Relaxing at Christmas

Pre Christmas Pamper Evening

I think at some point during the festive period we all feel burnt out and a little overwhelmed by all the madness and chaos, its the perfect excuse to have a relaxing pre Christmas pamper session and Christmas Eve is the perfect time to do that.

A pamper session for me is all about using my favourite products and creating a relaxing space, even if its only for one stolen hour. Its amazing how great you can feel after taking some time for yourself. I always light candles (you can’t have a pamper session without candles) and put on some music, at the moment I’m listening to the Into The Wild soundtrack by Eddie Vedder its an album I associate with happy times so it always helps me feel calm.

Pre Christmas Pamper

What is your favourite Winter drink? This Whittards Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate* has been tried and tested by my friends and they highly recommend it. Its not Vegan so I can’t have it but I will be indulging in a Divine Hot Chocolate with lots of marshmallows in my all time favourite Mug from Anthropology. There is nothing more satisfying than using your favourite Mug. Its the little things that make me feel calm and relaxed and thats one of them!

A bath isn’t anything without a LUSH Bath Bomb and Cinders* is so festive and it smells incredible and festive. Also how beautiful is this Sanctuary gift tin, another brand I like and that is all about pampering and relaxing. In this Sanctuary Little Tin of Treats* you get a Cleansing Burst Body Wash, Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash, White Lily & Damask Body Wash and a beautiful Rose Body Polisher. So quite a selection, the Cleansing Burst is their signature scent and I just love it.

Face Masks are something I always forget to do or I end up running out of time but when I have a proper pamper session I love to put a face mask on an I have been using this Origins Original Skin Face Mask for the past few months its a 2 phase re texturising mask and it leaves my skin so smooth and soft. Its packed with lovely ingredients including Mediterranean Rose Clay and also has Canadian Willow Herb which are gentle and won’t irritate your skin.

My pamper evening products

Also with it being Christmas Eve I like to wash and style my hair so in the morning I just have to do very little to it and I can enjoy the day. I have unruly hair and if I leave it wet at night and go to sleep, I wake up with frizzy hair that won’t do what I want. So I like to blow dry my hair and straighten most of it but I also use my straighteners to add a effortless wave to the ends. It makes it look like I have styled it without being too put together. In the morning I normally re do a few of the waves and that takes no time at all. Not only are these BaByliss styling products a super cute colour but they did a great job at styling my hair and making it look Christmas Party ready –  BaByliss Straightener & Dryer Bundle

Do you indulge in a pre Christmas pamper & if so what products will you be using? Share your pamper session perfect picks with me

All products marked with an * were sent to me for my consideration