Small MeMeMe Haul

I picked a few bits up from MeMeMe Cosmetics online. As I saw on Zoe’s Youtube that she liked the foundation so i picked that up to give it a go. Along with a few more things. I did pick up a few more things whilst i was on their site, well I am a product junkie – you cant just order one thing right?!


So i picked up these goodies –

I have to say that when my shimmer stack arrived broken I contacted MeMeMe and they couldn’t have been more helpful and swift to send out a replacement along with a free nail polish. I was really pleased with their customer service and chuffed to have another nail polish to try. So I highly recommend their online shop – they give great service.

So far I’ve only managed to try the nail polish, it a lovely formulation and has a large brush which I really like – so easy to apply nail polish with a big brush. Even I manage to have half decent looking nails using this polish. With my top coat I got 3 days out of this polish and no chips – I could’ve got a bit longer but I always change my polish up throughout the week. At the moment on their site you can get £1 off these polishes.

 (Please excuse my unsightly cuticles – I need a mani so bad)

 I will keep you posted on how i get on with the other items – I’m excited to try them all. Do you have any other recommendations from this line or have you tried anything from MeMeMe?

I will leave you with a pic of the Shimmer Stack, can’t wait to use this I’ve been looking for a great highlighter / bronzer for a while.

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