Green Juice

After watching the brilliant documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross I started a juice reboot. Just to get a boost of nutrients and if possible to lose a couple of pounds although thats not my main goal. I urge you to watch the documentary its very good.

After making many different juices since I bought my juicer back in October 2012 I thought I’d do a few posts letting you know some of my favourite ones. Today’s juice is what I tend to have in the morning. It gives me a boost of energy and is very filling.

First up I am going to show you what I add to my Mean Green Juice <—– This recipe is by Joe Cross but I’ve adapted mine a little from his.

With all these juices you can change them to best suit your tastes. I add Spinach to mine and also a carrot or two and sometimes I even add pear. I try to put as many fruits / vegetables in as possible.

Green Juice

I have adapted my Green Juice to include –

– Half a cucumber

– 1 Carrot

– 1 Stick of celery

– 2 Apples

– 2 Pears

– Ginger

– A slice of lemon

– Large Handful of spinach

– Large Handful of kale

Wash all your fruit & veg before juicing. I always put ice cubes in my glass as I think it tastes a lot better served ice cold.

Green Juice

As I said you don’t need to follow the recipe exactly. I use whatever I have in and I like to put alot of Apples & Pears in as I like my juices to taste quite sweet. I have a few more juices to share with you so look out for those.

Do you make Green Juice? I’d love to hear what fruit / veg you add to yours.