Current Concealer Collection

My Current Concealers

Even if I am not wearing a base (foundation, tinted moisturiser) I do like to wear a little concealer, just to cover a few blemish scars & make my dark circles look a little less dramatic. So here are my current concealers, I store them in a MUJI drawer & that fits them all in just perfectly.

My Current Concealers

Seventeen Phwoarr Concealer – LOVE this, the quality is so good for an affordable full coverage concealer. I use this to conceal spots, imperfections and some redness on my nose & chin, I wouldn’t use it as an under eye concealer. Only because its a little heavy and tends to gather in my fine lines. I have to say it rivals my beloved Benefit Boiing the only thing separating them is that the Seventeen one is a little more creamy & at a push the Benefit one lasts slightly longer.

Benefit Boiing – I have repurchased this so many times,This stuff covers imperfections like a hero! I’ve used it for years and can always rely on it to cover redness, blemishes and dark spots. It stays in place a heck of a long time, this stuff is heavy-duty. It’s a full coverage concealer but it doesn’t look heavy on the skin, you can blend it in so it looks even and not cakey at all. The formula is creamy and I find it works best if applied to the skin with your finger and blended out with a brush. A little goes a long way so start with a small amount and build up if you need too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – This only has a couple of uses left in it & I have enjoyed it but wouldn’t repurchase it. I used it as an under eye brightening concealer & think it did a good job of making my dark circles look brighter & my under eye area more awake. The reason I won’t be repurchasing is I found the product dried up quickly in the tube despite the lid being on very tight.

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Brightening Illuminating Concealer  Love this – it is that perfect combination of concealer and highlighter. I bought it whilst in America This is really hydrating, which I need and that means it doesn’t crease. It’s quite lightweight but still offers good coverage. It isn’t heavy duty coverage but if you’re looking for a light to medium coverage I recommend trying this. I took the sponge applicator off as I didn’t like it & thought it was quite unhygienic.

Concealer Collection

Yves Rocher Radiant Youth Corrector Pen* – This is a clicker pen style concealer, which I like, I have the shade 1 which is a peachy pink colour and this works well to brighten and diffuse the darkness under my eyes. It is by no means a full coverage concealer and when my eyes look particularly dark I like to use my Bobbi Brown corrector as an extra step and use this on top for a little extra coverage. The formula is lovely and creamy and feels hydrating too.

Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit – It took mw ages to get this to work for me, the product used to sink into my fine lines but if I make a real effort to hydrate my under eyes the product looks OK. It is a creamy concealer so it is going to crease a little throughout the day but combined with the Bobbi Brown Corrector (which I LOVE) they make a really good combo & make my under eyes look bright and healthy. I tend to use this more in the evening as its quite heavy coverage & it is expensive so I like to keep it for special occasions.

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer – This is a very budget friendly product, it is very creamy and hydrating, I have the shade Light & I use it under my eyes to brighten & make it appear that I’ve had 10 hours sleep. It does a pretty good job. I like it more than the Collection one (a lot more) as I find this blends better and is less drying. I have the shade 001 Light.

My Current Concealers 2015

Seventeen Stay Time 18 Hour Concealer  – This is quite a blogger favourite & it was recommended to me so many times, I’m very glad I bought it as it is a very very good concealer for blemishes. It gives good coverage without being heavy or looking like you have tried to cover up imperfections. The staying power of this is up there with high end concealers. If you buy one product from this post make sure it is this one!

Sheer Cover Conceal & Brighten Trio* £24.95 – I only really use the concealer shades in the trio and they’re good at counteracting dark under eyes and concealing flaws. I like to use them together and think they work much like the Bobbi Brown kit. They’re not as creamy as the Bobbi Brown ones but they are easy to blend and they don’t dry out the area. I think this kit is a little pricey but it is handy to travel with as it has a decent mirror & its perfect for having in your handbag to reapply / touch up on the go.

Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer – This is good for brightening the under eye area, its not the best at covering blemishes or imperfections (as it does have an illuminating quality to it). It is quite creamy but looks fresh and bright and if you use a lightweight powder over the top it stays in place nicely all day.

Sleek MakeUp Corrector & Concealing Palette – This doesn’t get as much love from me as it deserves, I think thats because I have an abundance of similar concealers. I think when I have used up a couple of the others I will use this more. You get a peachy correcting shade, a concealer shade & a yellow toned powder (good for highlighting and keeping concealer in place). This is really well packaged in a slim sturdy palette with a nice sized mirror. I might take this with me next time I travel. Oh & this also has SPF15 in which is unusual for concealers.
Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

Current Concealers

I suffer from terrible dark under eye circles that have been kindly passed down to me by my mother (thanks for those) and I’m also at that age where I have fine (some not so fine) lines under my eyes so finding a concealer that doesn’t crease too much has been a bit of a mission. I also use concealer to cover some redness around my nose & on one of my cheeks. I thought I would share with you a few concealers from my collection that I’ve been reaching for on a regular basis.

Concealer Favourites

Garnier Eye Roll – On Anti Dark Circles – This concealer has a  roller ball applicator and it feels so cooling on the skin. I wasn’t sure if I liked this at first but I have grown to really like it & now use it daily. Its crazy to think this has lasted me over a year & like I said I use it daily. The product is quite a runny consistency so you can use just a small amount of product & even though it is runny it has a great colour pay off & it covers my redness & blemishes. I do sometimes use this under my eyes too just to counteract the blue under my eyes & even out my skin tone.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles – I only have love for this product, it brightens my under eye like no other & makes me look awake. I use this either on its own or for the days I use the Garnier Roll-On under my eye I will go over the inner corners with this just to brighten them slightly. I do need to really hydrate that area first as this can dry almost to a powder finish on me & that just sits in my fine lines.

I didn’t think the sponge applicator was going to work well for me at first but it is a good way of not applying too much product. I tend to dab the sponge where I need the product then I go in with a tapered brush to even out the coverage and make sure its sitting right on my skin. It’s great at illuminating & covering darkness, I always travel with this, its so handy to have in your makeup bag.

Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit

I have a love hate relationship with this Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, as the Creamy Concealer part hates me with a passion & I can’t get it to work on my under eye area at all. It creases so badly and after a couple of hours it looks oily on me so I’m sad to say that side of the kit is left unloved. The powder however I’ve rediscovered in a bid to get my money’s worth from at least half of this duo. The pressed powder is in the shade pale yellow and I have been using it along with my Bobbi Brown brush to set my under eye concealer and its been doing a great job. It is a finely milled sheer powder that helps set the concealer & absorbs the oil throughout the day. I wish I’d bought the powder by itself but you live & learn. I do like the packaging of this & the handy little mirror for touchups on the go. When it eventually runs out (it seems like its lasting forever) I will buy only the powder.

Concealer swatches

Bottom – Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Top – Garnier Eye Roll-On

What concealers are you using at the moment? Also if you have any tips for getting the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer to work I’d love to know. Seems such a shame to waste it.