and feel sturdy and have magnetic closing, that is so satisfying. The red looks glamorous and cute on my dressing table. I’m pretty chuffed I treated myself to it.

Sharon Osbourne Quad

This Quad has four shades that I will get a lot of wear from, the only permanent colour is Embark, the other 3 are exclusive to this palette.

  • Sweet Eyes (Veluxe Pearl) light champagne nude
  • Sexy Eyes (Veluxe Pearl) – bronzed toned & quite like a rose gold.
  • Femme Fatale (Satin) golden brown
  • Embark (Matte) deep matte reddish brown

All four shades are pigmented and very blendable, Embark is slightly dry but still pigmented. I think they work well together & unlike a lot of palettes / quads there really isn’t one dud shade, they’re all beautiful.  Three of the four have a pretty shimmer frosted finish and I think they will be gorgeous for Summer, I wouldn’t  say they’re overly frosted or shimmery but just enough to add some iridescence, glow and brightness to your look.I’m excited to try lots of different looks with these four shades.

I seem to be drawn like a magpie to Mac’s Pearl and Veluxe finishes and own quite a few others. So this quad will fit well into my collection, also I love neutral shadows too so these I’m sure will be getting a lot of love. If you can’t tell already Im very happy to have snapped one of these up & I’m going to enjoy using it.

Mac eyeshadows

Top – Bottom – Sexy Eyes // Sweet Eyes // Embark // Femme Fatal

Did you manage to get anything from Kelly or Sharon’s collection for Mac?

Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eyeshadow Quad £33.00

12 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad

  1. That palette looks lovely and very wearable and flattering at the same time this would be my choice to

    Laura xx xx

  2. Gorgeous quad. I was eyeing Kelly’s quad when the press releases came out, but since seeing reviews, I definitely prefer Sharon’s. I picked up Kelly’s blush today. I had ordered it online along with Kelly Yum Yum only for them never to turn up, so I didn’t have much success with this line. I wasn’t enthralled with the packaging, I think it looks a little naff….

    Vanessa The Other VW xx

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed this collection comes to The Bahamas. Supposedly going international in August, we’ll see. The Sharon quad looks like great selection of nudes.

  4. This would be my idea of a perfect palette if it didn’t have the really dark colour in it, I was so tempted by the Lilac lippy from the Kelly collection but decided I wouldn’t be daring enough to wear it!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I loved the look of the lipsticks too but would hate to buy something that expensive & not wear it. Im such a wimp when it comes to bright colours on my lips I tend to stick to soft pinks & nudes

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