My Love For BB Cream

BB Cream

My BB Cream Stash

I’m lucky enough to work from home so most days I don’t wear any makeup but when I am venturing out of the house I tend to reach for a BB Cream. I know the ones sold in the UK are mostly like a tinted moisturiser and don’t have the same skincare benefits as the Asian counterparts but I like their light coverage and often dewy finish. I thought I would show you a few of my budget BB Creams or drugstore ones for want of a better word.

Boots Botanics BB Cream Radiant Youth £8.99 for 50ml (not sold online)

This offers a lovely light coverage but I find the consistency a little watery, it needs a good shake before I apply it. I have to buff this in to the skin quite a lot to get an even coverage but It looks good if I take the time to work it in to my skin and I like the colour on me but after about an hour I get very oily and have to apply powder. I’m going to try it out over the winter months when my skin isn’t so oily as I really like the colour. I think this BB cream would work really well for someone with dry skin. I like that this has SPF 30 and the shade I have is Light.

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream £12.95 for 40ml

I’ve repurchased this 3 times and it is the only base product that I have ever repurchased so I think from that fact you can guess I really like this one. I have the shade medium and I love the colour, it gives me a healthy glow without looking like I have applied too much makeup. It is very easy to blend and this gives me a good coverage, I would say light to medium. This BB Cream has very little scent and I find with a little powder it lasts me all day and looks great. It has SPF 15 with 5* UVA/UVB  technology. I find this can be build able and finishes to a dewy – not greasy glow. I have even converted my mum to wearing this and she loves it too!

Garnier BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin £9.99 for 40ml

I really like this one too, I find this to be quite a watery consistency and I often squeeze too much product out as it comes out of the tube so fast. This is quite lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. I wouldn’t say this is buildable and offers a light coverage. I don’t think this has any SPF in which isn’t great but I do have SPF in my moisturiser. I have the shade Medium in this and find that this shade is a little too dark for me after my summer tan has faded so tend not to wear this when I am on the pale side.

Avon Solutions BB Cream £6 for 30ml

I have the shade light in this, but think it should really be a medium as It is quite dark. The BB Cream is a lovely texture and applies so well, it gives me flawless finish. I was very surprised as I just bought this on a whim from my Avon catalogue and have been quite amazed at the quality and finish. It says it has a matte finish but I would say its more of a dewy finish but not too glowing. It gives my skin a really smooth healthy look I really highly recommend this and think it is a great budget friendly BB Cream. It has SPF 15 and is hypoallergenic.

Garnier All In One BB Cream £9.99 for 50ml

This was the first BB Cream I ever bought and I still like it. I use hardly any product as it is so easy to blend and gives me a light smooth coverage. It has a slight scent to it but nothing over powering. It doesn’t have great staying power but if you need a light coverage if you’re just popping out this is a good one.

L’Oreal Code Lumiere BB Cream Illuminating £14.99 for 50ml

This is the most expensive BB Cream I have bought from the high-street. I really really like it. I even wore it at my friends wedding. I did use a primer as this is quite glowing and I wanted it to stay put. It gave me a beautiful glow and such even coverage. It is illuminating but not in a shimmery way – just in a healthy youthful way. It is quite dark, I have the shade medium but it works well for my skin tone. Out of all the BB Creams this one offers the best coverage. It has an SPF of 15.

If I had to pick just one BB Cream out of the 6 above, I would have to say the No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream. It is the one I reach for most often and I think makes my skin radiant and provides a nice light to medium coverage.

What BB Creams have you tried from the High-street, do you have any recommendations?