Liverpool LUSH

I popped into the new LUSH store in Liverpool which is also a Spa. How did I not know that LUSH had these Spa stores now? I didn’t have an appointment at the Spa but they offer lovely treatments and have 6 Spa’s up and down the country. I will definitely  book myself in for a little treat. Maybe the hubby can book me in as a Valentine treat.

LUSH Liverpool

I went in to pick up a few bath products. I wanted to go for some that I hadn’t tried before.  The new Liverpool store is just lovely. It is really big and well laid out. The staff were very helpful and I tested out a few of the products I bought in store. That a fun way to spend  20 minutes.

So these are the 4 things I picked up



1. The Enchanter Bath Bomb – This turns your bath water orange then pink and has lime, neroli and frankincense in it. Its smells amazing. I think it also has a little glitter in it for that added sparkle £3.20

2. Butterball Bath Bomb – I thought this little white one looked so cute (anything small is cute right?!). This may be small but its packed full of cocoa butter to really moisturise your skin. I like the sound of this one as it also has Vanilla and I really like Vanilla, it’s a really fresh sweet scent. £2.45

3. Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic – I tested this one in the shop, its spins around in the water fizzing and popping it’s quite cool so I just had to get one. It smells really citrus and also has cinnamon in too. £3.20

4. You’ve Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt – Oh my this smells of Spring & so fruity. Its lovely. I can’t wait to use it. The bar itself feels creamy & is full of skin softening butter to really hydrate you.  In it are avocado, mango and cocoa butters and also lemongrass, lime and lemon essential oils – sounds lovely. £3.10

Mango Lush Melt

So all those are products I have never tried. I am a nightmare at relaxing in the bath – well at relaxing anywhere if I’m honest. So I’m trying to enjoy having a bath more an I thought what better way than by using a lovely LUSH bath bomb.  Let me know if you have used any of these or if you have another favourite that I should try.