This Weeks Happy #10

Nike Trainers

My Nike Free Runs – I have had them for a little over a month now & I am in LOVE. I haven’t owned a pair of trainers in what feels like forever but I just love how these look & OMG they’re so comfy. I managed to squeeze my feet into a kids size, so paid half the price & that made me very happy indeed. I always see sleek chic woman in cities wearing these & I like their look so check me in my new city trainers. They won’t be in the gym any time soon, that I can tell you!

Central Perk Cafe Liverpool

Central Perk Hatton Gardens Liverpool is a must for any Friends fans – its a replica of the actual cafe & I think they have done a pretty good job. They always have episodes playing on massive TV’s and the atmosphere is relaxing & well worth a visit. My husband says the coffee is good & they have quite a good selection of food & American candy.

Sunny Liverpool

Liverpool on a sunny day – there is something magical about Liverpool on a warm sunny day. Its beautiful & everyone seems even more friendly & there are so many places to relax & soak up the weather. I always manage to find a spot to sit and have a picnic. The Docks have been regenerated over the past 10 years & when the sun is out a walk along them with an ice cream is perfect.

You Look Lovely Today

My Alphabet bag is used daily & the ‘You Look Lovely Today’ slogan makes me smile. Its just a tote bag but I really like it and its very good quality too. Alphabet print & make all their products in the UK, so its nice to support a home grown business.

Blogosphere Magazine Feature

OK so this is major for me, I am in the new edition of Blogosphere magazine as one of Sophia from TattooTeaLady (who is the beauty editor) 5 favourite beauty bloggers & I get a whole page. I can’t quite believe I am in print in an actual magazine that is available to buy in WH Smith. I am alongside 4 really wonderful beauty bloggers & I am thrilled to have been included. If you want to get this months edition you can download it to your iPad or it is available in larger WH Smith stores. Let me know if you get a copy & if you do take a photo & tag me in it :o)

Let me know what has been making you happy lately x

Bombshell from Mac

Last week before I went on my hols I popped in to Mac and  I’d only one thing on my list and that was their lipstick in the colour Bombshell. I fell in love with this on a night out a couple of weeks ago, a friend had it on and it looked so pretty. A frosty deep pink colour, I tried it on & was sold. So I went into Mac focused on picking this up. I know if I allow myself to browse in there  I’ll be tempted to pick up so much stuff.

This is a really pretty pink shade and is in a Frost finish. I find it to be really moisturising and it feels great on my lips. I have terrible dry lips and some finished really gather in the not so nice dry parts of my lips and doesn’t look very nice. But this lipstick doesn’t do that it sits nicely on my lips and gives them a really bright fresh look.

It has a slight gold sheen / shimmer to it and i like it. It makes your lips look bright and makes the colour pop. The lady in Mac did put a pink gloss over the top but that felt too sticky for me although it looked pretty. I know it would annoy me & I’d have licked it off in no time at all. The lipstick on its own is fine for me.

This is only my second Mac lipstick, I’ve only just recently got into lip colour i used to just be a nude lip / lip balm kinda girl but I’m slowly getting a collection of lipsticks / stains now and I know I will be purchasing some more Mac lipsticks in the future esp these Frost ones. They don’t have the best staying power but I think that’s got more to do with the fact that I lick my lips a lot. I think if you left it alone it would stay a good couple of hours without needing topping up. Do you have any recommendations for must have lipsticks from Mac?

I took this with me to Amsterdam and wore it everyday, its great for a summer pop of colour along with a slightly flushed cheek. I have dark hair & eyes but quite a pale complexion and this colour works well to give me a little glow and colour. I can see it being my go to lipstick as it’s so wearable. I’m very pleased with it and glad my friend had it on our night out. Friends are such enablers when it comes to purchasing products. Like I need any encouragement.

Do you own this colour? How do you find it works for you?

You can purchase Bombshell from Mac online for £14 and you get 3g of product.